Obama Has Destroyed His Party… Rush Limbaugh

“This shellacking goes all the way down to dogcatcher….”



The Democrats are the ones who ought to be quaking in their boots.

Look at what they had. They had Kay Hagan in North Carolina, $26 million spent on her. All of the free media time the Democrats always get, whatever that ends up being. They had 99% of the media with them, they have Hollywood with them, they have the pop culture with them, and look what happened to them. They lost 70 seats in Congress. And you add it up over the two years — well, 2010 and 2014, and it is dramatic what they’ve lost. They’ve lost governorships. They’ve lost state legislatures. Twenty-three states now have Republican governors and Republican legislatures. The Democrats have five. The rest are divided or mixed. But, I mean, this shellacking goes all the way down to dogcatcher, and it was a repudiation. It was a rejection, an in-your-face rejection of everything they stand for.

The “Full Monty” by Rush Limbaugh right here .. Obama Has Destroyed His Party ..


h/t Gerard Vanderleun and his American Digest; personal archives…