Michigan Guv Demo-apparatchik….

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Last night Tucker Carlson played a video montage of NYC politicians, including Cuomo and ‘De Blah Blah’, encouraging New Yorkers to be out and about going to bars and restaurants and parades and huge gatherings – especially in Chinatown – to prove they aren’t ‘rayciss’, which (of course) was in direct contradiction to President Trump’s recommendations. ‘DeBlahBlah’ was doing this as recently as two weeks ago and people wonder why NYC has the highest rate of infection in the country. Think on this as Cuomo and ‘DeBlahBlah’ whine about how the President isn’t doing enough to help New Yorkers.

Surprisingly (or maybe not) the State of Michigan has its own version of Cuomo / ‘DeBlahBlah’ in the form of one Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer (or should that be ‘comrade Whitmer’?) who, get this, has threatened to turn the eye of the state upon any doctor or pharmacist who would attempt to prescribe both hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine to treat their patients suffering from coronavirus.

Michigan Guv Demo-apparatchik…

To say that Gov. Whitmer is displaying a full-blown case of TDS here would be a gross understatement; how about ‘Whit-less’ instead? Thankfully, we presume the people of Michigan are smart enough to see through this, especially when there’s definitely enough positive evidence from a treatment that has been very successfully used elsewhere.

Blinded by hatred and Trump Derangement Syndrome is not an option. Especially coming from a Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros clone. To practice medicine without a license is outright psychopathy and psychologically-healthy personalities simply don’t act this way. And it isn’t just a matter of her overreach, this Soros-drone is dictating medical treatment to patients she has never clinically attended to, nor has a patient’s permission to accordingly attend.

To demand to do such is not just evidence of an unhealthy mind, but apparent malpractice with malignant intent; a fundamental depravity especially when it ultimately serves as a device for political predation imposed without remorse while grandstanding for personal gain. Backwardly-Machine Politicians are the epitome of human insouciance, a debilitating disease upon the corpus of civil society and a threat to decent, reasonable persons enduring within.

She ought to be ousted immediately.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Michigan Democrat Governor Threatens Licenses of Doctors’…

Governor Gretchen Whitmer from the Michigan Directorate has threatened to turn the eye of the state upon any doctor or pharmacist who would attempt to prescribe chloroquine to treat their patients suffering from coronavirus. Medical licenses may need to be revoked.

The agency’s March 24 letter warns physicians and pharmacists of professional consequences for the prescribing of hydroxychloroquine (and chloroquine). Beyond the rational recommendation against hoarding, the letter includes threats of “administrative action” against the licenses of doctors that prescribe hydroxychloroquine.[-]

[+] … However, in defiance of the dictates from governing officials intent on increasing the body count to retain narrative favorable to the state, several independent medical communities have gone rogue.

Studies have shown significant reduction in viral loads and symptom improvement when combining these medications in COVID-19 patients. Though these studies do not prove efficacy, the results were so promising the authors of the most famous study concluded:

“We therefore recommend that COVID-19 patients be treated with hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin to cure their infection and to limit the transmission of the virus to other people in order to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the world.”[-]

[+] … Additionally, it is certainly interesting that Bayer gave the US Government 3,000,000 Chloroquine tablets. According to the reports at the time 750,000 doses went to NY, the rest were never discussed (whereabouts unknown).  [LINK]

Why would Bayer provide U.S. authorities 3 million tablets of a medication if there was no curative value to the distribution?  Think about it…

But wait… Even more recently, Novartis stated they have 50,000,000 doses on hand with another 80,000,000 doses to be ready by May. [LINK] Why would giant pharmaceutical companies produce and distribute 130 million doses of a medication for potential treatment if there was no basis it?

Something doesn’t add up….

The orange-man-bad media are shouting that Chloroquine is unsafe while Dr. Fauci says it needs more study.  If there is no curative value why produce 130,000,000 doses of Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 treatment?[end]

Full link down below with video…

President Trump the man of the hour…

So if this is true can a citizen in MI or the family of a patient in MI who died and was denied hydroxychloroquine sue this governor and the state? Maybe when a few billion dollar lawsuits start hitting this lady personally she will come to her senses. Plus, how quickly do you think her children or family would be given hydroxychloroquine if they were critical?

Consider also that tyrannical bureaucrats are how this problem took hold in the first place. Does Governor Whitmer really want to put herself in the company of Peoples Republic of China bureaucrats who suppressed common sense actions to combat Covid-19 when it was first noticed in December of last year?

Thank God for a prescient president who doesn’t futz around and gets on reparations immediately when he senses something just doesn’t pass the smell test. Intuitively, even!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Prescient President Donald J. Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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