LGB and suspicious bout of COVID

Go ahead, make my..

Cast your minds back if you will, to when our warrior President Donald John Trump was in Sanford, FL a few days after he got over his COVID. As he began speaking he seemed a bit weak, and perhaps a little congested. An hour or so later, he was booming out his lines and bringing the crowd to its feet. Trump is a tough, strong, guy, but you could still tell that he had recently been sick. Not so for Creepy Joe aka LGB within the past week or so. To this day there isn’t any sign whatsoever that he’d even been sick at all.

Which leads thousands – how about millions – of us having the notion that the whole LGB “thingy” was just another big scam. They needed an excuse to have his doctors look at him and adjust his meds. Or somesuch, with the demoMarxocrat machine after all, being forever wired in mystery. As yours truly has mentioned on numerous occasions involving the demoMarxocrat regime – whenever they’re about to hide someone or take an early vacation, they all seem to come down with COVID, or any other convenient medications for whatever operation is in play.

LGB and suspicious bout of COVID. Left hunkering down to steal it all

In this particular case, they also had to be certain that he wouldn’t mention from distance his “having cancer” remark. Which of course, he went ahead and did!

The truth remains, LGB is not only the worst president we’ve ever had, he’s got the “stupid” in him, is truly “illiterate”, and makes the worst decisions on any and everything he’s been involved with for the past 50+ years. World leaders know this, and none of them has any respect for him. It’s very plausible that this demented old dummy’s psychotic ventriloquists fabricated the whole COVID story because of his appalling display of ineptitude during the Middle East trip.

Consider they needed to tuck him away for a few days to give themselves some breathing room before having to walk back another round of bizarre comments from this senile old idiot masquerading as president. Or something.

Question is of course, who knows if he really had COVID? He and his entire administration are nothing but liars, gypsies, tramps and thieves and the truth is definitely not in them. He can brag all he likes that unlike his predecessor, he wasn’t taken to the hospital and stayed to work in the White House. He also recommended that we don masks while in crowded areas. This man is shameless. Absolutely shameless.

Brandon J. Weichert, American Greatness: ‘Did Biden Really Have COVID-19?’

Biden’s onset of COVID comes at a convenient time when he’s in dire need of sympathy and a distraction. Don’t fall for it.

For months leading up to his recent overseas trip, Joe Biden’s staff and their stenographers in the press insisted this trip would be a reset of Biden’s poor showing on the international stage, notably in the Middle East. We were assured Biden would restore healthy relations with America’s traditional allies in Israel and the Sunni Arab world (notably in Saudi Arabia, led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, a perennial target of the American Left’s outrage machine).

In typical Biden fashion, the overhyped trip landed with a thud.

Realizing that Biden’s trip would require him to shake hands with Middle Eastern leaders the Left hates, Biden’s handlers forbade 46 from shaking hands out of an abundance of  COVID caution. Or so we were told.  Naturally, the first thing Biden did when he reached the tarmac at Ben Gurion Airport was shake hands with former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (another object of the Left’s abject hatred).

Biden further infuriated his left-wing base by effectively standing with Israel rather than condemning its policies toward the terrorist-run Palestinian Authority. Biden didn’t win any friends on the Right, either, because his pathetic showing in the Middle East came in the context of his greater desire to restore the ill-fated Obama-era Iran nuclear weapons deal. [-]

[+] … The very next day, news broke that Biden had tested positive for COVID-19. Just like that, scathing assessments of Biden’s failed Mideast trip disappeared, along with his bizarre cancer claim. In their place were the sullen faces of Biden team members doing everything in their power to manage the public perception of Biden’s illness. It was reminiscent of a scene from “House of Cards,” when Francis Underwood advises all politicos suffering through a public scandal to “kill and throw [the press] something fresher.” As if sensing the skepticism from people in the press like me, the Biden team released a bizarre video—akin to a “proof of life” image—of Biden struggling to speak while sucking on a throat lozenge, insisting he’s fine.

He probably was fine because he probably didn’t have COVID! Everything about this administration is a grotesque pantomime, a grand façade meant to conceal the fact that we’re led by an incompetent figurehead. We’re to believe that a 79-year-old got over the novel coronavirus from Wuhan, China in just a few days? Like so much about this presidency, rather than address the real fact that Biden is totally unfit to lead, his minders have concocted a false narrative; a distraction about him getting sick to protect the Democratic Party’s tenuous grip on power.

Everything about this presidency is a damn, dirty lie. Biden’s onset of COVID came at a convenient time when he was in dire need of sympathy and a distraction. Don’t fall for it. [end]

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LGB and suspicious bout of COVID. Biden cabal outrage to true patriots …

Suspicious minds would wager a year’s salary that LGB never got the unsafe vaccine either. Such people are corrupt not stupid. The Kabuki Theater of publicly receiving the vaccine was a dog and pony show. Nothing more. These people all knew the Vaccine wouldn’t work and they know it’s dangerous. They knew it from day one and just the other day Fauci’s partner Deborah Birx admitted it. That’s why she’s gone undercover.

Take a real close look at current pics of Biden – he has something else far worse than COVID. He is a reprobate. His body appears to be failing fast, both mentally and physically. Most people who are of his age have recognized their limitations, but not LGB. He will continue his quest for power though he spends the remaining days of his life harming this nation and its people.

In closing, my humble opinion has it that PedoJoe aka LGB most certainly did not have “COVID.” Something else, perhaps. The drug cocktail they use to control his dementia is less and less effective and the adjustments throw him for a loop. He’s in late stage dementia and they’re propping him up, it’s clear. A year from now everyone pushing the COVID lies will either be railing against the “liars” in government, or the “liars” in the medical profession. Get ahead of the curve and you’ll be able to say “there – toldya so” !.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!