It’s Trump: Get Over It…

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Thomas Lifson coming up with a dose of reality on the Donald Trump phenomenon, but first my little two cents-worth…

The Trump phenomenon can best be understood as a cultural revolution of the silent majority who have risen up at one minute to midnight against their elite rulers. One more liberal-leftist president, and their voice would have been snatched away forever in a sea of illegals and crony capitalists. It is a de-facto third party launched under a conservative umbrella in that it rejects the ruling principles of both parties. It is the “ugly American” party, loud, brash, 100% non-PC, unafraid to get in their enemy’s face and desperate to work hard if only politicians and bureaucrats would just get off their backs.

In short, it is made of the stuff that created and built America into a superpower. And it’s baaaack!

Is Trump as Conservative as Mitt Romney? John McCain? George W. Bush? John Boehner? Lindsey Graham? They have ALL claimed the mantle of “Conservative” while begging for our votes, then RULE as Progressive-lite along with their “good friends across the aisle”. Just what does “Conservative” mean anymore? Putting “America First” sounds pretty conservative to me, so in that regard I will accept the premise.

Trump’s conservative values:
– End Obamacare
– Reduce and simplify taxes
– Strengthen military
– End illegal immigration
– Promote US energy exploration and development

What’s not to like, NeverTrumpers? It would be better to think of Trump as the candidate of democracy rather the Republican party. Yes, I wanted Cruz but now it’s a choice between Trump and Hillary.

Now more than ever, We The People need to be united against a common enemy. So, GO TEAM TRUMP!

Now on to Thomas Lifson and “It’s Trump: Get Over It”…

284px-American_Thinker_logoTo the dismay of many serious conservatives, including many in our AT family, the Republican primary voters have spoken, and barring black swan events, Donald Trump will be the GOP nominee.  He is not a perfect man, but those  Republicans who are contemplating a cup of hemlock instead of coffee this morning (as one well-known writer told me he was – jokingly, I hope — in the wake of Indiana) need to take a deep breath and contemplate Trump’s upside potential — for America, for conservatives, and for the Republican Party.

Let’s face it: America has been locked into a downward spiral under the permanent lock that a corrupt system has had on power. Politicians bent on reform, representing voters demanding it, arrive in Washington, DC only to discover the impossibility of breaking the hold of lobbyists, bureaucrats, and politicians in their pockets on the levers of governance. Washington, DC thrives, becoming the richest city in the country, as most of the rest of the nation stagnates and declines. Businesses discover that it is far more important to cultivate government support than to innovate. Rent seeking becomes the path to riches.

Ted Cruz, who deserves enormous credit for suspending his campaign last night, swallowing his anger over Trump’s escalating personal attacks on him and his family, has demonstrated the futility of reforming the federal government from the inside. A man of fierce intelligence and determination, he ran into a buzz saw in the Senate, and became the most hated man there in decades. He stood up for principle, but was unable to move Congress in his (and conservatives’) direction.

A strong majority of Americans across the ideological spectrum understand how broken the system is.