Jihad force hits the innocents again

Go ahead, make my…

You know what folks, I’m tired of blaming Muslim and Islamic jihad for these continuing atrocities (a testimony to the fact that we needn’t name the latest city to be hit!). It’s forever pointless to get angry at them and their creed about this, because it’s just them being who and what they are (and let’s face it, what they continue to be) on the basis of their 1400 years of blasphemous misery inflicted upon people they simply don’t seem to get along with.

No, from now on I am laying the blame for these horrific tragedies squarely at the feet of the SJWs, Leftists, neo-Marxist and psychopathic globalists who have allowed and enabled this civilizational cancer to colonize and fester in our various and several Western Nations. The blood of these slaughtered innocent children is on THEIR hands, and it is time for those of us who actually give a damn about Western society to start treating them accordingly!

One doesn’t blame a viper for being venomous. But one must bring to justice those who smuggled it into our home and prosecute them for manslaughter. There was a reason why there was a line in the sand between the Christian World and the jihad Muslim Islamic World for over 500 years. Spain never recovered from the conflict until maybe 50 years ago. Do we need to learn it all over again?

Robert Spencer in today’s FrontPageMagazine

Here we go again. 22 people are dead and 59 wounded in a suspected jihad-martyrdom suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, a target that the jihad murderers apparently chose because of its concentration of pre-teens and tweens, so as to maximize the potential to “strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah” (Qur’an 8:60). But don’t be unduly concerned: Britain’s criminally feckless Prime Minister Theresa May is on the job, saying in a statement: “We are working to establish the full details of what is being treated by the police as an appalling terrorist attack. All our thoughts are with the victims and the families of those who have been affected.”

As canned responses go, that one is particularly packaged, processed, and colorless. How grand that she is thinking about the victims and their families. And the police are on the job! Marvelous! Britons can go back to sleep, knowing that selfless public servants such as May are working tirelessly to protect them.

But there was one key element that May left out of her statement: an apology.

One of the things she should apologize for is the routine aspect of her response to this latest jihad massacre. There was nothing she said about this jihad attack that could not have been said about ten jihad massacres before it, and will not be said about the next ten. The Muslim Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said after the jihad bombings in New York City in September 2016 that such attacks were “part and parcel of living in a big city” and that people would just have “to be prepared for these sorts of things” to happen, and May is behaving as if she has thoroughly internalized these instructions.

In reality, no one in a big city or a small one, or out on the farm, should ever accept jihad terror massacres as “part and parcel” of living there. Sadiq Khan’s statement was a declaration of his inability or unwillingness to do anything effective to counter the jihad threat.

Apparently so, since the history of the last jihad conflict has been entirely rewritten to make the West the aggressors.

Following the terror, there are always the platitudes. And the hashtags. And the candlelit vigils. And they always have the same message: ‘Be unified. Feel love. Don’t give in to hate. We stand with you shoulder to shoulder.’

The banalities roll off the national and international tongue like venom from the tongue of a viper. Vapidity abounds. A shallow fetishization of ‘togetherness’ takes the place of any articulation of what we should be together for and, more importantly, what we should be fighting against.

And so it has been, yet again, after the jihad barbarism in Manchester. In response to the deaths of 22 people at an Ariana Grande gig, in response to the massacre of children enjoying pop music, people effectively say: ‘All you need is love.’ The disparity between these horrors and our response to them, between what happened and what we say, is vast. This has to change.

As Robert Spencer (banned from Britain for many years now) closes out:

What did Theresa May think would happen? What did Britons? Did they really think that by coddling their Muslim population, winking at the crimes Muslims committed in the name of Islam and in accord with its teachings, and muzzling all dissent from these policies, that it would make Muslims feel welcome in Britain, and that Muslims and non-Muslims would march arm-in-arm together into the glorious multicultural future?

In other words, did they really think that being nice to Muslims would make Muslims forget the jihad imperatives of the Qur’an and Sunnah? Did they really think that if they appeased their Muslim community, that they would be spared further jihad deaths?

They won’t. Manchester was “only the beginning,” said an Islamic State jihadi in a video released just after the massacre Monday night. And that is true: Manchester is only the beginning, thanks to Theresa May. If a modicum of sanity prevailed in Britain, she would be forced to apologize and resign in disgrace.

Instead, she is looking to be overwhelmingly elected to the Prime Minister’s office in her own right in the coming elections. Britons should enjoy that election, because they won’t be enjoying very many more of them.

Unless Western Society changes course drastically, free people everywhere will soon be experiencing their last free elections. Since jihad Muslim Islamic rage prohibits the study of anything not Islamic, those future free people (hopefully there will someday be free people once more) will have to learn freedom from scratch, since there will be no record of this generation.

When jihad Muslim Islamic hoards conquered Egypt, people could still read Egyptian hieroglyphs. Muslim Islamic rage destroyed that knowledge, and it took the discovery of the Rosetta Stone over 1000 years later to allow us to read it again.

Jihad Muslim Islamic ideology and Christianity, or even western Enlightened secularism, cannot co-exist. Period.