Islamic Jihad And War On America

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

So they trot out an Islamic Muslim PR spokesman to sugar-coat the real problem with Islamic Jihad, which is that We The People have rogue members of ISIS, ISIL, IS patrolling our streets and high-traffic centers courtesy of our flimsy borders and lack of identification of serial suicide bomber-soldiers of Allah. Political correctness is stupefying. The ongoing problem is that we have people/Imams/Oligarchs like this who consistently approbate Islamic Muslims away from the equation. Notice also that none of the Hollywood celebs or American Muslim organizations like CAIR; American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee; American Muslim Council; Arab-American Institute; Islamic Information Center; Muslim Public Affairs Council; Muslim American Society and all the others that are so quick to jump on things when the shooter is suspected or known to be Caucasian (or at least non-Muslim) are all painfully silent when the very fact of who they are and why they’re inflicting such heinous destruction on humanity is because that is EXACTLY what they’re trained to do. And by whom? Why, by Islamic Muslim terrorist killers, that’s who.

And yes, as in the 9/11 aftermath, they’re celebrating and jumping around in the streets of their home countries, and no doubt in the streets of Dearborn, Michigan as well. PS – note the body language of the black and white cops right behind him, kind of like a politically-incorrect squirm that they’re bravely attempting to control…


ISIS declares war on USA...

Orlando killer...

The Imam declares: “As safe as the best city in the world?” No. Anyone having traveled to Japan for instance, can vouch for the fact that you can go to Tokyo and know this stuff won’t happen there. Why? Because they haven’t let in millions of a certain people who are intolerant of others. Let us lay out some facts without sensationalizing this.

1) The gun man was a Muslim? YES
2) Did he yell out Allahu Akbar? YES
3) Did he call 911 and pledge allegiance to ISIS? YES
4) Did he target homosexuals at a gay nightclub? YES

So who is to blame? Not GUNS nor GUN LAWS. Put the blame where it should be – Right on the shoulders of Radical Islam and its hate-filled ideology and backwards thinking. We have a current “president” that can’t / won’t even utter the words “Radical Islam” nor won’t he admit to its existence. We have a presidential nominee who desires to take away your right to own a gun to defend yourself and your family, while she rakes in millions of Islamic petro-dollars to fund her and her “husband’s” so-called charity.

It isn’t the guns that cause the problem, otherwise the Chicago ghettos wouldn’t be leading the murder statistics as they are. The Boston Marathon bombers used a pressure cooker – do you think these should be banned? The 9/11 murderers used box cutters – should these be banned? Oh, and let’s not forget the fact that the presumptive DemoMarxist nominee and the “president” who just endorsed her think we are too dumb to see what they are trying to pull off.

The great disuniter wanted a race war and came close to almost getting it done. Now he looks close to having fomented a religious war that someone better come to grips with real soon before the entire house of cards erupts catastrophically, and we have him declaring martial law and inserting himself as dictator.

The eerie ghost of FDR has been seen channeling itself throughout the White House lately … Strange goings on over there, seances and everything (sarc)…


Islam never mentioned. Muslim extremists never mentioned. Just pointed political rhetoric to further his anti-gun agenda.

It was a radical Muslim who believed homosexuals should be killed and he killed them.

This has to be tough for Obama the Clown Prince of Fools because he acknowledges the specific group that was targeted, but not the specific group that did the targeting (although when it was the university shooting in Oregon, he refused to mention that the specific group targeted was Christians, and that the Islamic terrorist was a Muslim shooter, as well.)

That allows those listening to his babble to live in denial of the truth and the sickness that is Radical Islam. Those poor people and their families deserve the full truth and not have Obama the Clown Prince of Fools try to blame guns and use this tragedy to further his agenda. As I mentioned somewhere up above, if Omar Mateen hadn’t had access to guns he would’ve used pressure-cooker bombs like they did in Boston, plus the fact that he was wearing a bomb vest. It’s the hate that is the real problem.

Obama the Clown Prince of Fools does this nation a great disservice every time he speaks on matters of real importance.

Like I said up above, look out for the eerie ghost of FDR channeling itself throughout the White House … Strange goings on over there, seances and everything (sarc)… Don’t put anything past this fraud.