Idiots top-down parsing an insanity

Go ahead, make my…

The Wacky Sacky (“Psaki”) talking head who lies a lot while promoting herself on her daily run-around to be a “person of interest and substance”, continually avers that Joe Shmoe is “working” on the border issue, and that he doesn’t have to travel there. While we “observing observers” might well agree with the latter, who needs a Camel Lala-like photo-op to determine whether or not Joe Shmoe is actually a severely demented village idiot. Just who believes that Joe is “working” on the issue, and even whether it would matter if he was or wasn’t, when We the (90 million+) People can plainly see very well with our own eyes that the spook is a fraud?

When Biden “works” on something there are two main typologies. There are the fantasy varietals, such as driving an eighteen wheeler or actually marching for Civil Rights; then there’s his part in colossal duck ups, like the crime bill that locked away nonviolent offenders, who after serving time often became head-over-heels violent; and lastly, the massive sellout of American workers which the establishment managed for their own (and the CCP’s) profit. Doesn’t get any worse than that!

Idiots top-down parsing an insanity. O’biden ‘crowds’ never show. Why?

There’s not a single inch of border wall, not one measure of immigrant deportation, not one speck of more visa overstayers being hunted due to “F Joe Biden” and his supposed governance. He’s nothing but an incompetent meathead, a flawed and easily corruptible and disposable mouthpiece from regressive elites. His days are numbered, and have been for most of his 54 years hiding in one Washington D.C. building or another. That having been addressed, he’s become nothing more nor less than the mere poisonous tip of the progressive spear. And believe it when I say that they’ve got a lot more where Joe came from.

As hashtag “vwjack” expressed it in one of the comment threads: “I’m not getting the vaccine, I’m not wearing a mask, I’m not calling a man a woman, I’m not gonna cower because I’m a White Male, I’m not gonna be beaten in the streets without a fight like those fools in Australia and I’ll praise Jesus at the top of my lungs all I want – I’m totally over this and I won’t comply…”

He could well have gone on and finished up with “and I won’t comply with idiots top-down parsing an insanity” !!!

Roger Kimball, American Greatness: ‘The Farce of American Despotism’ …

Reflecting on Joe Biden’s disastrous “town hall” with Anderson Cooper on Thursday, The Spectator’s Dominic Green asks a question that has to weigh heavily on the mind of every American adult: “Is it more worrisome that Joe Biden might not be in charge, or that he actually is in charge?” I have long argued that allowing Biden to appear in public is a form of elder abuse, and I have speculated that he really is not in control of his actions but is manipulated, puppet-like, by a shadowy cadre of unnamed string-pullers I have called “The Committee.”

I do not have any proof that such is the case. I infer the existence and machinations of The Committee from Biden’s ostentatious incompetence and apparent senility. Has any president in the history of the Republic overseen such a destructive litany of failures so early in his tenure? Observers around the world caught their breath in August as our botched exit from Afghanistan went from appalling to something much worse and more deadly. What will be its defining image? The desperate Afghans clinging to and then falling from the landing gear of a transport plane as it took off from the Kabul airport? Or will it be the images of the slaughter perpetrated by a suicide (that is, a homicide) bomber outside the airport, an incident that killed some 170 people include more than a dozen U.S. military personnel? [-]

[+] … General Mark “White Rage” Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, initially called the attack a “righteous strike,” but then walked that back to describe it as a “heart-wrenching” “horrible tragedy of war.” Meanwhile, Joe Biden himself called the evacuation from Afghanistan an “extraordinary success.”

I wonder what the hundreds of Americans stranded in Afghanistan think about that? The administration initially said that everyone who wanted to get out could get out, then it acknowledged that a handful of Americans were left behind, then “about a hundred.” That number has just been adjusted up to more than 400. [-]

[+] … Montesquieu put his finger on our situation when, in Considerations of the Causes of the Greatness of the Romans and Their Decline, he noted that “in a free state in which sovereignty has just been usurped, whatever can establish the unlimited authority of one man is called good order, and whatever can maintain the honest liberty of the subjects is called commotion, dissension, or bad government.” Montesquieu was talking about the moment when the Roman republic gave way to the autocracy of Augustus. Mutatis mutandis, what he says applies equally to our situation in which sovereignty has been usurped and concentrated in the hand of a tiny oligarchy that mouths clichés about “our democracy” the better to subvert it. [end]

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Idiots top-down parsing an insanity. Lying dog-faced pony soldier Chinese lapdog…

It isn’t that the herd animals are stupid. It’s that they behave as they have been trained so that the feed troughs will not run empty. Our “betters in the ruling class” consider we ordinary Americans ignorant, selfish, human-like animals to be herded, culled and fattened for the benefits that properly managed, they can provide to the ranchers. They believe that because their experience is congruent, their own supporting constituencies live as if it were so.

Joe Biden aka the demented village idiot, was no more elected president than I was and since his handlers are hell bent on making those who love this country and its history road kill in their race to dismantle the greatest civilization in history, the only alternative is mass disobedience – and fully armed if necessary. At the end of the day after all, the upside to being old and injured is that after a while you find that hill you’re willing to die on and if millions more don’t quickly find theirs, this country will be totally done-and-dusted; evil doesn’t stop until it’s defeated. Period. Over. Out.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald John Trump upholding the Constitutional Republic of the United States as much as he possibly can and preserve it for future generations. MAGA! – KAG!