Hannity Dersh & diGenova part two

Go ahead, make my…

Alan Dershowitz and Joe diGenova appeared last night as a follow-up to last week’s gig on Sean Hannity in discussing the ramifications of the political FBI raid on Michael Cohen’s office and residence along with the ongoing Special Counsel Robert Mueller investigation. Additionally, they discussed fired FBI Director James Comey and current Asst. Attorney General Rod Rosenstein…

Conspiracy theory number one: What’s going on is an attempt by Mueller and the Deep State to beat the OIG report’s publication with anything they can find to trash Trump. They need to do that to overshadow the OIG’s identification of multiple crimes by the aforementioned Deep State.

Theory number two: ‘They’ don’t give a rat’s patootie about the OIG report. ‘They’ fear nothing. ‘They’ are focused on the prize and are gaining momentum to get Trump.

Best bet: ‘They’ will take what they can get. Be it conviction in court, impeachment, dirty him up so he doesn’t get reelected, or by just making it harder for him to do his job as president. ‘They’ are the problem.

First segment on Hannity. Fasten your seat-belts…

Watching diGenova and Dersh rant (rightfully so) to Hannity about how terrible the FBI raid was, the question becomes: “So why did they do it?” Mueller and his gang of thieves are not stupid, nor indifferent to how this all must look to we ‘deplorables’ (ie desperate times for desperate measures) but it does appear like they decided that what’s coming in the IG report, and subsequent follow up, is so bad that they need to throw a Hail Mary or two and hope they can somehow force a resolution that covers their butts and saves their scumbag asses. The dominoes are falling, that’s what the FBI raid signals…

The second Hannity segment…

Scathing comment from diGenova: “Robert Mueller I used to think, was a decent guy, and a guy who had a great career; he is destroying his reputation through the thuggish tactics which he has organized, and through the people that he has surrounded himself with”.

Or put another way in my own ‘English-speak’, the sewer in which Mueller has been fishing was beginning to run dry, so Rosenstein and other traitors simply opened up a brand new fishing hole for Mueller and the Munsters, and found them some buddies in the New York office to fish with. But just remember folks that the fish rots from the head down…

This whole charade has nothing to do with the IG report and everything to do with finding a way to destroy a duly-elected President of the United States. And don’t get me started on RINOs the likes of McCain, Graham, McConnell, Ryan, Cornyn (a so-called ‘Texas Republican’ for goodness’ sake!), and all the other snowflakes who are in the political arena for their own aggrandizement and not for the security of the Constitutional Republic of the United States.

Whatever happened to (ahem!) ‘Russia collusion??’ It couldn’t be clearer that Team Mueller is at the tip of the spear of the Deep State witch hunt. Now Russia has been completely forgotten and they’re going after Access Hollywood tapes and Stormy Daniels payments and who knows what else.

It is high time Rosenstein is nailed for his signature on the Carter Page FISA application and Mueller re-focused exclusively on Russia collusion until his investigation is shut down for lack of any evidence of collusion. This fishing expedition must stop. The stench is becoming unbearable.

Thank God for President Donald J. Trump and MAGA!


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3 thoughts on “Hannity Dersh & diGenova part two

  1. “It’s beneath contempt,” Scarborough fumed. “Sean Hannity is a desperate, desperate man, desperately defending a desperate, desperate president. Sean Hannity has a show that Shep Smith and the rest of the news people at Fox News consider to be a joke. They call it fake news, they call it entertainment and that’s fine if people want to be entertained that way at night.”

    “People watch the Kardashians, too. But when you have people at Fox News saying, ‘that’s not really news, that’s entertainment,’ it is,” Scarborough continued, before turning to Hannity’s attack on special counsel Robert Mueller. “It’s trash, though, the fact that he is entertained and the fact that other people are entertained, by trashing a hero in Vietnam, by trashing a man that guided America through 9/11, a man that’s dedicated his entire life to protecting Americans at home and abroad, is beneath contempt. and it shows how desperate they all are.”

    “I don’t know how stupid he thinks Americans are,” Scarborough stated. “But it’s very insulting to Fox viewers that Joe diGenova thinks viewers are such idiots that they think that James Comey helped Hillary Clinton. James Comey wrote the letter ten days before the election that elected Donald Trump.”

    • I see you’re still flirting around with fairytale flakes at the likes of MessNBC, Jim, when the entire focus of actually getting to the truth has radically shifted to real journalists who steadfastly go hunting for the truth, and don’t quit until they get it … It’s a damned shame that the American Left is stuck on stupid when it comes to attempting to protect their own malfeasance and criminal negligence in attempting to take down a duly-elected president of the United States… Nice try but no cigar. Trust all else is well with you and your family …


    • Deep State bureaucrats are so desperate! Their way of life, their careers are being threatened!

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