Hubris a’plenty about set to explode

Go ahead, make my..

Fall into place any time at all at any display of the Leftist’s calling, and you’ll witness over and over again that they’re no more than children with their screeching and ranting about how bad people with differing opinions are. Like spoiled brats forever threatening to leave home, they simply can’t handle the truth. Leftists are like spoiled children, otherwise described as perpetual adolescents forever trying to define themselves.

The ONLY successful way to deal with spoiled children is to give them hard consequences for their outrageous behaviors. Same goes for the political Left.

Enter the fray “SamsaraGuru” from the comments thread, and everything just falls into place: “They have so much in common with Obama and why his hubris, made Biden his choice as VP.; what with Biden being the pandering, prevaricating, plagiarist-prone Joe he always was and ever will be till his dying day; faithfully true to his lack of discernible character forever making him so preeminently and prominently lacking in redemptive social skills; or for that matter political acumen qualities, that Obama knew he would never, ever steal any of the spotlight off him, morphing more into the “be all, end all” mothers milk that feeds Obama’s reckless world. That one!”

Hubris a’plenty about set to explode. OBO#44 withholding in plain sight … they can run alright but they can’t hide…

On a much broader scale, OBO#44 always thought (erroneously, obviously) that he was forever the smartest man in the room, and chose dementia-riven FJB because he knew he was as dumb as a doorpost and corrupt to his core. What he really was, is and always will be is a hate America Marxist while suffering from one of the worst cases of Narcissistic Personality Disorder anyone ever had in the history of the world. Bar NONE!

Check this out … Narcissistic Personality Disorder is characterized by the following traits:
1. Has excessive feelings of self-importance.
2. Reacts to criticism with rage.
3. Takes advantage of other people.
4. Disregards the feelings of others.
5. Preoccupied with fantasies of success power, beauty and intelligence

And from such people great harm exudes to everyone around them. They care not what happens to anyone else and the nation since they’re simply too stupid to know and even if they did know they don’t care because it’s always all about them. Malignant narcissism and widespread, in-depth ignorance, is a seriously bad combination.

Tim Young, American Greatness: ‘Twitter to Survive Longer than Washed-Up Celebrities who are Quitting It’ …

It’s difficult for many on the Left who have been sheltered in their own tiny worlds to realize that they’ve been led to believe lies.

I have never considered that my patronage of a business, or the lack thereof, would make or break the enterprise. So, I find it amusing that D-list celebrities believe their threats to leave Twitter could make any difference when it comes to the company’s bottom line.

This week, stars who haven’t been relevant in years, such as Toni Braxton and Sara Bareilles, announced that they would leave Twitter in the wake of its purchase by SpaceX founder Elon Musk. Braxton, who last had a Billboard 100 hit in the 1990s, said she was leaving because she saw “hate speech” on the platform since the acquisition late last week. Bareilles, who I think had a hit with “Love Song” in the early 2000s, claims the platform is “just not for me” anymore.

Apparently, free speech and open banter about political issues are difficult for denizens of the 99-cent bargain CD bin at Walmart to process—and they cannot help but virtue signal about it. Nevertheless, Braxton and Bareilles both still have open and active Twitter accounts.

Another celebrity who has problems with opposing viewpoints is Rob Reiner. The washed-up television star, best known as “Meathead” and who recently admitted to Bill Maher that he gets his news exclusively from leftist propaganda channels like CNN and MSNBC, screeched that he was leaving the platform, too. Yet he has tweeted about a dozen times since that announcement.

Fading leftist celebrities now face a conundrum for the ages when it comes to Twitter: Will they give up the little bit of relevance they continue to have by walking away from the social media platform as a matter of principle or will they find it impossible to quit the medium that still brings them the attention they crave? [-]

[+] … But it is difficult for many on the Left who have been sheltered in their own tiny worlds to realize that they’ve been led to believe lies. Rob Reiner straight-up admitted he doesn’t watch any news programming that challenges the conspiracy theories he holds so dear. I’d imagine other celebrities are no different. They live in sheltered information bubbles. Imagine being in their shoes, watching as America under Democratic Party control crumbles and careens into a potential nuclear war … For the rest of the adults in the world—the ones who don’t scream that everyone who differs with them is racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-vaxx, anti-science, transphobic, an election denier, a deplorable, “ultra MAGA,” a climate denier, a fascist, or literally Hitler—when faced with facts they don’t like, life goes on. Ultimately, a social media company changing ownership doesn’t make a real difference. But neither does hearing an opinion with which we disagree. Because we’re adults. [end]

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Hubris a’plenty about set to explode. Cellar dweller’s creed, seed of greed…

Well, there you have it folks – Who needs the perverts from Hollywood anyway? Twitter will be fine now that the anti-American tribe are gone. These are after all, the same brain dead celebrities who promised to leave the country when Donald John Trump was elected President. But wait, none of them ever left. Stupid will do as stupid does and narcissists will similarly do in kind what feeds their pathological need for narcissism. And such people do great harm to everyone around them.

They simply don’t care what happens to everyone else and the nation, since they’re too stupid to know and even if they did know they don’t care – remember – it’s always all about them. Malignant narcissism and widespread, in-depth ignorance, is a seriously bad combination. Hubris a’plenty about set to explode.

So many promised to leave the US under fearless President Trump – yet they’re still there. MAGA !

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump forever doing his darnedest to keep America great under the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America – One nation. Under GOD. Indivisible. With liberty and Justice for all – MAGA! KAG!