Obama The Deadly Soros Puppet….

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

First up, a reminder from the past of how conniving and manipulative the current “president” of the United States is when it comes to his own hypocritical attitude in upholding the standards of the office. Obama the Clown Prince of golfing Fools, under fire on posh Martha’s Vineyard during a week of anguished cries for help from flooded Louisiana, ripped former President Bush 11 years ago when the Republican was seen as slow to react to Hurricane Katrina’s crash into New Orleans. Obama, the George Soros Clown Prince of Puppets, who had just returned from New Orleans, preached on the Senate floor about Bush’s poor reaction to similar cries for help during Katrina. “I can say from personal experience how frustrating, how unconscionable it is, that it has been so difficult to get medical supplies to those in need quickly enough,” said Obama (see full transcript).

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards this week confirmed at least 40,000 homes have been damaged and 13 have died. Roads, schools, businesses and governments all remain closed. The American Red Cross said the nation has not seen a natural disaster this bad since 2012, when Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast.

And if you don’t think Obama politicizes everything, remember that one week before the general election in 2012, Hurricane Sandy pummeled New Jersey. And Obama acted quickly to address the disaster, a move that boosted his approval ratings just before his re-election.

As for today’s residents of Louisiana, well, it simply isn’t expedient of him in this case to flee the golf course and check the damage for himself, seeing that he is in his late lame-duck stage of what has been a literal lame-duck eight years. Pitiful and shameful is what it is. Soros Puppet that he is.


Second up, talking about Soros and continuing with the topic of dumped leaks from yesterday, here are three more critical episodes in the life and times of George Soros and his Puppet which should send chills of outrage up and down the spines of every American patriot. Just keep remembering that Billary/Hillary are as much under the puppet string of Soros as Obama the Clown Prince of Puppets is, perhaps even more dangerously-so. Billary/Hillary cannot be allowed to usurp the will of We The People any more. The time is at hand.

Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros puppet-meister .. Aug 1 2016...

Soros and anyone connected with these dealings, in any way, are guilty of sedition against the United States. Their objective: to collapse the Republic, installing their own oligarchy of “philosopher kings” to rule US, the little people. How long will we allow this cancer to metastasize within our nation?

Open Society Foundations, Hungarian-born billionaire George Soros’ stated vehicle for progressive social change, orchestrated a well-funded attempt to secure a desired outcome in a U.S. Supreme Court case on illegal immigration enforcement, according to a newly discovered memo between the organization’s top U.S. officials and board members. The February 2016 memo was among thousands of internal OSF documents released to the public by anonymous hackers whose stated goal is to “shed light on one of the most influential networks operating worldwide.”

OSF U.S. Programs director Ken Zimmerman and deputy director Andrea Batista Schlesinger co-authored the memo, which is addressed to the 14 advisory board members of the organization’s U.S. operations. Members of the advisory board include Soros family members, left-wing activists, Ivy League professors and columnists for The Washington Post and Foreign Policy magazine.  The memo, entitled “State of U.S. Programs,” is part of a 75-page file containing internal documents from a Feb 11 and 12 board meeting.

Read through to conclusion Soros attempted SCOTUS bribe

Soros is the epitome of evil; he’s garnered absolute control of Obama, Clinton, and the entire Democratic Party. He has consistently used his vast wealth to topple governments in Serbia, Georgia, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan. He destroyed the British pound, has wreaked havoc on the Malaysian ringgit, and is called an “economic war criminal” in Thailand. A French court convicted him of insider trading – his profits for committing these atrocities was multiple billions of dollars. Soros is the evil pinnacle of the progressive echelon, of which Obama, the Clintons, and the rest of the acolytes are his employees.

TEL AVIV – Hacked documents from George Soros’s Open Society Institute state that the billionaire and his foundation helped to successfully press the Obama administration into increasing to 100,000 the total number of refugees taken in by the U.S. annually, Breitbart Jerusalem has found.

The documents reveal that the billionaire personally sent President Obama a letter on the issue of accepting refugees. The hacked memo also shows that the billionaire’s foundation pressed the U.S. government to enact two other major policy objectives regarding the intake of Syrian refugees. A timeline demonstrates that at last one of those policies – providing more financing to overseas refugee efforts – was indeed implemented by the Obama administration, while it isn’t clear whether the administration was reacting directly to the Soros group’s campaign in that case.

Read through to conclusion Soros leads Obama like sheep to import 100,000 illegals

Listed in descending order, the TRUE enemies of the state are: Soros, Obama, Hillary/Billary Clinton, any Progressive, Democrats and anyone in the GOPe. Have we been that lacking in political vigilance and made such poor choices in our leadership in the past that it has come to this in Washington, DC? The corrupt and evil are so entrenched in our system that it is now impossible to rid ourselves of the problem, unless we decide we are going to reset everything and start from ground zero. When will the REAL American citizens decide that enough is enough?

Soros Godfather Aug 19 2016...

A pro-Iranian left-wing group received $750,000 from the George Soros group Open Society to create a media “echo chamber” that would overwhelm critics of the Iran nuclear deal while doing the bidding of the White House to push the agreement. The Ploughshares Fund, cited by the White House as one of the main architects of the P.R. campaign to push for passage of the Iran nuclear deal, requested the funds in order to hire experts and “validators” to orchestrate the messaging. The March 2015 funding request was leaked online as part of a massive document disclosure that revealed Soros’s efforts to fund a large network of liberal nonprofits and political groups.

The disclosure of the Ploughshares request shines further light on backroom efforts by the White House and its top allies to create what they called an “echo chamber” to galvanize public support for the nuclear deal with Iran. Ploughshares was cited by senior White House officials as a chief architect of this campaign, which flooded the media with various experts touting the deal.

Read through to conclusion Soros funded decision on Iran nuke deal

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  1. The same Governor that you cite also told Obama not to come to town because he would have to allocate too many resources to accommodate him properly. Guessing your conveniently tuned out that piece of news.

    Also, racism is bad. You should work on yours.

    • Nice try, Bob, but no cigar .. you need to start taking daily doses of truth serum, and staying up to speed with suspicious purveyors of the “news” under the guise of America-haters .. The guvnor put Dana Bash for one, well back in her cell of mis-truth … I would recommend you send a letter of apology to guvnor Edwards, waddya say? Yours truly didn’t “conveniently tune out” anything .. In the immortal words of a real presidential leader, RWR, “trust but verify”, a dictum sorely lacking in today’s excuse for the media … Sadly it takes bloggers like us underlings to bring the real truth to light… Generally-speaking, people calling other people “racists” without even knowing diddley-squat about who, what, where, why or anything else about them, generally draw from the same well of hatred and corruption that caused the problem in the first place … You really don’t think “all lives matter” at all, do you Bob…

      Quote verbatim from the guvnor himself: “Edwards replied:

      “She’s not. But you mischaracterized what I said. I didn’t dismiss his trip as a photo op. Before he came down, I said we welcome him here and we want him to be helpful and we hope it didn’t turn into a mere photo op. SO YOU GOT THE STORY BACKWARDS.”


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