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On This Week with George Stephanopolous, yesterday, ABC’s chief attack dog went toe-to-toe with Stephen Miller, Trump’s youthful (31) but erudite Senior Policy Advisor. Without re-hashing all the details (which are coming up in the full video) we all know that what he said is true, despite the desperate attempt on the part of Stephanopolous to declaw the facts. The DNC is notoriously known to gather up the homeless in places like Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, etc., ply them with cigarettes, beer and a strop of cash, and then haul them off to vote for the Liberal of the month, or riot for the slogan of the week.

By any stretch of the imagination, the progressives and the courts had better be careful where they tread. President Donald Trump has the Constitution on his side, in that he can ignore directives from the courts. That’s the idea behind the division of powers in three co-equal branches of the federal government. And then there is the power of nullification of federal acts and measures belonging to the states and jury nullification belonging to the people.

The Supreme Court doesn’t have any power of judicial review. JR is a fictional usurpation invented by Chief Justice John Marshall in his decision/opinion/ruling in the 1803 Marbury v. Madison case. Even Justice Scalia (God rest his soul) had declared that the Court, “just made it up” since it is not a power to be found anywhere in the Constitution.

As Andrew Jackson said when the Court told him he had to obey its decision in the case of Indian removal from their lands in Georgia, “John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it.”

‘Steph’ is no journalist and he is definitely no reporter; just a pure DemoMarxist propagandist. All on full display. Here’s the entire 18-minute encounter with Stephen Miller…

Stephen Miller, President Trump’s Senior Policy Advisor

Stephanopolous was Bill Clinton’s press secretary during his first first term, following which Clinton helped George get this “news” job in order to help Gore’s election in 2000.

As for the content of the ‘rope-a-dope’ we already have evidence available that voter fraud took place (see several links at the end), and on a massive scale, so why Stephanopolous kept whining that Miller provided no facts to back up his claims, is specious at best. James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas released video evidence of NH voter fraud last October, while several states individually got together in 2015/16 and began comparing and then purging duplicate voter rolls. It turned out thousands were registered and voting in two or more states.

Clinton, if you recall, lost nearly a thousand votes in each of the “blue” states when they were recounted. Those 23 states listed don’t even have near the number of illegal alien populations of New York and California, and those are the states that gave Clinton the 3 Million so-called ‘popular vote’ advantage. Also, they are the states screaming hysterically the loudest about their sanctuary status being challenged. Remember California and New York, the SCOTUS already declared you can’t pass your own immigration laws in the case against Arizona, back in 2012. You can’t have it both ways..

Back to Stephanopolous, just another delusional left wing hack clinging on to his high-paid gig.

Miller is right. The lying media is so desperate to find anything bad to say about Trump that the whole Ivanka/Conway discussion is pretty lame.

What is left out of the story is that the group, “Grab Your Wallet” called for a boycott on anything Ivanka related, way back in October. The same political group pressured Nordstrom and others to stop carrying her line even though sales actually went up right after the boycott, then leveled off.

And by the way, Georgie-boy, why no soft ball questions like you did for Hillary back in October? Or is that forbidden territory? Fraud that you are.

Just for the record and to deliver the truth to the political hack Stephanopolous:

Massive voter fraud in Michigan

Massive voter fraud in Nevada

Massive voter fraud in New Hampshire

Massive voter fraud in Pennsylvania

… and I could go on and on, but more’s the pity that lamestream Big Media refuse to do the ‘reporting’ that their status would indicate, rather bending the ideological spectrum to their own evil intent. Stephanopolous should be fired for lying incompetence if nothing else. But it has been forever thus with these cretins. We need to continue battling on and emerge victorious.

Let me keep repeating:

We need to remember that we won’t be forgiven by the left if we fail to support Trump and let them get back into power.

This is war, and we have a long way to go before we can say we’re winning. This is no time to take prisoners, feel benevolent, or bi-partisan. Fight like it is our last chance, because it may well be. The foot of the free Republic needs to remain on the throat of the Left until it expires from lack of oxygen.


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