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Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

With all this kerfuffle going on within the environs of Garland, Texas, over the ISIL/ISIS/IS-supported Islamic Jihadist Muslim Terrorist attack on a group of peaceful-and free-speech-loving citizens of the Constitutional Republic of the United States, I thought it worthwhile to educate the current generation of Americans (those of which, at least, have a brain that functions, and can think) of just how these Islamic Jihadist Muslim Terrorists have gained the ground they have. Islamic Jihadist Muslim Terrorists (generally under the auspices of the Muslim Brotherhood) haven’t always had as much leeway/protection as they have in these days of the rogue fraud “president” with a hundred names and suspicious identities. Not too long ago (right after 9/11 in 2001, as a matter of fact) Islamic Jihadist Muslim Terrorists were hunted down, captured and/or killed, or incarcerated in a place called GITMO in Cuba (“CubEr” as the current rogue fraud “president” calls it).

Of course, all the off-the-wall looney-tune liberal-progressive-Alinskyite-DemoMarxist lamestream “talking heads” are all over Pamella Geller, Robert Spencer, Geert Wilders, David Horowitz etal, and standing up for goodness’ sake, for the murdering, pedophiliac, sex-slave trading, beheading warriors of Allah known as Islamic Jihadist Muslim Terrorists!

Let’s take a bit of “truth serum” shall we, and investigate just who the criminals are here…


In 2005, the FBI seized the Northern Virginia headquarters of the Holy Land Foundation, then the largest Islamic “charity” in the United States. In a trial in 2007 that led to the conviction of the Foundation’s leaders on charges of supporting a terrorist organization, the prosecution entered a seized and remarkable document entitled “An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America.”(18)  The group’s goal was the establishment of “an effective and stable Islamic Movement led by the Muslim Brotherhood, which adopts Muslim causes domestically and globally, and which works to expand the observant Muslim base, aims at directing and unifying Muslim’s efforts, presents Islam as a civilizational alternative, and supports the global Islam state wherever it is.” Muslims, it continued “must understand their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.” Horowitz and Spencer perform an important service in drawing attention to this document and to the political campaign that it has inspired.

Obama White House inmates...

Obama White House inmates…

The memo called for the creation of front organizations including the Muslim American Society, the Muslim Students Association, and the Islamic Society of North America, the Islamic Circle of North America, the Islamic Association for Palestine and the parent group of the Council on American-Islamic Relations or CAIR. Another front group identified in the Holy Land memo was the International Institute for Islamic Thought, said to have invented the term “Islamophobia.” Horowitz and Spencer’s discussion of CAIR’s “Islamophobia campaign” is particularly interesting. In the Holy Land case, the US Department of Justice named CAIR as an unindicted co-conspirator and produced evidence that it has received $500,000 dollars from the Holy Land Foundation to set itself up. CAIR was created in 1994 as a spinoff of a Hamas front group, the Islamic Association for Palestine, a group that the US government shut down in 2005 for funding terrorism. CAIR has defined Islamophobia as “closed minded prejudice against or hatred of Islam and Muslims” and has described anti-terror measures adopted by the US government as forms of “prejudice” and “hatred.” The authors argue that the use of such terms has been an effective instrument in blunting or stifling criticism of Islamism. Read more right here…



The Holy Land Foundation was the largest Islamic charity in the United States. Headquartered in Richardson, Texas,[1] it was originally known as Occupied Land Fund.[2] In December 2001, the U.S. government designated HLF a terrorist organization, seized its assets, and closed the organization. In 2004, a federal grand jury in Dallas, Texas charged HLF and five former officers and employees with providing material support to Hamas and related offenses. The prosecution’s theory was that HLF distributed charity through local zakat (charity) committees located in the West Bank; that Hamas controlled those zakat committees; and that by distributing charity through Hamas-controlled committees, HLF helped Hamas win the “hearts and minds” of the Palestinian people.

The first trial, in 2007, ended in the partial acquittal of one defendant and a hung jury on all other charges. At a retrial in 2008, the jury found all defendants guilty on all counts. The 2008 trial of the charity leaders was the “largest terrorism financing prosecution in American history.”[3] In 2009, the founders of the organization were given sentences of between 15 and 65 years in prison for “funneling $12 million to Hamas.”[4]

Shari'ah Law is counter-productive to The Constitution...

Shari’ah Law is counter-productive to The Constitution…

HLF, originally known as the Occupied Land Fund, was established in California in 1989 as a tax-exempt charity. In 1992, HLF relocated to Richardson, Texas. It had offices in California, New Jersey, and Illinois, and individual representatives scattered throughout the US, the West Bank, and Gaza. Among the founders of the Holy Land Foundation is Mousa Mohammed Abu Marzook, a political leader of Hamas, who provided substantial funds to the Holy Land Foundation in the early 1990s, before Hamas was designated a terrorist organization. HLF reported Marzook’s donations on its tax returns. Marzook was deported from the US to Jordan in 1997. He was indicted on August 20, 2004, by a US federal grand jury in Chicago, Illinois. He and two other individuals were charged with a 15-year conspiracy to raise funds for terrorist attacks against Israel. Neither HLF nor any HLF officer was charged in the Chicago indictment.

