Ireland to Joe Malarkey – ‘buzz off’

Go ahead, make my…

Ireland to Joe Malarkey – ‘buzz off’ … Remember back when, a few years ago, and OBO#44 with his demented sidekick were after the IRS to administer our health care? The old KGB would have died of envy to have had all of the citizens’ records and be able to decide who got what sort of care and who wouldn’t. Did anyone object to that? Did anyone ever consider the power over them that this set up would give their favorite government agency? Of course not.

Fast forward to today and BiteMe’s pursuit of his ten percent of evil will get him far more than he can ever imagine. Too bad he was “made in America”, but let’s not kid ourselves as to the levels of the treasonous abyss whereby the more malleable “made in China” was conceived and actually scuttled away to reappear as “made in America”!

Ireland to Joe Malarkey – ‘buzz off’…

Which has allowed thus far yet another step from the criminal rogue government propped up by the cellar dweller in enslaving US citizens to work for everyone except themselves and their children. Yours truly wonders whether enough people will ever wake up to the need to DO something before it is too late. The weakness of our civilization is that the people need to behave in a civil manner and are flummoxed when they try to deal with savages who have no use or respect for civilization.

Apparently too many are willing to support these monsters as long as their lies are remotely believable. As we’re witnessing still, demoMarxocrat voting gives those with less intelligence and understanding the ability to make policy and law for all – criminal or not. That was the purpose of having the actual governing done by representatives, the results of which have produced a current “one-party” demoMarxocrat government with a lame limping “Decepticon Uniparty”.

It certainly would appear that the entire movement has been co-opted by the Alinskyite demoMarxocrat left, and is now dedicated to the destruction of the USA. At least on the surface.

It was hope sprung eternal that those who were elected would be better able to understand the consequences of actions, laws and policies, yet We the (80 million+) People find ourselves somewhat subservient to powerful leftists indoctrinating the masses and manipulating them with the powerful propaganda methods developed by Communist countries. China in particular.  We’re being hijacked by agents of our enemies and their minions.

Yet there’s hope along the way.

Daniel Greenfield, FrontPageMag: ‘Ireland to Biden: We Don’t Want Your Malarkey’…

A dumb idea from an idiot meets its inevitable end.

Biden proposed a global minimum corporate tax to keep corporations from relocating to tax shelters like Ireland. But Ireland was somewhat confused as to why it would want to lose money by driving out the companies that are only there for the tax rates.

And told Biden where he could shove his malarkey.

Ireland has no plans to increase its corporate tax rate – one of the lowest in the developed world –  the country’s finance minister has told Sky News, which could scupper Joe Biden’s radical scheme for a global minimum rate.

Paschal Donohoe said that he had “significant reservations” over plans floated by the US president to encourage countries around the world to adopt minimum rates of corporate tax in order to prevent companies from shifting their profits and avoiding payments in future.

He predicted that Ireland will maintain its 12.5% corporate tax rate for many years to come.

Ireland has only had one Labour Finance Minister. And he avoided doing anything that would make corporations avoid Ireland.

Biden’s offer to Ireland to nuke its economy isn’t going anywhere.

Under President Trump, Noonan, Donohoe’s predecessor, agreed under pressure that American companies claiming to be Irish had to declare residency somewhere. The previous arrangement allowed US companies to credit their profits to Irish subsidiaries while claiming no actual residency. That’s as far as Ireland is likely to go. And Biden’s proposal is going to go nowhere.

Big Tech companies aren’t keeping billions in Ireland because they like the weather. [end]

Ireland to Joe Malarkey – ‘buzz off’…

Wherever a government of the free world interfaces with BiteMe and his useful idiots and pathetic flunkies, we simply need to offer them public insults, turn backs, refuse meetings, show up late, etc. The American public will see and hear that the world needs America’s leadership, courage, love of individual liberties, and strength. What it definitely doesn’t need is the corrupt clip-clop BiteMe and Kamala-laydown administration leading the world to perdition. Dialogue won’t be useful, since BiteMe and his handlers are impervious to reason.

Enter the fray the sovereign nation of Ireland, suggesting in a very adroit way that the free world can help the United States immensely by expressions of contempt for dementia-riddled BiteMe, his cohort laydown, and his mumble-dumble lack of governance. Way to go Joe, just keep on shufflin’… and don’t you come back no mo’, no mo’, no mo’, no mo, hit the road, Joe!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – STILL-President Donald John Trump doing his darnedest to keep America great – Ireland LOVES him – MAGA! KAG!