I will always support Donald Trump

To all intense and purposes, It’s not Trump. It’s the swamp. This government, from the FBI to the Consumer Product Safety Commission has gone full blown banana republic. If they eliminate Trump, that won’t make me have faith in a government that has lied about everything and is in the process of destroying everything that ever made this country WORK, let alone made it great.

The swamp after all, is Marxist. The Soviet Union collapsed because Marxism doesn’t work. So they tell us they are going to do it differently. Well, I don’t think eliminating fossil fuels, gender reassignment, and legalizing shoplifting would have saved the Soviet Union.

We still have the plan for success. It’s called the Constitution and valid elections. Following the instructions is the only chance we have.

Whether you like him, love him or hate him or not, Donald John Trump is one of the bravest men of our times. Who else for instance, would or could persevere, knowing the vicious onslaught of lies the Left and some GOPer’s would continuously throw at America as promised by OBO#44 – him? He has been the only roadblock to a total transformation of America as promised by the aforementioned OBO. Despite all that, and now blanketed with bogus indictments, he is still fighting to preserve America, even at the possible loss of his own freedom.

To which we can can never thank him enough for that, what with his money and fame and great family he could walk away from politics completely and not even bat an eye.

As Lydia puts it on the comments thread: “This time, instead of loyal Pinkerton agents protecting the President, we will have a Secret Service that has run cover for the Biden crime family and an FBI that has destroyed and hidden evidence for a corrupt sitting president. Not to mention a Justice department trying to destroy Trump and his supporters”. THAT!

Robin M. Itzler, American Thinker: ‘Why I will always support Donald Trump’ …

How can educated men like former Vice President Mike Pence, former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, and former Texas Representative Will Hurd be so stupid? (I am leaving out former Attorney General Bill Barr since he’s busy looking at bridges.) They have spent much of their lives in Republican politics and yet have a minuscule understanding of the largest grassroots Republican movement in modern history that is embraced and endorsed by more than half of Republicans—primarily the “base.”

No Republican can win the nomination without the MAGA base. America First Patriots stand with Donald Trump just as we did in 2016 and 2020. These Republican elitists, along with Marxist Democrats, are suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome and accuse us of being in a cult of personality. What chutzpah! We are proudly in a Cult of Patriotism!

Never Trumpers say we shouldn’t litigate the last election. If a loved one had been murdered in 2020, would they stop trying to find the assailant just because a few years have passed? To many Patriots, America’s cherished election process was murdered in 2020 and the culprit has yet to be arrested and tried in court. [-]

[+] … The GOP should be very concerned because in some states (such as California) you cannot write in a candidate in the general election. In other states, write-in candidates are allowed only if the candidate has registered as such before the election. Stalwart Trump supporters writing “Donald Trump” could invalidate their entire ballot including all down ballot Republican races.

The RNC can keep holding debates, but along with millions of Patriot Americans, I want The Donald to win a third time for his second term. No matter how many people stand on the debate stage, Trump is our candidate.

From unveiling Uniparty deep state corruption to creating a robust economy; from Middle East peace through the Abraham Accords to America being respected throughout the world; from energy independence to having a secure border; and everything in between, Patriots like me know that The Donald can Make America Great Again … Again.

Mr. Trump, I’ll be the loudest person applauding when you speak at the California GOP convention on September 29! THAT!

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Closer from Lydia: “History tends to repeat itself, though not exactly in the same way. In 1861 the first Republican president was threatened by the Baltimore Plot plans for his assassination on the way to Washington DC. In the 1860 election, Lincoln received only 2% of Maryland’s vote, and a number of plots to kill him were uncovered before he reached DC. Nothing much has changed in that regard. We even have Tucker Carlson warning that nothing will be off the table to prevent Trump from reclaiming power.

The atmosphere is the same, but this time the power resides in the hands of people who have openly declared they will never allow Trump in the White House again. These are people who should be arrested for sedition. They constantly incite rebellion using radical groups like Antifa and BLM, and openly protect them from arrest and prosecution.

These times are as dangerous, if not more so, than 1860-61. This time the Marxist confederacy could destroy the entire country and Trump could very well be the last Republican president. Ask FJBiden if he will peacefully transfer power to President Trump if he wins election next year. HAH! I will always support Donald Trump.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


Robin M. Itzler, American Thinker: Why I will always support Donald Trump