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Lydia from comments thread: Anyone who has watched recent trials of J-6ers and other conservatives knows that corrupt judges side with the prosecution and refuse to admit evidence that might exonerate the individual. One example is Jacob Chansley, where evidence was suppressed during trial that Capitol Police escorted him and opened doors for him. Thankfully, this obstruction of evidence was finally exposed nationally by Tucker Carlson with the recorded video evidence. Then the hammer came down and no other tapes were allowed to be shown.

If you believe the same suppression of evidence won’t happen in Georgia you’re dreaming. Just as the J6 “Selected” Committee selectively altered evidence and refused to allow opposition testimony, the Georgia trial will be handled the same way. Ballot evidence has already been destroyed, so there is only testimony to the contrary.

Fulton County is a Democrat stronghold, little different as a jury pool than DC where personal hatreds trump logic, and partisan judges are selected to deliver results. Good luck on that score. [end]

In defense of Donald John Trump

On the absolute “other hand“, let’s just cut to the chase. The Democrats, the Media, the activist segment of the Judiciary, and the administrative state (local, state, and federal) know Biden is an absolutely broken human. They recognize the majority of Americans – of every stripe – know it is a combination of senility, corruption, and stupidity. He cannot campaign, speak in public without embarrassing himself, his supporters, and the country. He may still be a racist and a pedophile.

But he can be effectively controlled and manipulated to continue to burn this country down in order for a more ‘equitable’ system to arise from the ashes based upon social justice paramount to individual justice. They know they must control the Executive Branch in order to use the military inside our borders. They have found they can lock up Congress to stop Republicans, while for the most part, controling the judiciary. In other words, they’re at war.

Cast your mind, however, to collectivists and those voter blocks who are partially or totally dependent upon redistribution of wealth and income (half the country in real terms) who must vote for the people behind Biden who will sustain the transfer and are willing to win by any means necessary, including by force.

The Left has no confidence they can field another placeholder that can beat Trump so their only alternative is to continue to rig elections, maintain a constant 24/7 media barrage nationwide, forum-shop for activist judges (local, state, and federal jurisdictions) and juries who will convict him no matter the lack of evidence and despite overturns on appeals for one reason. They hate our guts and We the (90 million+) People must be subjugated by any means necessary.

Just like the recent SCOTUS decisions – they immediately move to nullify those decisions they dislike on multiple levels they control, bringing them right now into Full Monty, focused on Trump because he poses the greatest threat to their control. If he falls, another will take his place and their focus will shift immediately to the new threat. In defense of Donald John Trump. THAT!

Richard Morse, American Thinker: ‘In Defense of Donald Trump’ …

Fulton County District Attorney, Fani Willis has some formidable hurdles to clear in her quest to convict Donald Trump for interfering in Georgia’s 2020 election. She plans to indict the former President in the Atlanta courthouse in August. Ms. Willis has put together a list of Georgia-state election crimes to charge him with. Among those, Ga. Code Ann. § 21-2-603 — “conspiracy to commit election fraud.” If all goes well, she will add racketeering to the list; based on something to do with Trump’s collusion with “fake electors.”

The first hurdle Willis must confront is of her own making. She will enter the courtroom with the assumption that President Trump’s claims that the 2020 election was “rigged” are false; and have proven to be “baseless.” She treats this assumption as if it were universally accepted fact: Trump is lying

Trump’s “big lie” is fundamental to her case. To support her premise, she may cite the dozens of judges who have tossed the Trump legal team’s lawsuits from their courts, seeing no evidence of fraud in the 2020 election. She is not so likely to draw the court’s attention to the fact that millions of Americans, who are not judges, have seen a plethora of evidence that amounts to nothing short of a calculated coup d’état, coordinated across several states. Such evidence ranges from expert analysis to published graphs showing impossible spikes in Biden votes in three battleground states: Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia. These fantastic vote spikes were logged in the wee hours of election night when, according to reports, no observers were present, as would be required by law. As J.R. Dunn has stated, “The prosecution is going to have a very hard time stating a case without allowing in evidence that they desperately don’t want anyone to hear.” [-]

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In defense of Donald John Trump … Republicon-demoMarxocrat cabal. The enemies at the gate…

DemoMarxocrats and their minions in the media often state that Trump has lost 60+ election cases. This is not true. Amazingly, none of those cases went to trial. I am not aware of what evidence, affidavits, subpoenas, depositions, or other testimony was considered by these various judges when they simply decided to not allow the case to go to trial. Standing? Who knows. I do believe, admittedly without any direct evidence, that these judges purposely prevented trials in all these election cases for that obvious reason, to prevent the evidence to be presented and heard in court. Judges, these days, live in fear. They only need to remember how the DOJ ignored the law when protesters were trying to intimidate two SCOTUS judges!

  • Not to mention the amount of corruption that allowed it to happen is widespread, even in the Republican party. The fact is that 2020 election fraud merits a RICO investigation since it clearly was a national conspiracy to defraud the American people. It would be absolutely lovely for one of these cases to see the light of day, with full discovery, all affidavits and testimony presented. Yep, bring it on. In defense of Donald John Trump. THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Richard Morse, American Thinker: In Defense of Donald Trump