Lawless Obama Legacy Unravelling

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Over 60 million Americans, some quite obviously dead, plus an unknown number of ineligible voters gave the nod twice for Barack Hussein Obama, the ultimate lawless Manchurian Candidate Clown Prince of Fools. Also a factor were two quite pathetic Republican candidates, first McCain and then Romney. Consider also that for six years of Obama’s reign, there was a Republican majority House of Representatives, and for the last two years a Republican controlled Congress. They did nothing but aid and abet the lawless Obama at every turn.

As mentioned within these pages many times before, the truth about the lawless Obama was there to be found back in 2007. His lack of accomplishments, hidden educational records, questionable citizenship, inherent laziness, radical agenda, Communist and Islamic sympathies, plus his radical associations (Bill Ayers and the faux Reverend Wright were hiding in plain sight the entire time) were all apparent. All one had to do was look and observe.

Cronkite Vietnam cause and effect… Keep stating it and it will happen.

The failure was not restricted to Big Lamestream Media. On the contrary, their own lawless leftist agenda has been apparent since the days of Walter Cronkite’s imperial reign at CBS when he was more determined to oversee America’s downfall, than allow the US military to free the Vietnamese people from a ruthless, brutal dictatorship. Oh, and let us never forget Watergate, the lawless antidote to a lawless government.

Big Lamestream Media was, and has been, an accessory to it all, but the predominant failure of recent years was/is the Obama supporter, voter fraud, and the cowardly Republicans’ failure to do their duty and impeach him. He might not have been convicted, but the ordeal would have prevented at least some of the daily abuses of power. That is of course (pun intended) when he wasn’t playing golf or on vacation; or being lawless, for that matter.

In many ways We the People have been responsible for the rot. It was a slow creep.

David Prentice in his opener from today’s American Thinker:

There is an excellent cartoon showing a circle of people surrounding Barack Obama, guarding him, preventing anyone from bringing him harm.  An observer asks if those people are the Secret Service.  The answer:  No, that’s the media.

I don’t think there is a better portrayal of the Obama legacy.  This cartoon succinctly communicates how this man gained office, kept it, and remained popular.  The Obama phenomenon had a complex side, but the most complex and nefarious part was the unwillingness of the mainstream media to criticize, or bring up any hint of wrongdoing on his part.  From the beginning, our media created an image for him, never actually delving into his background, his beliefs, or his life in any way.  Unlike the quest to find out Trump’s tax returns, the media never sought to reveal who or what Obama was.

After Obama’s election, it was Chris Matthews who infamously said, “My Job Is to Make the Obama Presidency a Success” continuing with, “This country needs a successful presidency.”  The entire left-leaning media clearly took that construct as its main job for Obama.  They reported everything as positive.  If there was something negative, or heaven forbid WRONG, it often was ignored, lied about or spun hard to make it look like nothing was there.  Great examples are the horror of Obamacare, the lies about Benghazi, and the falsehoods about the “wonderful” Iran deal.

There is a very dark underbelly to this fawning:  Obama himself.

Over the past few generations, we accepted the helping hand of “government” to make our lives easier. We were then conditioned that they knew best because in the beginning their helping hand was out of generosity and sharing our abundance. The government was going to right the wrongs from the our past and ensure “civil rights” and because there was so much wealth in our country the government was going to abolish poverty. Albeit in a lawless fashion.

Come on, it was all in the name of kindness!

What the election of Obama really showed America was the true reason why so many lawless “Democrat centers of excellence” (e.g., Detroit, Philadelphia, Newark, LA, and other liberal failing cities) are the failure that they are. Obama showed us how unbridled liberalism, being creative with the legal system, and so forth does not work.

Face it folks, there was not a single significant action during the Obama regime that could be called successful, the economy being a shambles during his term accompanied by a long string of lawless scandals that were swept under the rug by a fawning media and sycophantic Democrat acolytes.The liberal progressive Leftists however, all believe the Obama reign of error to have been the most wonderful period in American history.

In the real world we call this a delusionary psychosis. If you don’t believe this, then look no further than Hillary Clinton, currently blaming her loss on a multitude of things other than the truth itself, which was that she was a horrible candidate who ran an incompetent lawless campaign based on lies and corruption.

This oozing scandal of spying on the Trump circle is being found out in spite of the media effort to spike it. More people will find out as the facts emerge, it is too big to hide. Obama and Susan Rice’s actions are too bizarre to bury. Wikileaks was not covered by the media, yet half of America knew about it.This is far bigger than Wikileaks revelations. As the information streams forth about Obama’s wrongful spying, only hardcore true believers will stand with him. Eventually, the rest of his actions will be scrutinized. This will take time, likely years. The facts will shine a devastating light on his Presidency, and his legacy will be far worse than Nixon, and he will be considered as worse.  He and his media enablers just don’t know it. Yet.

Obama, and his ‘family’ are a manufactured fraud, and in the immortal words of Clint Eastwood “Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.”

He’s as corrupt as the progressive media and the RINOs, who stood by and let him rule for 8 years.

In reality we’ve allowed government over the years to train us like circus animals, not the least of which was in allowing the government to get to our children. Education morphed from academics into Indoctrination Centers. Parents trying to get ahead and the schools stepping in and telling them “we’re going to help”. We’ll offer “before school” care, we’ll feed your kids, we’ll babysit while you work for the “American Dream”. That is what pushed us to the edge of the lawless cliff, and the inevitable rise of President Donald J the Trumpit.

The miracle is that even with all of Obama’s lawless corruption, the Trumpit was still able to get elected. Amazing.

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