Jim Jordan to the fore on collusion

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Mmmmm … We know this will amount to a pile of soaking wet firecrackers, but bless Jim Jordan. Yours truly really does believe the man has a good fight in him, and if his sleeves are rolled up, he’s not there to mess around, he’s jumping into the match. He was after all, a stunning college wrestler in his younger days, winning far, far, more than losing! On the other hand, Jim Jordan’s Liberty Score on Conservative Review holds at 94% after 16 years in D.C. And what does all that mean?

Well if nothing else this will bring this issue to the attention of the general public, unless that is, it meets the favorite tool of the Legacy Media – aka “lie by omission“. Sad to say in a way that most of it is simply all for show. Nothing will come out of these congressional show hearings, and especially from JJ, whose biggest donor is Google!

The DOJ certainly won’t prosecute anyone because big tech and government are firmly entrenched and will continue to be as far as one can contend – especially when they just ignore the subpoenas, then what? Squirrel! Definitely appears to be like Hunter Biden, Joe’s documents, and lots of other things have quite simply lost all attention. Short attention span theater. Orange Man Bad, Move Along. What a sad state of affairs!

Jim Jordan to the fore on collusion. President Donald John Trump waiting in the wings.

But wait! – dispatch “FrankenFetterman” –  that would scare anyone to have that thing appear on your doorstep! Sure, we all know it will accomplish nothing but who really wants to travel to DC anymore – never really been safe, now it’s a disaster zone. But wait! Jim Jordan issues subpoenas to big tech execs to prove they and the democrats are FASCISTS. Much better headline!

As much as there are those of us who’ve witnessed Jordan never having authored or passed a bill in the House since he’s been there, you must admit he’s a very “nice” guy and full of “stay along to get along“, albeit he’s full of big talk and Benghazi nonsense. Again!

As for the topic at hand, Congress can, and should, go nuke against FJBiden. The Speaker must announce that its projected budgets for agencies and departments A, B, C, D, and E will be $0 for the fiscal year that begins next October First, barring which Jim Jordan would stop going on the tee-vee talk shows to bounce his jaw and elbows and do what he was elected to do. From which he might just get something done and accomplished; other than bouncing opponents around the wrestling ring – as square in that particular case – as it is !! .

Debra Heine, American Greatness: ‘Jim Jordan Subpoenas Big Tech Execs for Alleged Collusion to Censor Speech’ ….

The House Judiciary Committee, led by Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), has sent subpoenas to five prominent U.S. Big Tech executives, demanding information on their censorship practices.

“Today, House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) subpoenaed the chief executive officers of Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta, and Microsoft for documents and communications relating to the federal government’s reported collusion with Big Tech to suppress free speech,” the committee announced in a statement Wednesday.

House Republicans are reportedly looking into allegations that Biden regime colluded with big technology and social-media companies to censor legitimate views on issues such as Covid-19 policy that countered the Biden White House’s propaganda.

“The House Judiciary Committee has repeatedly attempted to engage with the five companies since last December. Unfortunately, the companies have not adequately complied with our requests,” the statement reads.

Specifically, the committee asked Sundar Pichai, Andy Jassy, Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg, and Satya Nadella to “turn over all requested documents and communications by March 23, 2023.”

The committee didn’t demand information from Twitter Inc., which has been voluntarily transparent and less hostile to conservative speech since it was purchased by billionaire Elon Musk last year.

In the statement, Jordan stressed the importance of, “protecting and advancing fundamental free speech principles,” and “examining how private actors coordinate with the government to suppress First Amendment-protected speech.”

These subpoenas are the first step in holding Big Tech accountable,” Jordan said. [end]

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Jim Jordan to the fore on collusion. OBO#44 a clear and present danger.

Sad to say but Jim appears to be missing the point. The Constitution prohibits THE GOVERNMENT from infringing on the free press and free speech. Rather than issuing subpoenas to big tech executives, Jim would be much better off issuing subpoenas to every government employee whose name appears on the messages from the government to social media companies that have been exposed by Twitter. Any government employee who doesn’t fully cooperate should be fired, charged with violating the Constitution, put on trial, and if convicted, put in jail. How ’bout THAT then?!

Fact is with a corrupt DOJ and the Senate controlled by demoMarxocrats, anything from all these dog and pony shows will go absolutely nowhere. And the “Gang Of Pussies” will never force the left to comply. That’s the reality of the situation. Sorry to say – that as much as millions of us really like the guy – Jordan has never authored or passed a bill in the House since he’s been there, but he’s full of big talk, to which this whole episode is just Benghazi nonsense yet again. Jim Jordan to the fore on collusion.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!