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Color me purple if you must, but if the government shut down for a week, I wonder just how much an average person would even notice? Like millions more out there, I personally hope it does shut down, so we can see just what an effect it has.

The main purpose of our federal government is to protect We the People against all enemies, foreign and domestic. That, plus infrastructure and other continental projects that doesn’t make any sense for any smaller government agency to engage in.

As I posted earlier in the week, it seems that all important aspects of the government will continue to be operative. So why care?

Fact of the matter is that we are fed so much rotten blather from career politicians, most of it meaningless, and smothered in political gravy. What is truth and what’s not, and how much truth is lost in being too much on one side of the political spectrum that ‘truth’ really loses its entire meaning.

So please, go ahead and shut down.

While I think of it, how about passing a budget sometime, something which is supposed to be done by the beginning of October every year?  No budget, we’re already shut down and didn’t even know it.

The more sobering thought is that we were shut down for all eight years of the Obo the Clown Prince of fools administration and still went trillions of dollars into debt. With nary a word from the deep state big fake news media cabal and government bureaucracies.

Think about THAT for a few minutes.

Robert Weissberg commented in today’s American Thinker, and ‘What Makes Trump Run’ …

We are now governed by likes of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, who have spent their entire lives on the government payroll with zero firsthand private sector experience.

Congress might pass detailed anti-discrimination laws, but how many legislators have personally tried to fire dishonest workers willing to file endless bogus claims of discrimination? Do they know what it’s like to complete all the mind-numbing paperwork necessary to get a small bank loan?

Trump knows all about this wealth-killing nitty-gritty and much more but, alas, he may well be the last business person ever to be elected to high office. Experience at making money in business has become far less important than skin color or sex.

During the 2016 campaign, I remember a man-in-the-street political cartoon in which he was being asked about Hillary Rob’em, and why he wasn’t voting for her. He answers, ‘She’s a thief, dishonest, etc.’

‘So you’re going to vote for Trump then?’ ‘Nah’, was the answer: ‘He says bad things.’

The American public writ large is as retarded as that man-in-the-street. They cannot separate Trump’s brashness from his unquestionable success in turning around the American economy, his actions to strengthen and secure our nation, reasserting American leadership internationally.

And all that he has accomplished has been done with one hand tied behind his back. Can you imagine the things that he would do if he had Congressional support, especially from within his own party.

Bottom line – if Trump does nothing else for the remainder of his terms (hopefully two) he has taken care of the Supreme Court.

For that one thing alone, we owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

Time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald J Trump – MAGA!


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