Loretta Lynch, Guru of Obfuscation

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Loretta Lynch, ladies and gentlemen is the nation’s TOP law enforcement official, and people wonder why no one trusts government. Maybe she should look up someone called Archibald Cox for guidance. Well at least she didn’t “lie”, although she obfuscated brilliantly. The way she repeated basically the same answer to different questions sounds like a witness citing her fifth amendment rights. Seems like she’s making no secret about her purpose here either, which is to protect this administration and prevent Hillary from being prosecuted. She has totally abdicated her fiduciary duties and oath of the office entrusted to her.

You don’t have to agree with Republicans, you just have to agree with the truth. The truth is Hillary used a private email server so that she couldn’t be held accountable for her actions. She also ordered thousands of emails deleted to hide what she did. The question is what did she delete and why? She’s also on record for defending a child rapist in her early lawyer years, admitting on tape she did it as a favor. She’s also on tape gloating and laughing about killing Gaddaffi, declaring “we came, we saw, he died, ha., ha., ha”. She’s not your average 69-year old Grandmother by any means. True liberals who believe in equal rights for homosexuals, transgenders, and women should be appalled by her and appalled by today’s progressives. In Islamic countries, as we know, homosexuals can be thrown in jail and from the tops of high buildings, or executed in other ways by Shari’ah Law. Isn’t that exactly what liberals are supposed to be against? Yet liberals the likes of Obama, the Clintons, Loretta Lynch and the rest of the DemoMarxists, want to bring in hundreds of thousands of illiterate Islamic Muslims who consistently refuse to assimilate into American culture.. That’s why today’s liberal party makes no sense whatsoever.

OK so now what? Ryan, McCarthy, McConnell and the rest of the GOP boneless wonder set aren’t willing to do one single tough thing about it. Not one thing, ever, except talk and express pointless neutered indignation. Clinton/Dems/MSM play full-contact hardball every inning 24/7/365, while Ryan and the GOP flit around in tutus and clown noses playing touch wiffleball. Despite his talk, Ryan is still an establishment puppet, and I’m sure it doesn’t earn anybody’s trust back for his establishment shenanigans during the past year. If indeed they were truly serious, impeachment of a few people We The People know of, would’ve already been accomplished, and the perps pitched from responsibilities – including Loretta Lynch.

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