Mar-a-Lago raid huge FBI problem

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The FBI should, themselves, be on their own most wanted list and especially-so when attempting to cover-up whatever shows up in plain sight against themselves as “innocents”, or others they’re in close touch with. And they should all occupy the top ten spots before being indicted and given life sentences completely without remorse.

Take for instance in this case, where the DOJ and the FBI violated the Fourth Amendment along with attorney client privilege plus the Separation of Powers Doctrine. And the so-called “warrant judge” – never a judge by a long shot! – let them do it. He should never have signed off on any warrant and especially a general warrant. Federal Justice and the intel bureaucrats are rogue, lawless and corrupt. Now the question remains as to who will be sacrificed and held accountable in a mock attempt to recapture any faux appearance of justice.

Mar-a-Lago raid huge FBI problem

Once upon a time long ago and far-away, a VP named Al Gore stated that there was no commanding legal authority associated with politicians receiving campaign contributions from Chinese nationals. Find a law compelling legal penalties associated with the Presidential Records Act? There are no penalties in the US code. At most there would be civil litigation, associated with any disagreements between the parties, and that was never even commenced. Ever!

Even yours truly is astute enough to understand that, as noted under the 4th Amendment, general warrants are unconstitutional. The “judge” mentioned above is hardly a Senate-confirmed judge, simply a guy appointed by other real judges, and therefore hadn’t any authority to sign off in the first place.

Toss in the fact that there are HUGE legal holes in the DOJ / FBI’s outrageous raid of President Donald John Trump’s home that are so large and easily defeated, that a simpleton first year, Affirmative Action law student could exploit them very, very easily. The problem is that darned well nearly the ENTIRE legal community is also out to get Trump, so finding a judge with enough courage and integrity to rule in Trump’s favor would be like looking for virtue and chastity in a cat house. MEOW!

Nor while I think of it, can magistrate judges issue search warrants. The presidential records act is clear cut and affirmed by the Supreme Court. Biden and the FBI have committed high treason. The bottom, bottom line is that President Trump broke no law. That cannot be said of the DOJ and the FBI.

Adam Mill, American Greatness: ‘One Giant Problem with the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago Raid’ …

The FBI would do well to remember it has no constitutional authority except what it borrows from the elected president.

In May 2017, a Washington Post headline blared: “Trump revealed highly classified information to Russian foreign minister and ambassador.” Vox added: “It’s the kind of offense that, when committed by anyone but the president, can lead to a prosecution under the Espionage Act and a significant sentence.” Vox went on to quote Eliot Cohen, a former senior State Department official. “If deliberate,” he said, “it would be treason.”

The “leak” or “disclosure,” or whatever you want to call it, involved warning the Russians of a potential terrorism plot to attack Russian targets. It’s the kind of warning countries give each other as a courtesy and reciprocity to address mutual security interests in thwarting terrorism. Indeed, in 2011, the Russians gave the FBI its own sensitive intelligence warning of the plot to bomb the Boston Marathon. Unfortunately, because the FBI no longer functions as a law enforcement agency, it took no effective steps to disrupt the terrorists.

So the reaction to Trump’s sharing such information with the Russians was simply absurd. The get-Trump mania was in full bloom in those days. Little has changed since then. In fact, FBI’s justification for the Mar-a-Lago raid simply recycled the same phony, get-Trump argument from 2017. [-]

[+] … In other words, Trump did not break the law by revealing classified information to the Russians because the president is the ultimate authority over what is classified. He can reveal or share anything with anyone regardless of its security classification. He doesn’t need to follow any procedures or make the decision in writing. If the person with whom he shares the information is not “cleared” to access that classified information, then the classification is automatically modified to permit such access. All that’s needed is something that clearly demonstrates the president’s intent to share or otherwise dispose of the classified information. Thus, the moment the president told the Russians about the terrorist plot, those Russians were legally allowed to possess the information. [-]

[+] … The get-Trump figures have argued that Trump lacked the authority to convert these documents into his own property because they were the property of the U.S. government. But that is a matter of civil adjudication, not a crime. And it has nothing to do with Trump’s power to modify the classified nature of these documents consistent with his post-presidency status. If Trump took the documents with the intent to keep them, it’s absurd to argue that, while still president, he did not intend to modify the classified nature of the documents consistent with that intent.

Now the FBI and the Justice Department want to overrule that presidential decision to move the documents to Mar-a-Lago and criminalize their political opponent, the former president. By removing the documents from Mar-a-Lago without presidential approval, the FBI seized executive power away from the elected leadership of this country.

The FBI would do well to remember that it has no constitutional authority except what it borrows from the elected president. It must not be allowed to act as a super branch of government with the authority to nullify the decisions of an elected president made while he continued to hold office. [end]

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Mar-a-Lago raid huge FBI problem. Mark Milley tyrants align to rule the roost…

AHEM!!!  Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley placed two phone calls to his Chinese counterpart in the waning months of Donald Trump’s presidency to secretly reassure Beijing that the United States would not attack the country.

Milley did not tell President Trump about the calls.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Milley that then-President Donald Trump was a “dictator” who “should have been arrested on the spot” after what she called his coup attempt to remain in the White House by inciting the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection.

Well now, since we’re discussing treason and foreign espionage. Mmmmmm ….

As per usual, the FBI acted like the Watergate burglars at the DNC. But their actions raiding Mar-a-Lago defy common sense if they intended to keep the raid secret. They had to know it would become public knowledge. It gave them the opportunity to leak various reasons for the raid in order to paint our fearless President Trump as not only reckless, but criminal. It was urgent! He had nuclear secrets! The documents were Super Secret! He was going to commit espionage! Mar-a-Lago raid huge FBI problem. SPIT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!