More Durham revelation far & wide

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Tulsi Gabbard, the world’s only sane democrat, is always worth listening to for an accurate assessment of what a truly disastrous monstrosity the demoMarxocrat Party has become. Truth to dumb-dems is like sunlight to vampires. Quote: “What is being revealed here, Jesse is the truth. Hillary Clinton and the power elite in this country manufactured this Russian collusion lie, actively undermining our democracy and stoking the filers moving us into this new Cold War with Russia. The damage that they did to the American people, our democracy, and others around the world is immeasurable.

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When you lie and cheat and commit serious federal crimes – of which sedition is the most minor – it doesn’t work out too well for the accused and indicted. Especially in a country which still functions, albeit slowly, under the auspices of a Constitutional Republic once the defense gets control of the narrative and uses real due process to depose those who originated this imbroglio of deceit and corruption.

More Durham revelation far & wide

The FBI and associated corrupt bureaucracies, along with Clinton’s law firm Perkins Coie and their many employees, couldn’t come up with an interesting and believable-enough October Surprise to sway the election outcome in all 50 states, the way they did it with 5 swing states. Literally tons of indictments, along with scores of depositions, will set the stage for a bucket-full of deal making by those not looking to spend the rest of their days under life sentences!

To all intents and purposes, getting Donald John Trump out of the White House appeared to be a motive worth any risk. As long as they controlled the power, the demoMarxocrat mob didn’t seem to care about how sloppy their plan was when effected, because as long as their media controlled the talking points, just what were Americans going to do about those framed to be sacrificed; cower in fear and just do nothing?

After all there was nothing other than the usual obstacle they thought they had in the bag after “Moderate Lunch Box Joe” was installed, but how really smart has that plan turned out to be? They were after all, supposed to have won 14 additional House Seats. Instead they lost 16. VOILA!

Perhaps not surprisingly POTUS Donald John Trump found out the hard way that unlike most swamps, the DC swamp is as deep as the Great Lakes and is constantly replenished with new muck, and gunk. Say what you will about the shill on the Hill too, by the way, one Senator Chuck Schumer, who did warn President Trump through the specious Rachel Maddow to watch out for his allies operating within the mighty organs of U.S. State Security – aka the “Six Ways from Sunday Gang”. More Durham revelation far & wide. Schumer-BOOMER!

Julie Kelly, American Greatness: ‘The Jan 6 Pipe Bombs Look Like Another FBI Hoax’ …

No one still trying to convince the public that two pipe bombs were planted near the Capitol in advance of January 6 can be believed.

In the 15-minute time span before the joint session of Congress convened at 1:00 p.m. on January 6, 2021, two incidents that set the stage for the day’s ensuing chaos happened simultaneously.

First, a man named Ryan Samsel, after taking some sort of direction from Ray Epps, overran a thin line of police and metal racks in what would be the first official breach of Capitol grounds around 12:50 p.m. (Samsel was charged and has been incarcerated for more than a year; Epps faces no charges.) Joining Samsel were members of the Proud Boys and a still-unknown number of FBI informants.

Around the same time, a woman named Karlin Younger who just happened to be walking to a laundry facility near the Republican National Committee headquarters just happened to look down and see what she believed was a pipe bomb nestled between a dumpster and a fence right next to the building.

Both events fueled panic in the nation’s capital just as a contentious meeting to certify the Electoral College vote in the 2020 presidential election got underway in the chamber of the U.S. House of Representatives. Then, the news got worse. Capitol police reportedly discovered another explosive outside the DNC headquarters. [-]

[+] … During a press conference a few days later, Michael Sherwin, the acting U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, told reporters that law enforcement agencies, including the ATF and FBI, were collaborating to find the suspects who set the pipe bombs. The bombers would be “brought to justice,” promised Steven D’Antuono, the newly appointed head of the D.C. FBI field office, who warned that “every rock was being unturned” to apprehend the suspect or suspects. The FBI initially offered a $50,000 reward.

But as the FBI successfully rounded up hundreds of Capitol trespassers using sophisticated tools such as geofence warrants, the trail of the pipe bomber went cold. Grainy footage released by the FBI purportedly showed the pipe bomber in action the night of January 5—the time the agency determined the bombs had been planted—and in March, D’Antuono asked for the public’s assistance in tracking down the bomber. [-] 

[+] … Christopher Wray, the head of the FBI, has proven that he acts only in the political interest of the Democratic Party and the Biden regime. His agency has yet to produce any investigative report about the pipe bombs or official confirmation of how the devices were detonated. This all reeks of the agency’s insistence that Russian actors hacked the DNC email system in 2016 until the FBI finally admitted investigators never seized the servers or examined their contents.

No one still trying to convince the public that two pipe bombs were planted near the Capitol in advance of January 6 can be believed. In fact, quite to the contrary, the public should automatically distrust anything out of the FBI. So, either the Secret Service missed the device in clear view outside the DNC headquarters that day before the arrival of Kamala Harris or there never was an explosive at either location and the FBI is not telling the truth. Again.

The safe bet, using recent history as a guide, is on the latter. [end]

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More Durham revelation far & wide

The old adage (some folks say ‘excuse’) goes: “How did you go bankrupt? Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.”

Seems that this is also what happens to countries as their internal cohesion dissolves which eliminates their foundation and glue that holds them together. We’re now well past “gradually” and well within the “suddenly” stage. We need to move fast then. The more we have on our side the better off we’ll be, regardless of where we end up. More Durham revelation far & wide.

It would take a lot more than just “guts” to clean out rot this vast. Seems to me that there are far too many of us for this to be sustainable and far too many of them for it to be cleaned up. Best we can do then is to share information with others to bring as many as possible to our non-Woke side. We need someone with the guts to clean these agencies out. Indeed!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Still our warrior-president Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!