Obama The Chief Racial Progenitor

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Let’s face it right up front, folks – The liberal-progressive left through which Obama promulgates his hatred of America, is never going to abandon its racial lies, since it is entirely dependent on its racial narrative. Without it, the liberal-progressive left has no reliable client victim and no credible threat of violence. It can’t paralyze whites with guilt either, therefore Racism is the liberal-progressive left’s tar baby. They can’t disengage from it, even when the white leftists who started it all lose power to the black leftists they used to gain power. Liberal-progressive leftists presume an air of racial superiority every time they judge an individual with more melanin as incapable of succeeding without their help.

Also, from the purely mechanical point of view, before efficient engines were developed to transform energy into work, slavery was the only way in which energy was transformed into work in human economic systems. Go back in history and you’ll discover that most Europeans for example, were essentially slaves themselves in earlier periods under the epithet “serfs” and such; ie “SERF:an agricultural laborer bound by the feudal system who was tied to working on his lord’s estate”. As another example, the condition of European soldiers and sailors in earlier historical periods was atrocious beyond imagination. It was the machine that made possible the elimination of human slavery.

Quote from a very astute and accurate article by David Horowitz coming up: “The self-evidently true statement about race in America is that America is not a racist country, but in fact the most tolerant and inclusive nation embracing large ethnic minorities on earth.”

We whites, let’s face it, are a global minority, yet globalists demand that we white global minorities be discriminated against, to the degree that there be no country on earth where we can make our own laws to suit our own ways. No – in nearly every historically-white ethnic country on the planet, we have been flooded with other ethnicities. In America, we’re overrun with unvetted illegal aliens coming across a practically non-existent border, together with diseased “refugees” (who, if truth be known, would rather see us dead than alive) brought in by the totally corrupt UN and our own equally corrupt government.

Shari'ah Law is counter-productive to The Constitution...

Shari’ah Law is counter-productive to The Constitution…

Consider – There are many Hispanic nations. There are many Muslim nations. There are many Black nations and Asian nations. There is even one Jewish nation. But where is the white nation where I, me, myself and mine, and others like me, can live under our own Constitutional laws, not having to face prejudice and discrimination and hostility on a daily basis? It’s certainly not in the America of today where the National Book Award goes to someone demonizing the laws (fences) upon which this country was founded (a poisonous racial tract called Between the World and Me, written by Ta-Nahesi Coates in the form of a letter to his son). On the other hand, America in its true original natural state, is the most ingratiating and welcoming nation on the planet. When allowed, that is, to exist as the Constitutional Republic of the United States birthed and blessed by the Founding Fathers, and not as ripped to shreds by the tyrants in power right now.

I’m losing my patience. We are inundated with ignorance and race predators, those who claim to be victims of society while living off their host civilization. I don’t take their crap too seriously, because if they had any will to even survive on their own – they might be a threat. But they bit the hand that fed them. Peace out.

On now to David Horowitz and “The Biggest Racial Lie” …

frontpage_logoReprinted from Washington Times.

Let’s begin with two statements on race – one that is offensive and false, the other self-evidently true. Taken together they illuminate the toxic state of the national dialogue on race.

The false statement is that America is a racist country or, in its unhinged version: America is a “white supremacist” nation. This accusation is one that so-called progressives regularly make against a country that outlaws racial discrimination, has twice elected a black president, had two black secretaries of state, three black national security advisors and two successive black attorneys general along with thousands of black elected officials, mayors, police chiefs and congressmen. In addition, blacks play dominant roles in shaping America’s popular and sports cultures, and thus in shaping the outlooks and expectations of American youth.

The claim that America is a white supremacist nation is not only deranged and racist against whites, but is an act of hostility towards blacks, who enjoy opportunities and rights as Americans that are greater than those of any other country under the sun, including every African nation and Caribbean country governed by blacks for hundreds and even thousands of years.

The self-evidently true statement about race in America is that America is not a racist country, but in fact the most tolerant and inclusive nation embracing large ethnic minorities on earth. Yet this true statement cannot be uttered in public without inviting charges of “racism” against the speaker. Consequently all public figures and most people generally, clear their throats before speaking about race by genuflecting to the claim that racism against blacks is still a prevalent and systemic problem even though there is no credible evidence to sustain either claim.

Continues in FrontPageMag…

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