John Kerry The Stealthy Underling

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

Following up from my piece on “Kerry the Enemy Emeritus” yesterday, I offer a visual report from him in his own words. Kerry is an extremely wealthy man (well, not by Trump standards, more like Brahmin Boston hereditary means) so he must know what he is talking about except that all he really did was marry an older wealthy widow. He was a decorated soldier who came back from Viet Nam and condemned, denigrated and insulted the men who could not award themselves enough Purple Hearts to get rotated home like he did (again, see my piece from yesterday). Given the historical baggage of American hatred he drags around, I wouldn’t trust him to take out my garbage on time.

John Kerry has a rare disease for a politician. Every once in a while he slips up and tells the TRUTH!! Regardless of your feelings about the crazy Iranian deal, his logic is correct. The world has spoken. The USA needs to dismiss our Middle East sponsor (Israel) and fall in line with the rest of the world. Remember folks, half the nation wanted this dude to be president. Think about that. Lying liars, lying about the lies they’ve lied about, with a strong denial of something evil in this one. Kerry is a total lying idiot and a national disgrace. Remember also from my piece yesterday, his close family ties to Iran, as well as those of Huma Abedin and Valerie Jarrett. Throw in the Muslim Brotherhood and we have a rat’s nest of an administration pulling this nation apart.

The problem with the Iran deal on the table is that it enables Iran to fund terrorism in the short term and enables them to build nuclear weapons in the mid-to-long term. This will lead to a nuclear arms race in the Middle East (if Iran can do it, then so can Egypt and the Saudis), and then it won’t be long until one of those nuts starts a nuclear war. Kerry can’t defend the deal on its merits, so what he’s saying here is America is weak and impotent and can neither lead nor act independently, and therefore we must take our marching orders from China. And, as others have pointed out, the dollar is becoming less popular as a global reserve currency for other reasons, and the Iran deal has nothing to do with this (just as a “despicable” YouTube video had nothing to do with Benghazi). But Obama needs a scapegoat, and the “blame Bush” meme is getting old. (BTW, Bush does deserve his share of blame, but in terms of fiscal irresponsibility, Obama is Bush on steroids.)

Mmmmm. Very interesting. This is the first mention I’ve ever heard from a politician that the Federal Reserve note might cease to be the world reserve currency. That is significant. If Kerry is telling the truth, he may be letting slip the real reason that the DC country-club members known as Congress are going for this Iran deal.

And finally, here’s John (Genghis-Khan) Kerry admitting that his own emails (and likely that of every member of this administration and Congress – YES, even Billary Clintonistas) have been hacked and compromised by the (GULP!) Chinese who twice in the past two days have devalued their currency … Mmmmmmmm, surely there could be no ties between the two, could there?

A farewell “Dear John” note to Mr. Kerry: You and your boss are beyond clueless.  Go all the way back to “Get out of Ukraine”. GREAT IDEA!  The U.S. had historically been a non-interventionist country until World War I, when the American people got duped into sending troops into Europe for a stupid war that had nothing to do with us (or them for that matter; just a bunch of ego maniacs vying to see who had bigger cojones).  After WWII, which was just the logical conclusion of WWI, we became the “policeman” of the world, and it’s been global hegemony ever since. We would be infinitely better off if the dollar was not the global reserve currency. If we brought home all our occupying troops, stopped underwriting every two bit country with money we don’t have, constantly supporting the military-industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about in the 50’s, and concentrate on releasing our incredible economic power AT HOME, we’d be safer, more secure and economically powerful. Our defense budget should be spent on – wait for it – DEFENSE.  Continuing what we’re doing now is bankrupting us, lowering our standard of living (except for 1 per centers like you and your acolytes, John) and “fundamentally transforming” our great nation into permanent depression. Please – go home and count your wife’s money, and leave us and the rest of the world alone .. Yours truly, We The People.


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