In the year 2000, HLF raised over $13 million. According to the United States Department of Treasury, HLF supported Hamas activities through direct fund transfers to its offices in the West Bank and Gaza that are affiliated with Hamas, and transfers of funds to Islamic charity committees (“zakat committees”) and other charitable organizations that are part of Hamas or controlled by Hamas members. The Department of Treasury also reported that HLF funds were used by Hamas to support schools that served Hamas’s ends by encouraging children to become suicide bombers and to recruit suicide bombers by offering support to their families.[5] Edward Abington, Jr., former U.S. consul general in Jerusalem, acted as a defence witness and testified that during his daily CIA briefings he had never been informed that Hamas controlled the Palestinian charity groups mentioned.

The Treasury Department designated HLF as a terrorist organization on December 4, 2001 under President Bush‘s Executive Order 13224 (Bush).[6] The United States Department of the Treasury‘s Office of Foreign Asset Control designated HLF as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist,[2] while the European Union froze its European Assets.[7]  Read more right here…



IMAGINE, if you will, millions of Jews and Christians slaughtering everyone who offends their religious sensitivities. In fact, there would be so many dead bodies that cemeteries, the size of football fields, would have to be built – world over – to house the corpses!

IT is precisely for this reason why two twin myths have to be shattered. Obliterated. Post haste. That is, if America (the west will not survive without America as a bulwark, similarly, sans Israel standing strong against Islamic jihad…twin pillars) is to survive the upcoming onslaught of perpetually aggrieved Muslims, westerners need to get with the program. Besides, when are they NOT “offended”?


Londonistan .. Islamic Jihadist Muslim Terrorist with blood on his hands - literally

Londonistan .. Islamic Jihadist Muslim Terrorist with blood on his hands – literally

SO, let’s cut to the heart of the matter and bust open the most DANGEROUS myth, “Islam is a religion of peace”. It is beyond mendacious. It is perhaps the biggest lie on the world stage, and that is saying something. Thus, repeat ad nausea:

The viewpoint of ISIS echos throughout the Islamic world. Mawlana Abul Ala Mawdudi, founder of Pakistan’s Islamic Fundamentalist Movement, which boasts hundreds of thousands of members, spoke openly and honestly about the religion of Islam.

Islam is a revolutionary faith that comes to destroy any government made by man. Islam doesn’t look for a nation to be in better condition than another nation. Islam doesn’t care about the land or who owns the land. The goal of Islam is to rule the entire world and submit all of mankind to the faith of Islam. Any nation or power in this world that tries to get in the way of that goal, Islam will fight and destroy.”

Read more right here…




Holy Land Foundation office in the Dallas, Texas suburb of Richardson in 2001.

Holy Land Foundation office in the Dallas, Texas suburb of Richardson in 2001.

The FBI’s fight against terrorism funding paid a big dividend yesterday when five former leaders of a U.S.-based Muslim charity were convicted of funneling more than $12 million to the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

Guilty verdicts on all 108 counts against the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development were announced in federal court in Dallas, Texas, representing the largest victory against terrorist financing in the U.S. since the 9/11 attacks.

“For many years, the Holy Land Foundation used the guise of charity to raise and funnel millions of dollars to the infrastructure of the Hamas terror organization,” said Patrick Rowan, Assistant Attorney General for National Security. “This prosecution demonstrates our resolve to ensure that humanitarian relief efforts are not used as a mechanism to disguise and enable support for terrorist groups.”

The FBI first got involved in the Holy Land case nearly 15 years ago. In 1994, we began looking into the organization’s financial ties to Hamas. During the investigation, our agents traveled the globe to conduct more than 100 interviews, to sort through hundreds of boxes of documents (including many Arabic documents), to view hundreds of video and audio tapes in Arabic, and to review thousands of pages of bank records.

Noting that the FBI’s top investigative priority is counterterrorism, Robert E. Casey, Special Agent in Charge of our Dallas office, applauded yesterday’s verdicts and put terrorists on notice: “The FBI will continue to keep the country safe by actively investigating all forms of terrorist threats, whether that threat manifests itself in the planning or execution of a violent terrorist act or other crimes that provide support to terrorist organizations.”

Read more right here…


In closing I give you a paragraph or two, from Chapter Seventeen of my book “America on the Cusp of God’s Grace”  published in 2010 and still available:

The reason that we had what we had in the old Yugoslavia and other places in Eastern Europe is because Islam succeeded in entering and completely taking over those countries at will. Wherever you have Islam you will have war. It grows out of the attitude of Islamic civilization. Why are the poor people in the Philippines being slaughtered? What’s happening between Pakistan and India? The European Continent? Britain? Indonesia? Canada? South America? China? America…

Furthermore, there is another fact that must be remembered. The Islamic world has not only the attitude of open warfare, but there’s also war by infiltration. One of the things which the west is not paying enough attention to is the tremendous growth of Islamic power in the western world. What happened here in America with the Twin Towers is not something that came at us from the outside. And if America doesn’t wake up, one day the nation will find itself in a chemical and possibly nuclear war waged entirely from within the United States. Rodney Stark in his brilliant “God’s Battalions” from 2009 mentions this: “For more than 600 years they have been attacking Christendom. Once upon a time, the whole of North Africa had been a flourishing Christian region; now only one bishopric remained, in Morocco. They had invaded Spain, Sicily, and Italy. Worst of all, they had taken and profaned the Holy Land … there were simply too many Muslims.”


That day has finally arrived in Britain, America, Canada, and elsewhere … “there are simply too many Muslims.” And it’s time to get serious about getting THEM before they get US.


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