Hillary Guilty By Facts Association..

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Going beyond the smokescreen of the Turkish “coup”, the ongoing racial divide of America (despite the efforts of the Dallas Police Chief, the Governor of Louisiana and others to calm the troubled waters) and the abhorrent continuation of the Islamic Jihadist attacks on Western Civilization, who knew that “something wicked this way comes” was warning us about Hillary Clinton? It truly became a sad day for American justice when Bubba Clinton met with Lynch after waiting two hours for her arrival, while the Republicans in Congress went along with the “golf and kids” explanation. Seems like in this day and age there doesn’t appear to be any honest FBI/CIA agents, assuming all to be 100% sellouts and cowards. They and Comey deserve to have scorn and hate heaped on them for betraying the country to felons the likes of Obama, the Clintons, and all the shadowy Global Mafiosi surrounding them.

First up let’s take 5 minutes to see/hear what Bill Whittle has for us this time, with a little more commentary following after…

And that only took Bill Whittle 93 seconds to show Hillary Clinton guilty of violating three separate Federal Statutes, while the other three minutes explained why she and Obama simply DO NOT CARE, the assumption being that the Hildabeast (h/t Neal Boortz) will make it to the election. Granted she has the fix in, but she must actually run and win the general election. My guess is that she won the battle, but lost the war. Just the other day for example, Truth Dig was only one of many investigative news orgs that have some skin in the game on Hillary and the Clinton Foundation tentacles of corruption throughout the entire DC system. Taking her and the Foundation down would have had implications on the entire Establishment. This is not the Game of Thrones, after all.

On the other hand, the Clintons are not the unstoppable juggernauts of evil like the media continually portrays them. They are the flunkies of the crime families they work for. If they were so powerful, they would have beaten Obama in 2008 and ruled from then until now. Bubba is at death’s door with chemo brain, AIDS, heart issues, and all STDs known to man. Hillary was, is and has been, plagued with insanity, mood disorders, violence, and impulse control that would make Tony Soprano look reasonable. She has a lot of health issues herself, including using warfarin for blood thinning, thyroid issues, and chronic fatigue. All revealed through the constant hacking cough that seems to plague every speech she gives.

You can see them as bogeymen, if you want, but they both make mistakes, and have deadly enemies, of which Putin, the Russians,and the Chinese are the most visible. They serve the Chinese, but badly, and hacked off Putin with the Obama surround strategy, when Hill was in the State Department. It’s a sad day in Mudville when the people have to depend on the corruptocrats to eliminate each other. Those who may desire to “MAKE” the Clintons “go away” know two can play that game and we all know Slick Willie and the carpetbagger have experience in that field. No matter which scenario plays out, corruption will be the victor and, as we just saw in Turkey, the “people” will be none the wiser.

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