Fusion GPS with ties to Obama WH

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All leads in the Fusion GPS, FISA 702 Steele dossier, Clinton’s private email server and all the other assorted scandals which have been brewing for going on two years or more now, are beginning to link more directly to the Obama White House. Plus, the tentacles to outlying ‘insiders’ are becoming more acute as the indisputable fact unfolds that Obama was obviously the lynch pin in a massive plot to permanently cripple any Republican or DemoMarxist opposition for decades.

There are those who suspect this is merely one triggered by Obama and Clinton. That there were and still are entire scenarios, private companies, and government agencies in place to activate at least half a dozen plans or more against potential targets. Fake treason charges, taxes, sex, children, likely entire departments in the DOJ/FBI/CIA/EPA/IRS all having plans that were ready to be put into play at a moment’s notice.

The unlikely event of the Trump election victory, however, meant that they have instead spent the last year either burning those plans, burying them, or putting them under deep, deep cover.

‘Sundance’ from Saturday’s Conservative Treehouse and his opener to ‘Sketchy Business – Chairman Nunes Reveals Fusion GPS Connection to Obama White House’… (Full link down below)

Well this latest twist is sketchy as hell.  In December last year we learned about Nellie Ohr working for Fusion GPS and channeling Clinton/Steele ‘dossier’ information to her husband Bruce Ohr who worked in the DOJ National Security Division.

Today Fox News is revealing that Fusion-GPS #2 man-in-charge, Neil King Jr., was/is married to President Obama’s White House Policy Adviser, Shailagh Murray; who was also Joe Biden’s Deputy-Chief-of-Staff.

WASHINGTON – House Republicans are expanding their investigation of the Trump dossier, seeking answers from Obama administration officials including a former staffer for Vice President Joe Biden whose husband works for the firm behind the controversial document, Fox News has learned.

A source familiar with the matter confirmed to Fox News that Shailagh Murray, who was Biden’s former deputy chief of staff and communications director before serving as a senior adviser to President Obama, will be sent a questionnaire Friday.

The questionnaire, from Republican Chairman Devin Nunes of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, will ask when Murray became aware that the dossier – commissioned by opposition research firm Fusion GPS – was funded by the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign.(more)

It’s becoming more and more transparently obvious that Fusion-GPS was one of the contractors with access to the FBI and NSA database; and when Admiral Rogers shut down that access (April 18, 2016), Fusion-GPS needed a workaround to access the system through the Dept. of Justice National Security Division (DOJ-NSD), via Bruce Ohr.

Here’s the full three-part video series: Why – How – Who?

“WHY” – The first video highlights the historic backdrop of DOJ/FBI FISA court abuses:

“HOW” – The second video highlights the specific example of how the DOJ and FBI used false information to the FISA Court to secure a fraudulent ‘Title-1’ surveillance warrant:

“WHO” – The third video highlights who the primary players were within the scheme:

Comey called it salacious and unverified yet still signed off on the FISA warrants to the FISA court three times. Time to bring back hung, drawn, and quartering for these treasonous criminals. At some point the globalist, elite Washington insiders must be held to the same standards of laws that any other American is.

These jokers didn’t expect Trump to win, and were confident that their skulduggery would go undiscovered. Too bad for them President Trump is now draining the swamp in which they hid.


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H/T ‘sundance’ and Conservative Treehouse

** Update added ** 10:00 AM CSTClinton Charity Fraud biggest in US History – Kevin Shipp

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