Gates of hell aka 5/11 migrant crush

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Well folks, seems like the crazy, looney, Marxist left has empowered the executive branch of the Constitutional Republic of the United States to establish an emperor, aka one FJBiden who, apparently isn’t president after all, being as he seems to be, more like Nero with the damned-stupid demoMarxocrats and RINOs empowering this moron way, way, beyond his capacity to remain sane. Which appropriately enough, isn’t the first time that a so-called “Emperor” was appointed with it never ending well at all. THAT!

It’s just as bad over in my native Britain where the current useless and so called “conservative government” long ago began aiding and abetting a migrant invasion by using the lifeboat/coast guard to act as a water-borne taxi service to ferry illegal migrants into the country as ”refugees”, then rewarding them by putting them up in hotels instead of detention centers for illegal entry. More THAT!

Which has become like it or not, a clear sign of the Globalist agenda working in plain sight with barely a peep from the news media or the political opposition, almost as if they’re all working together on a nefarious scheme, which in fact they more than likely are!

Gates of hell aka 5/11 migrant crush

Consider for instance, that this is exactly what the demoMarxocrats and the GOPe have been dreaming about and wanting for decades – ie “replacement population” based on the premise of enticing millions of new voters both left and right from where they can get cheap labor. Just what everyone wanted! Except of course, the average working and middle class, law-abiding American citizen.

Fact is however, the only crisis is the FJBiden administration NOT enforcing current law. Sure, congress has talked about revising immigration laws for years, and no solutions have been agreed upon. Until then, the president is required, under his oath of office, to enforce the laws. Period. Full Stop. End of debate. Your opinion, my opinion, matters not. Of course, all one has to do is look at demoMarxocrat-run cities to see their lack of integrity towards upholding the law. THAT!

Way, way back when, it used to be against the law to hire illegals, starting in (I believe) 1986, when all job applicants and employees had to complete an INS I-9 form which had to be kept in a separate book (with supporting documents), ready for possible inspection by an INS official (which never happened!). Some applicants had to be turned away as they didn’t meet necessary criteria. Every time someone got a new driver’s license, (etc.) one had to get a copy for the book. In a big office, it meant a lot of extra work, but – the law is still the law. Or is it?  It’s been fun. Goodbye U.S.A.?

Monica Showalter, American Thinker: ‘Less than a week before 5/11 migrant rush, everything is going swimmingly’ ….

Six days from now, Joe Biden will drop Title 42 pandemic restrictions on illegal border crossings, and migrants know it. They are massing in record numbers — as many as a million at last count — on Mexico’s northern border awaiting Biden’s May 11 starting gun into the states.

Administration officials say all’s well and they’re ready. The Biden administration itself announced a plan they’re sure will keep migrants from rushing the border at least yet allow them to be let into the states anyway.

But facts on the ground tells us they’re in for a surprise. Here are some news items, starting with this “dire warning” from Fox News:

Chicago reporter issued a stark warning on public safety after employees working at a luxury hotel housing migrants barred him from entering during a heated exchange caught on camera.

William Kelly spoke with workers at the Inn of Chicago, requesting additional information about the status of the hotel, but the employees quickly told him it was closed and he was not welcome because he wasn’t a “resident” at the hotel.

Kelly recounted the “hostile” exchange with the individuals on “Fox & Friends First” and his broader concerns surrounding how using the hotel as a migrant facility could impact the Windy City’s already-rampant crime.

“It is very disturbing,” Kelly told co-host Ashley Strohmier Friday. “This is right off of Michigan Avenue. We already have the retailers fleeing due to violent crime. Tourists obviously have flatlined in the city of Chicago. Hotels are struggling, and this luxury hotel is apparently being used to house migrants.

Things aren’t any better on the Mexican side. The Biden administration doesn’t have Mexico onboard to help cooperate with the surge as it has claimed. [-]

[+] … How’d they get in? Perhaps through the sewers, which earlier news stories reported migrants were utilizing to cross into the states from Mexico.

And after all the hoopla about Joe Biden offering new “legal” pathways to migration to prevent illegal border crossings, the migrants are still crossing illegally into the states as if nothing had ever changed, becaused it hasn’t. Catch and release is alive and well:

According to NewsNation:BROWNSVILLE, Texas (NewsNation) — With Title 42 set to expire next week, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol is already starting to release a majority of detainees at the border because they will no longer be able to immediately expel migrants after the pandemic-era policy ends.

Migrant encounter numbers are now hovering around the levels seen during the Del Rio migrant crisis in September of 2021, when 16,000 migrants mostly from Haiti camped out awaiting asylum beneath the international bridge, sources confirmed to NewsNation.

Currently, there are 19,066 migrants in U.S. Customs and Border Patrol custody and nearly 9,000 of those encounters were in one day. The normal number for holdings is around 10,000. CBP sources said they consider 15,000 busy and 22,000 is “unbelievable” — which is where numbers were yesterday.

Which sounds like a disaster all over, a pan-country disaster with massive international implications. Joe Biden did that and expects it all to go swimmingly. With stories like these happening all over the country and Title 42 not even dropped yet, don’t bet on it. [end]

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Gates of hell aka 5/11 migrant crush. Leftist mobocracy will destroy USA

The demoMarxocrat “reforms” consist of allowing illegal aliens to cross into the U.S., hiring border agents not to monitor and protect our borders but to help “process” the illegal aliens. Plus additional funding for what?!? How about to give the illegal aliens 1) free health care; 2) free housing; 3) transportation to wherever they want to live; 4) free entry into our public schools, for which we American citizens have to pay property taxes. Thank goodness the Republicans are voting no.

Where are these illegal aliens going to live? What jobs are they going to take? These people aren’t highly educated nor experienced and most can’t speak English. The jobs that employers are looking for are for experienced, English-speaking, educated people. And no matter how many times you babble that the borders are closed, our southern border is wide open. The demoMarxocrats deserve every single bashing they get. Gates of hell aka 5/11 migrant crush. THAT!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!