At Last – Someone Did Something…

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

Fellow-Texan William (Bill) Murchison chimes in on the Presidential-Governorship of Texas’ own Rick Perry, who’s about “had it up to here” with the flim-flam-man parading around in an actor’s role in We The People’s’ mansion on Pennsylvania Avenue in D.C.

Gotta love the header – “At Last – Someone Did Something” which at least is a metaphorical scuffing of the Texas Cowboy boots over the acrimonious “lines in the sand” and the “red line” and the “sanctions” and the “unless” warnings and the “we’ll get to the bottom of (choose your own ending)” and “make no mistake (choose your topic) will have severe consequences” and “once we get the results from the inquiry” bluff, puff, and bluster of what is becoming glaringly impossible to defend – the obsequious behavior from a vacant untethered, non-interested, unattached profligate inept purveyor of abject incompetence.

I give you one, Barack Hussein Barry Soetoro Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros Harrison J Bounel Obama – whose “official” long-form birth certificate was produced on multiple layers of applied text, thereby debunking the authenticity of ORIGINAL longform birth certificates that those of us who went through the legal process of becoming citizens, had to produce. ORIGINALS. We immigrants also had to live up to “at last – someone did something.”

“Outlawry tends to flourish in climates where the outlaws, actual or potential, sense the sheriff to be farthest away.”
 ~ Andy Devine in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance … That however, is not our problem.

Our “sheriff” is part of the outlaw gang. It seems that only US citizens are expected to comply with US law; not the government and not foreigners who enter the country illegally. Even though America has one of the most liberal immigration systems in the world, the federal government does not enforce its own immigration restrictions in good faith, which is a core part of national security. It is ridiculous to propose that NSA monitoring of our electronic communications is required for our safety, when the most basic government action in national security (control of the border) is willfully ignored.

There are nearly 100 million Americans of working age who are out of work and the nation is struggling economically. We have no shortage of homeless and poor people already in the US to tend to; swamping our towns and cities with more people in need simply makes things worse for America’s poor. Though Obama is being lazy and inept about the situation, the Governor of the second-largest State, with the 18th biggest economy on the planet, is leading by example and at last – someone did something.

Since the federal government refuses to protect the States from invasion, as it is obligated to do by the people who formed it, the States retain the ability and right to act on their own behalf. The border governors should follow Perry’s lead here and increase the prevention, not interdiction, of border crossings. The Border Patrol is under orders to allow the crossings, then detain, the purpose of which (like most things to do with this Obama debacle) is unclear. A secure uncrossable border is part of nationhood and is clearly (to most at least) in the national interest. Yet, the cartels and Mexican military routinely operate inside the US, and increasingly-so it appears, in numerous other States within the Union. At LAST – someone did something. Thank YOU Gov. Perry for leading the way…

Now on to Murchison’s piece …

William Murchison..

William Murchison..

So, then, what are we supposed to think when the governor of Texas dispatches National Guardsmen to the state border with Mexico in order to deflect the onrush of illegal border-crossers? What are we supposed to do?

Do? A strange concept these days. Do something about the Russians and their depraved allies for shooting down a passenger plane? Do something about the depraved crowd of terrorists who provoked Israel into assaulting the tunnels in which they skulk? Do something about those equally depraved Iraqi terrorists now rounding up and expelling Christians from their midst? Do something about the kidnappers of schoolchildren in Nigeria?

Not a chance. As if there were the slightest chance anyway of rebuking and punishing all the world’s bad actors — a constantly growing crowd. Not even the Romans pulled off the trick. On the other hand, “outlawry tends to flourish in climates where the outlaws, actual or potential, sense the sheriff to be farthest away, and perhaps to be most conformable to their purposes”: Andy Devine in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. In an age of general and deliberate nonjudgmentalism, with punishment an oddity and outrage rarely succeeded by action, outlaws flourish.

On the matter of the influx of illegals into Texas, Gov. Rick Perry saw the federal government as flustered and inanimate: unable to proceed because unable to decide how to proceed. The governor said, all right, here’s what we’ll do. We’ll send in the guard. The efficacy of Perry’s decision remains to be tested. It’s nevertheless a decision, as distinguished from a decision to think about when to think about alternatives, before taking soundings and testing the water.

The cry for a “man on horseback” to carpe the diem, bring clarity, make the trains run on time, get the mail delivered, and so forth is eternal: as we would know if public education taught history with anything like the thoroughness that formerly prevailed in our schools. We get in these what-do-we-do-now moods whenever things begin to go amiss. Equally to the point, whenever problems grow complex and general exhaustion sets in, which may be where we are now, in the twilight of the “hope and change” era.

The border problem is complex. It is not so complex as our political analysts make it out to be: a welter of impulses — fear of gangs, rapacity of smugglers, ease of transportation, division of a political nature among the potential “hosts,” their eyes fixed on the size of the immigrant vote more than on the country’s capacity to accommodate all the immigrants who want to come.