Hillary Mueller CIA in Russia deal?

Go ahead, make my..

Go back a little ways in recent history and dwell on the possibilities for a while. Remember the Hillary Rob’em screel following Matt Lauer’s questioning in one of the debates – ‘if that f*****g bastard wins we all hang from nooses’? (link provided down below)

Looks like that very happenstance might just be creeping up on her.

What is being peeled back from the rather elongated Mueller probe into ‘nothingness’ is the plain fact of the truth! Let’s begin with the reality that under the OBO regime, our government was a criminal enterprise. Obama / Holder gift the cartels with guns and no one gets in trouble. Drug cartels run the southern border. Hillary and company steal billions from Haiti and no one gets in trouble. Mueller provides the Russians with yellow cake uranium samples, then he is promoted to find dirt on Trump, who turns out to be the only honest person in the D.C. Swampland.

Clinton as Secretary of State with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov .. TRUE ‘Russian collusion’

The entire time she was running the State Department like one of the five New York Mafia families, Hillary Rob’em never had an Inspector General; then it’s discovered – after she leaves – that $6 Billion (that’s $6 followed by 9 zeros) is missing; stolen, even. All while OBO the fool clown is babbling due to his cocaine stutter, and the taxpayers are paying Gyorgy Schwartz-Soros to run the government.

What a scam-artist conundrum, eh? This would include the failure to uncover things an American businessman named William Douglas Campbell uncovered. You don’t hear about him much do you? That’s because the things he discovered would prove an embarrassment to the entire intelligence community in general and former FBI Director Robert Mueller in particular.

See full report from John Solomon in The Hill down below…

But I digress in getting ahead of myself. Let’s cut to the chase and get to Clarice Feldman in American Thinker: ‘Things the Media ignored in the Mueller Report’…

Despite the oceans of pixels, buckets of ink, and hours of  TV and radio coverage respecting the Mueller report, there are two important things underplayed or ignored: the ubiquitous nature of Russian interference from 2014 on, which Obama ignored, and the real target of the witch hunt — General Michael Flynn (and why). To get there, let’s  first quickly review the pre- and post- report major media coverage.

The Ridiculous Press Propagation of the Hoax and Response to the Report

There are countless examples of the media beclowning itself when the left’s dream of a slam-dunk against the president failed. It was like the election night follies all over again.

To quote the satirical Babylon Bee: “CNN: ‘God Allowed the Mueller Report to Test Our Unshakable Faith in Collusion’”

Here are some examples.

CNN’s Jake Tapper indicated it was suspicious that Attorney General William Barr repeated several times that the report found no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. This after his network touted the notion of collusion hundreds of times over the past two years. As my friend Harry Lewis noted, this repetition   was “not only fair, but essential to driving home [the hostile media’s] malice, stupidity, and folly. Barr did that with great economy.”

At the Barr presser on the report, CBS’s Paula Reid suggested that the attorney general’s summary was too generous to the president. In particular, she questioned his characterization of the Mueller investigation as “unprecedented”. Barr who is clearly no lightweight, responded,

“Is there a precedent for it?”

“Well, no,” conceded Reid.

“Okay so unprecedented is an accurate description, isn’t it.”

”Yeah,” admitted Reid.

Read to compelling conclusion through link down below…

From the John Solomon article October 2018:
‘Campbell gathered extensive evidence for his FBI counterintelligence handlers by early 2010 that Rosatom’s main executive in the United States, Vadim Mikerin, orchestrated a racketeering plot involving kickbacks, bribes and extortion that corrupted the main uranium trucking company in the United States. That is a serious national security compromise by any measure.'[end]

The cover up by the FBI in the Uranium One case which was exposed as early as 2009 continues with an alleged investigation by a US attorney in Utah who has issued very few press releases. Compare that to the leaks from the Mueller investigation. And the cover up of the Uranium One CFIUS not only protects the shaky reputation of Robert Mueller, it protects the queen bee of illicit financial transactions, Hillary Rob’em and her husband, Bubba, the rapist of many, and a former President collecting a pension of $100,000 a year while he globe trots for cash.

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald J. Trump – MAGA!


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Clarice Feldman, American Thinker: Things ignored in Mueller Report

John Solomon, The Hill: FBIs Secret Pages Russia, Clintons, Uranium One

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