Good vs Evil pits Right against Left

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Eons and eons ago (seems like!) there was an old-timey radio show about good vs evil known as The Shadow, which opened up every episode with: ‘Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! ..The Shadow knows…’

Which coincidentally, fits right into the serious topic for today’s exposure of the DemoMarxists good vs evil intentions.

The Shadow in this case, showing up in the form of warrior-president Donald J Trump!

Hash-tag ‘adolphusw’ from one of the threads: ‘Don’t underestimate the ignorance and blindness of vast swaths of the American electorate. Remember that Obama was reelected and that was after most of the masks had been torn off. Socialized medicine, the sexual deviancy agenda and his other abject failures were known by 2012.’

‘The DemoMarxist cult against good vs evil is huge and it’s important to understand the cult and how it works. The media is the orchestra conductor, and in cooperation with the DemoMarxist command structure, it gives the cult the information that best suits DemoMarxist goals. They will never provide information that embarrasses Pelosi and Schumer and it will always engage in their 24/7 scorched earth policy regarding RINOs and Trump.’ [end]

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As a counter to that good vs evil doom and gloom, consider our situation today.

Victor Davis Hanson (link down at bottom) has a wonderful piece in RealClear Politics in which he ascribes Trump’s policies having benefited all Americans; that the nation is doing better than at any time since Reagan; and that Trump’s international initiatives have been stellar, emboldening and supporting allies and boxing in our enemies.

Yet the DemoMarxists, ever playing their part as our domestic enemies, won the house. Sure, there are other factors, such as our own good vs evil RINO infestation led by eunuchs the likes of Pauline Ryan and Molly McConnell largely responsible for losing the house; and don’t forget that we always have a DemoMarxist fraud-vote-factor, perhaps as high as ten percent to contend with, but we always have that.

But the clear and present danger this time around is the infiltration of the good vs evil ‘Shari’ah she’s’, which spells real trouble for the nation going forward.

Thomas Lifson and his opener in American Thinker: ‘Dems debut their clown show strategy for the 216th Congress…’

284px-American_Thinker_logoNow that voters have handed them control of the House of Representatives, Democrats are forced to reveal who they are to the national electorate, and it ain’t pretty. The party has more than its share of bizarre eccentrics, able to win a local election in a deep blue district, and they are feeling their oats. They thrive on media attention, which they get because they are colorful and young and say radical things that excite progressive journalists.

But money and power remain in the hands of the gerontocracy branch of the party, headed by Nancy Pelosi, the shrewd power player who learned her craft at the knee of the political boss of Baltimore, her father, Tommy D’Alesandro, who knew a few things about money, power, and deal-making.

Her first speech as speaker of the House this term feigned stately grace (calling the Capitol a “temple of democracy,” for instance) and bipartisanship fairly effectively, and she brought her grandkids to the podium at one point. However, her disturbing quirks as a public speaker were all too evident, even as she read her prepared speech.

Anger and downright hatred for the sitting president of the United States powers most of the 40 newly elected members of the House Democratic Caucus, along with many veterans, including “Mad Max” Maxine Waters, slated to become chair of the House Financial Services Committee and very publicly committed to impeachment.  Pelosi is shrewd enough to realize that impeachment without a smoking gun would be a disaster for Democrats, but that won’t stop the Trump-haters, who believe they have momentum and support of the party’s faithful.  Eleven-term veteran Congressman Brad Sherman, of Ventura County, California, has already introduced articles of impeachment, and that’s just the beginning of the ordeal Pelosi will have trying to rein her crazies.

Those crazies include another media darling, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, who chose Palestinian garb in which to take the oath of office, no doubt simultaneously pleasing the 19% of the American public that chooses to support the Palestinians over Israel, as well as the Republican Jewish Coalition.  (See what I mean about the clown show now?)

Read to completion through link down at bottom…

VP contemplative concentration on the grave topic at hand…

The opinion of yours truly hovers around the premise that president Trump is using this shutdown to illuminate his status as an outsider. A sitting President who (of all things) can’t get a trivial amount of money to fund a border wall. By sticking to his guns, the howling and wailing will start first from the DemoMarxists, then the Never-Trumpers (maybe in unison with the DMarxists), and finally with the RINO Establishment wringing their hands, forever pretending to carry some of his water.

The lack of virtue, ethics and mental balance among our ‘leaders’ in D.C. is stunning; and I’m not talking about the DemoMarxists only. Perhaps President Trump’s character is less than stellar as his critics claim; perhaps. In comparison to those critics however it is clear that at the very least President Trump is trying very hard to be a good and virtuous man and President. Compare him to the corrupt and hypocritical denizens of ‘Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac’ and I’ll take The Donald any day.

At what point does the rag-tag-band of renegades parading around as good vs evil politicians pick up their garbage and shuffle off home to leave We the People’s president to fulfill his promises made – and on time?

Time to take today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-president Donald J Trump in the trenches fighting to MAGA!


See also Victor Davis Hanson, RealClear Politics: Actually 2018 was a pretty Good Year

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H/T ‘sundance’ and Conservative Treehouse: Congresswoman Tlaib We’ll Impeach the Motherf***r

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