Glenn Beck Vindication: Liberal Lunacy…

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

Like it or lump it, the world is changing right before our very eyes, and we need to come together and take care of our own. This is all foretold, and the time is NOW. Some amongst us refuse to believe our future is at stake, but it is. We are presently living in the last dispensation, our seventh millennial time, and all of this has been predicted for over six thousand years, yet very few are listening or even paying attention. God divided time into 7 divisions, 6 of which He used to create the universe; the 7th became His “Rest.” I will leave it there, other than pointing you towards Hebrews 4 and how important it is in shaping world history; the book of Revelation describes the details, and buried deep within them is a Glenn Beck vindication.

Three years ago, Glenn Beck was relentlessly mocked for saying that Islamists in the Middle East are trying to rebuild the caliphate — the government implemented after the death of the prophet Muhammad that derives its authority from and governs by, Shariah law, and that the impact of such a move would destabilize the Western world. In recent weeks, that prediction is closer than ever to coming true, as Iraq comes close to falling to ISIS, a militant group that puts an Islamist state at the forefront of their agenda. Glenn Beck vindication.

“No one is willing to take the people in the Middle East at their word, and I don’t know why,” Beck said at the time, warning that if people don’t see what else is coming over the horizon, they will miss more than just the caliphate.

“If, God forbid, Iraq is lost and Iran is brought into this and it is a caliphate, you’re gonna see a civil war in the Middle East, and that is going to be bloodshed like you can’t even imagine,” he said. “And we should be nowhere near it.”

Beck said Islamists and radicals have worked against Israel, capitalism, and done their best to overturn stability.

“Would you say the world is stable?” Beck asked. “How about our borders?”

The idea was called “looney tunes” by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews in 2011, while others in the media said Beck was having “delusional ravings.”

What did Beck say on Monday, now that the concept is being seriously discussed by CNN and a senior adviser to the Department of Homeland Security said the return of the caliphate is “inevitable”?

This is what we warned about, and we said that they would do,” Beck said. “The Islamists and the radicals — the socialists, the communists, the anti-west people — would work together, and it would destabilize the region. It would destabilize Europe. It would cascade, and it would sweep the Middle East and then the rest of the world.”

Beck said on television that he’s not bringing up the past to say “I told you so,” but because “the failures of the past — on my record and on everybody else’s record — need to be seen.” Glenn Beck vindication.

“I want to make sure that it is very clear which network you can trust going forward — which one is operating right now and which one is seeing over the horizon,” Beck said. “The closer you get to the singularity the faster things are going to be coming at you. And if you’re looking right to today and you’re not looking over the horizon at what’s rolling at you, you’re not going to be able to make it.”

He noted that the President needs to immediately push for energy independence, as a sustained conflict could result on skyrocketing gas and food prices. Needless to say, he was excoriated in the liberal alphabet soup media.

Somewhat surprisingly, Beck also supported the liberal view, declaring that they were right when they said the Iraq invasion wouldn’t result in spreading freedom and democracy, that he wasn’t willing to waste any more American lives or dollars on the conflict. He retains his position however, that America needs to stand by Israel and support their right to defend themselves.

“I’m not willing to spend any more treasure – we’ve spent $2 trillion, how many lives have been lost? You are never going to bring freedom there, you’re never going to do it. They have to want it themselves.” Glenn Beck vindication.

Lastly, one nagging thought that simply refuses to go away. The mysterious Michael Hastings’ car-bombing and his assassination – His piece on the real Bergdahl story was posted yesterday, but he was apparently working on an even bigger story when he was fire-bombed. Very strong rumors have John Brennan, Benghazi, arms-deal to ISIS, Obama, Clinton, and everybody else up to their eyeballs in cover-up. Do not ever think the current President does not know what he is doing – seemingly, he does. And it isn’t good.

Glenn Beck vindication. Liberal lunacy. PERIOD.