McConnell Darth Vader of politics…

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In the course of human events (in case anyone has missed it) – the level of corruption among our political class is astonishing. It would appear that 99.9% of our elected leaders are immoral crooks, constantly looking out for themselves. Supported by Oligarchs and millions of the best paid parasites in the history of the world that suck the life out of those among us who work, it definitely seems impossible that the UNIPARTY cannot be stopped. Can it?

Go back for instance if you will, to the last ‘Red Wave’ we had in 2010: OBO#44-care didn’t get repealed; same-sex ‘equality’ got shoved down our throats; Congress repealed the Smith-Mundt Act; they went after whistleblowers like Snowden and Assange; they did nothing to stop interventionism in Syria, Libya, or Ukraine.

Prior to that in 1994 for instance, the big “Red Wave” got us the Assault Weapons Ban, opened outsourcing to China; gave us media monopolies; created the security/surveillance state and … headache!. Oh, but they’re so much better than the DemoMarxocrats! Heck, they obstructed fearless President Trump for two full years and didn’t even challenge the election fraud that lost them control of Congress. Talk about ‘dictates!’

McConnell Darth Vader of politics

In case you missed it the demoMarxocrat left lives and breathes by the DOUBLE STANDARD, whatever the topic. The equivalent of moral pygmies, they hold themselves up as superior and fit to judge their opposition. Except they hold Republicans and the Right in general to impossibly high standards, not a single wrong word in a blameless life allowed, while for themselves, there are no standards whatsoever. Treason to benefit the Dem Party or its donors is routine. Even ‘knock ’em dead’ isn’t off the table.

What is a mystery however, is how Americans in the mushy middle don’t notice this hypocrisy and punish it in the voting booth? How can they miss such blatant abuse with Dems repeatedly hanging Repubs while excusing Dems for the identical or much worse faux pas? It’s ENDEMIC is why! If Republicans are unwilling or don’t find a way to bring this double standard into public consciousness and blow it the heck up, Dems will continue to thrive. It’ll never happen unless we purge the Uniparty members from our ranks.

The fraternal war has been ebbing and flowing since the Tea Party came on the scene and it’s time now to throw out the ‘go along to get along’, turtle-soup old guard. Without the double standard, they would be dust in the wind. McConnell Darth Vader of politics.

Glenn Elmers, American Greatness: ‘Top Priority for Mid-Term Elections: Make Them Pay’ …

Will there be righteous and necessary recriminations for the Democrats’ COVID policy disasters? Republicans, don’t screw this up again. In the early 1990s, the Left did something truly despicable . . . and got away with it. Now they are prepared to do something even worse. Will they get away with it again?

Let me explain.

When the Soviet empire dissolved in 1990-1991, Americans breathed a sigh of astonished relief, celebrated, and—eager to put the economic and psychic costs behind them—promptly forgot everything they should have learned. Above all, Americans (and Republicans and conservatives in particular) failed to impose an urgently needed moral and political reckoning. The consequences of that failure are still with us.

For almost half a century, the entire American Left, along with many moderate Democrats, were wrong about the Cold War—terribly, inexcusably, shamefully wrong. Yet the Left got away with it because Republicans and conservatives didn’t bother to claim the fruits of victory. From the New York Times suppressing the evidence of Stalin’s mass starvations to Jimmy Carter’s pathetic weakness in the face of Soviet aggression, the whole liberal Democratic establishment was missing in action during one of the greatest struggles between freedom and tyranny in human history. In fact, most liberals, with a few notable exceptions, not only avoided the fight, they were often on the wrong side—excusing, covering up, and even defending Soviet Communism.

Yet when the time came for the American Right to cash in on its hard-won victory—to reap the political reward of having been absolutely and totally right—they walked away. With predictable fecklessness, they refused to give the Democrats a proper thrashing that would have sent the party into political oblivion for generations. Instead Republicans dropped the whole subject in the spirit of, “Let bygones be bygones.” [-]

[+] … If we replace Cold War with COVID, we can see that the Left is planning the same gambit. Except this time they are not waiting for the Republicans to let them off the hook. They are already working to shift responsibility, even before the ink is dry on the new script: “We’ve never been at war with Europa; we’ve always been at war with East Asia.” (Whoops, that’s Orwell, not real life. It’s hard to tell the difference sometimes.) “We’ve never been in favor of lockdowns, mask mandates, school closures, and mandatory vaccinations. We’ve always been in favor of freedom and prosperity.” [-]

[+] … Plus, their behavior with this pandemic was, amazingly, even more disgusting than their useful idiocy in the Cold War. A generation of children has had their lives turned upside down, with schools transformed into virtual prisons. Grandparents on their deathbeds were denied the comfort of seeing their families because “health” required social distancing; and to add grotesquery to grief, even funerals were curtailed. Vast numbers of small businesses were ruined, and whole industries crippled. The overall damage to the economy won’t be fully calculated for some time. The final costs to our physical, civic, and mental health may never be fully known. [-]

[+] … While millions have suffered harm, hardship, and insult, our leftist ruling class laughs. Their weddings and funerals proceed without any noticeable inconvenience. They eat at pricey restaurants, hold lavish parties, go to beauty salons, and travel wherever and whenever they wish. Masks? Distancing? Har-har. They have flaunted their exemptions from the rules—their rules—and shoved the double standards in the faces of ordinary people like the degenerate courtiers of Versailles.

And now they want to slither away again.

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McConnell Darth Vader of politics. Republicon-demoMarxocrat cabal. The enemies at the gate…

Seems like forever that the GOP has an infection that almost appears incurable. The symptoms of the disease are most apparent in “Mitch – the deal making – McConnell”. Yes, there are others forever wandering around but he leads the pack. Even before he married the China connection – which makes him as guilty as Feinstein in terms of conflicts and no different than the Governor of Georgia in terms of suspicion – he was a problem. He threw our President Trump under the bus just the way the specious Pence did. And let’s face it, President Trump represented (still does!) America’s choice which would be most of us with half a brain.

Just keep remembering however, that without missing a beat, McConnell as the minority head, accepted and sanctioned the steal without a squeal.

And on that note time for today’s MAGA Pill – still our Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


  • Glenn Ellmers, American Greatness: Top Priority for Mid-Term Elections: Make Them Pay!