MAGA and vindication of acquittal

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MAGA and vindication of acquittal … Laughingly the demoMarxocrats think it’s over and that they won all the marbles on a rare Saturday morning wrap up. They also sanctioned a gloating confessional in Time Magazine, which most people with a functioning brain think was very premature indeed.

One very important thing avers that Donald John Trump represents the beginning of the end of their feigned political power, having exposed them all for what they have serially become, brilliantly illustrating that there really is no discernible difference between the “two” political parties. He demonstrated that they would do absolutely anything to seize power back – and he let them go ahead and do it, figuring that they’re all hellbent on riding The Ship of Fools to their own demise.

He assuredly accomplished far more in just four years than his succession of sewer-dwelling predecessors did in fifty, and he made it look easy. For this reason, his enemies are consumed by hatred and envy because they can plainly see their own political aspersions melting away like butter on toast, even before Father Time comes for some of them (which won’t be long now).

MAGA and vindication of acquittal … AGAIN!

President Trump’s team exposed the truth with the demoMarxocrats editing out for one, “peacefully and patriotically.” The entire impeachment process was far more telling about smears than justice. Proof was by “innuendo and implication” as their “case” was further proof of their dishonest attempt. They “opened pandora’s box” aplenty with this impeachment process.

Great to see the President’s team countering every demoMarxocrat smear and verbal attack brilliantly with a low key, unemotional presentation. Anyone with the ability to “critically think” will not fall for, nor be inclined with the political rhetoric and noise which demoMarxocrats have perused with impunity for decades. Conservatives more than beat them at their own game.

On a last note, the entire process was summoned up nicely by demoMarxocrat Leahy when his comments were caught on an open mic., as in “This is all f….d up.” Indeed it was and never a truer word spoken.

There are new constellations in the American sky, and a brash man with solid plans to Make America Great Again showed hundreds of millions of people just how to reach for them.

Roger Kimball, American Greatness: ‘Yes, Acquittal is Vindication’…

A little before 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, the Senate voted to acquit Donald Trump in the long-running “Impeach Donald Trump!” show brought to you by leaky Democrats and their public-relations consortium, the corporate leftist media and Big Tech. The vote was 57 to 43, largely along party lines, wholly along ideological lines. That is, the seven Republicans who broke ranks and joined the Democrats to convict President Trump are Republicans in name only. You will want to remember who they are:

  • Richard Burr from North Carolina
  • Bill Cassidy from Louisiana
  • Susan Collins from Maine
  • Lisa Murkowski from Alaska
  • Mitt Romney from Utah
  • Ben Sasse from Nebraska
  • Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania

Some of these “Elevated Conservatives”™—Burr and Toomey, for example—have announced that they will not be running again. Here’s a prediction: none will be elected again, but that is a good thing.

Well, I think it is a good thing. But then I think that an acquittal is a vindication. I know that there are some intermittently conservative organs that disagree. They believe, or at least they say, that Trump’s acquittal does not mean he was vindicated. The proposition that Donald Trump is in the wrong is an analytic truth for them. Like the proposition “all bachelors are unmarried,” they regard it as a necessary truth. It is something inarguable. [-]

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Prog thugs can torch cities and vandalize property all across the land, but if aggravated trespassing happens to them, why, they’ll station armed troops in the nations capitol pretty much forever. It was an obvious false flag planned and operated by the same propagandists that stole the election. Who’s going to hold them responsible? When were provocateurs ever held accountable? The puppet master is OBO#44. Put him under citizens arrest. This cr@p won’t cease until the puppet master is held to account.

Actually, it is a non-sequitur. Troops can’t protect the Capitol unless asked. There was no request for the 15,000 National Guard to do anything but sit in a parking garage three or four blocks away. It was a deliberate Benghazi led by the traitors in the House and Senate leadership. They did a Hillary move and responded by snoring through the 3AM call. It is time for the Turtle and SanFranNan to be ejected from their respective bodies for allowing this to happen. Period. Over. Out.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President (still) Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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