God, faith love of country all matter

En Garde in the bunker…

Without knowing, we followed President Donald John Trump into the darkness that was faith and we knew it was his calling. Together, we took on this evil with President Trump leading the charge and our Lord and Savior shielding, guiding and protecting us all! NOW we know, without a shadow of a doubt why we followed this man into the darkness – and why we would gladly do it again and again and again…

This is what faith, God, and Love of Country looks like, feels like, and IS about. This is what LIFE itself is about – and We the (90 million+) People get it, which is why they despise us so much. Without understanding the concept of “faith”, they only believe in false gods, with the consequence that they’ve nothing but hatred for this country, feathered only beyond their own callous nature towards those of us protected of God. The timing is from God!

This is the time we need to be praising God for sending his son Jesus. What better time to see how God will deliver his people from death? God wants us to praise him. Do you see his work? Would America be here if Clinton won in 2016?

Trump is strong and this all starts with turning to God. Praise him for bringing America to this point. Pray you accept his son’s death on the cross for the forgiveness of your sins. Tell him your fears, ask God to send his Holy Spirit to show you what you can do. Pray all this in the name of Jesus.

God, faith love of country all matter. A man for all seasons tackles the enemy in the course of … Freedom!!

If you want to turn a republic into a dictatorship despite an armed citizenry, create a two party system and control both parties. That way, the coup is invisible, there is always the illusion of a peaceful solution, and the true agenda (mass immigration, permanent war, destruction of the currency, more debt etc etc) can be ruthlessly pursued while the public is distracted with a freakshow.

An outstanding review of what the MAGA Patriots, led by our fearless President, are up against and why he is the only choice to defeat the evil that is trying to destroy our country and Western Civilization, the 2 “parties”, Marxist Dems and GOPe RINOs, are nothing more than 2 jointly supportive branches of the globalist Uniparty. It took most people until 2015, with Donald Trump coming down the escalator, and discovering the Conservative Treehouse, to come to this realization.

It is a mistake to believe that any of what is happening is because of “stupidity” or “incompetency”. Every single thing that is being done is happening with pure malicious and narcissistic intent. At this point it is hard to understand that there are still  some who cannot accept that Machiavellian narcissistic psychopathic evil is a reality. THAT!

We are fortunate to have President Donald John Trump fighting for all of us. Rest assured you fellow-Americans who may need assurances. Tens of millions of folks worldwide are with President Trump. Today the tide most definitely turned. When the likes of Mark Levin endorses President Trump (and he did) RINO body-armor begins to tighten.

For the LORD knoweth the way of the righteous: but the way of the ungodly shall perish. ~ Psalm 1: 6

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: “His Kind” is YOU!’…

Now it’s Glen Youngkin. Virginia Governor Youngkin said in a release on Tuesday that he will lead a Virginia delegation to Taipei City, Taiwan, Tokyo, and Seoul, South Korea, from April 24-29.

Nikki Haley, Ron DeSantis, John Bolton, Asa Hutchinson, Glen Youngkin…The Republican wing of the UniParty is throwing everything possible and pulling every level within their control, including last night’s outcome in Wisconsin, in order to retain the illusion of political parties as the source/solution within a nation collapsing.

None of what DC Democrats, Republicans, the RNC or DNC presents is true or real within the landscape of the conflict tearing our nation apart. This is where the battle between pretending and reality is taking shape. I am not sure how we get this message communicated when the communication networks are purchased as part of the fraud.

On the positive side, every day more people are becoming aware of their false assumptions. Every day the social compact between citizens and elected officials is being scrutinized. Every day more people are starting to realize everything they thought about the construct of government in the United States is something entirely different.

We send politicians to stop the madness of government, but nothing changes. Why? Washington DC is a Potemkin village.

We focus on the visible, but the constructs that impact us do not originate from the false facade. There’s something behind that facade, and what we see is…. entirely… a facade. That’s why sending the politicians doesn’t change the outcome. To get to the core of the issue, we must first stop looking at the Potemkin village, and instead look behind it.

Legislation, rules, regulations and laws are not written by congress. The paperwork comes from the assembly of legal and lobbyist foot soldiers on K-Street. That’s where the ink is put to the paper, and the legislative outcomes first originate. K-Street is where the corporations, multinationals and financial organizations control the process. [-]

[+] … In 2016 we disrupted the system. We threw an anvil into the woodchipper when we nominated then elected, Donald J. Trump.

His kind” is you! Trump didn’t come with the private club approvals. The private RNC corporation, meaning the people within it who control the operations of it, was not okay with the non-approved member getting the 2016 nomination. The multinationals and financial donor institutions who control the RNC corporation were furious. The DC corporations who are at the epicenter of the power structure in Washington DC, did not and do not approve. The woodchipper could not handle the anvil we threw in it.

Immediately, all of the mechanisms of the system, a system entirely designed to defend and protect itself, were laser focused on removing that anvil.

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God, faith love of country all matter. America & tyranny .. Trump on guard…

Everyone on network television is an actor. Controlled opposition. Yes, even Tucker. Didn’t he apply for job at the CIA and not get it? Maybe he did get the job, just without being on direct payroll.

True fact is the bankers control all wealth and all branches of government which means everything. We can no longer play their game. I don’t know what the best move is but moving to a red state and taking over seems like ONE of the best plays. Once power is consolidated that state could secede. Other like-minded states may follow. It is a shame that it has come to this, but like many more, one sees no other solutions aside from war, which this idea may bring anyway. There’ve been many people comparing the United States to the Wei-mar Republic and there are simply too many similarities.

“Nothing gets solved”- No in fact things get much worse. DeStumpysantis’ Administration pretends no one calls or writes them about anything, especially the “wheels coming off the bus” of the in-State Insurance Industry. They act like they fixed Florida and did such a bang up job that it is time to move on to much greener pastures. God, faith love of country all matter – THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!