Mueller’s muddy slip into ignominy

Go ahead, make my…

Mueller’s muddy slip into ignominy. As one like most of you, who has just about had it up to here with the scurrilous Mueller’s Deep State embedded moles, scurrying about and breaking the law in the process of attempting to smear the efforts of president Trump and his administration, I firmly believe that it is well past time for Mueller to simply ‘fess up and inform We the People that he has found NOTHING to connect President Trump with “collusion” or with anything at all. On the other hand, perhaps we give Mueller a little more time to run out more rope but eventually this farce has to come to an end.

When Mueller’s ‘investigation’ is finally done the President can appoint a new special counsel to begin a serious and concentrated investigation into Hillary Clinton and all of her dealings as Secretary of State, and specifically her part in the Uranium One deal. Hillary Clinton is the real and actual criminal, NOT president Trump, and the sooner we put her in prison the better off the country will be.

Mueller’s Deep State buddy organizes the ‘fix’…

This totally seditious contretemps had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with collusion, but was more of an excuse to trawl everything and everyone around Trump for real dirt which would eclipse the original excuse to investigate.

What Mueller’s cabal didn’t bargain for and why they are stuffed, is that the President is a good man, revered by half the nation, and is completely and totally committed to going forth to Make America Great Again.

And while we’re at it, let’s not forget the Obama/Soros soliloquy of hounding a sitting president with undisguised guile, intervention, and (yes!) treason. Now THERE’s a collusion if ever there was one. Lets not forget that Mueller/Comey et al are the top echelon Deep State players.

Mueller’s ‘elevation’ was not for the cause of a random lawyer picked to pursue the case; he is the Deep State. Which is why they kept this operation “in house” trusting no outsiders to front it.

I would caution that they are now at their most dangerous, because once the ‘Russia’ investigation dies and the resuscitated sex accusations fail, their options fall to just one, and they are very well resourced.

Richard Jack Rail and his commentary in today’s American Thinker, “Twisting in the Wind” …

284px-American_Thinker_logoWhile the whole country (for and against) wondered why President Trump didn’t fire special counsel Robert Mueller, Trump had it all figured out: let Mueller hang himself. Former DA Eric Holder’s silly remark that firing Mueller wouldn’t be tolerated was intended to bait Trump into doing just that so that Holder and BLM and Soros and SEIU and Occupy and Creamer and all them other funny-named fellers and outfits could play berserko on the streets.

These nincompuppies simply don’t grasp that Donald Trump is way smarter than they are and several steps ahead of them to boot. So he looked on as Mueller lawyered up with 17 Democrat donors, toadies, and hired guns. He bided his time as Mueller battered down the doors at Paul Manafort’s place in the predawn hours and hauled out massive amounts of information that would prove useless in the effort to nail the president. He bided his time as Mueller bankrupted Michael Flynn (Mueller, after all, has the unlimited resources of the government behind him).

Mueller has waded deeper and deeper into the swamp in search of something, anything, to warrant his expensive investigation. Curiously, what’s turned up in the interim has served only to paint the president in glistening, alabaster white. Not only has nothing seriously wrong turned up, nothing at all wrong has come out. In his search for ghastly crimes, Robert Mueller has only proven that this administration may finally be the one promised for so long. You know, the “most moral” and all that.

How many times must a crook look away, until he is finally revealed? The answer, my friend, is twisting in the wind.

Twisting ropes eventually break, and Mr. Mueller’s are getting really close. It should be real interesting to see the long list of culprits it lands on and eventually chokes. We the People should all pray that our beloved President Trump has a big, ‘hugely gift’ for us that will be presented to us on Christmas morning; aka an empty ‘Investigation’ box.

After all, Mueller was dispatched to a politician’s backyard sewer pit. Bad move.