HalliObamaBurton Dem Hypocrite

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

According to the AP, reporting on the “secret” golf trip the rogue fraud “president” took at the end of March…

PALM CITY, Fla. (AP) — President Barack Obama is teeing off in Florida with a trio of oil and private equity moguls. The president is spending the weekend in Palm City in eastern Florida, at the private Floridian National Golf Club. Obama was joined for his round of golf Sunday by Jim Crane, who owns the Floridian. Crane is a major Democratic donor who also owns the Houston Astros and golfed with Obama and Tiger Woods in 2013. He’s also a major player in the Texas energy industry.

Also in Obama’s foursome is Milton Carroll. He’s on the board of directors of Halliburton, the oil company closely associated with former Republican Vice President Dick Cheney. Private equity investor Glenn Hutchins rounds out the president’s group. He’s a partial owner of the Boston Celtics.

AHEM!! folks … do you see anything wrong with this equation? How about “HalliObamaBurton Dem Hypocrite?”

Only one or two, or three scenarios can develop from this unlikely get-together, and the immediate feeling isn’t good .. Not for the United States, anyway.

During the Bush years, the mere mention of Halliburton would draw a rabid, foaming at the mouth response from liberals who blamed the oil services firm for dragging the U.S. in to the Iraq war at the behest of Vice President Dick Cheney, Halliburton’s former chairman. The Halliburton conspiracy theory was not just believed by impressionable MSNBC viewers, it was taken as gospel by well-educated professional adult liberals.

Fast forward a few years to the second term of President Barack Obama and the report of him golfing with a Halliburton director in Palm City, Florida on the second day of his weekend golf vacation draws silence from liberals. Can somebody yell “HalliObamaBurton Dem Hypocrite?”

Even with the Associated Press’ unusually forthright headline in its brief report on Obama’s Palm Sunday golf outing, Obama Golfs With Big Money, Oil Moguls in Florida, and the dropping of a helpful reminder about Halliburton’s ties to Cheney, there was not a peep of outrage from the perpetually outraged left.

Cameron Gray tweeted Milton Carroll’s bio from Halliburton’s Board of Directors page:

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Obama golf Palm City...

It always seemed that Halliburton was the lowest common denominator among the least reasonable critics of the last administration. For years I would flip on CSPAN and see Sen. Waxman or Sen. Leahy moan about how Halliburton was given preferential treatment by getting a $7 Billion “no-bid” contract. This was just not true, and they knew it. An indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity bid contract is not a no-bid contract. If a municipality contracts out for snow removal it does not wait for the snow to fall and than take bids based on the amount of snow – it would be spring by the time the contract is awarded. Rather, it would bid in advance with payment to be determined later based on how much snow needed to be removed.

The LOGCAP contract complained about that was awarded to Halliburton was no different. It was an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity bid contract with a cap of $7 Billion. And at least under the last administration Halliburton actually had the winning bid. In 1997 the Clinton administration rejected all bids after DynCorp had won and gave the LOGCAP contract to Halliburton anyway. So if anyone gave preferential treatment to Halliburton, it was Clinton. Here’s an archived cut and paste of the old article; the original was in the National Review but is no longer available. http://www.freerepublic.com/fo…

“O what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive…”

HalliObamaBurton Dem Hypocrite…