Fusion-GPS had ties to Obama WH

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Whatever is going on with the unraveling of the Fusion-GPS Russian Dossier collaboration, this is now getting to the point of being very scary. From what has been revealed up to this point from the widely-distributed Politico Fusion-GPS report (which, by the way, hasn’t yet been covered by any of the Big Fake Alphabet so-called main stream ‘News Outlets’) the situation can’t be swept under the rug or repackaged into a tidy explanation. The hysteria from the left is getting truly out of control, almost as if they won’t listen to reason. If Obama is indeed messed up in this, it will be akin to crucifying their god.

The journalistic hound within Conservative Tree House carrying the handle ‘sundance’ is to be congratulated on this Fusion-GPS gem of investigative journalism. He called it months ago when he revealed that the surveillance and unmasking information was included in the Presidential Daily Briefing. At the time he said to be patient and wait for it all to finally come out. True to his word, it is now happening.

As he just mentioned a little while ago to a question on the comments thread: “Yup. Once the White House began getting reports on the “Trump Project”, the counterintelligence investigation that Comey states began in July 2016, that’s where the unmasking comes in:


“Hence, the need for so many unmasking requests associated with President Obama’s daily briefing. The “Trump Project” was the source material Susan Rice was unmasking and was shared..” [end]

From the Tablet article:

Last August, the White House began convening high-level meetings to discuss Russian interference in the 2016 elections. It began, according to a June 23, 2017, Washington Post article, when “an envelope with extraordinary handling restrictions arrived at the White House. Sent by courier from the CIA, it carried “eyes only” instructions that its contents be shown to just four people: President Barack Obama and three senior aides.”

1. Valerie Jarrett
2. Susan Rice
3. Ben Rhodes or Denis McDonough

That’s the investigative trail to follow to the top.

Vengeance has been an Obama trait. And with Hillary supposedly assured of victory the opportunity to inflict lasting damage on Trump, his family and his future via the Fusion-GPS dossier seemed like an easy, foolproof way of extracting that revenge. And to be the ‘insurance policy’ should the impossible happen.

Hopefully we are on the cusp of exposing the process and the players so decisively that the MSM will be unable to hide the facts or spin a fake narrative that fools very many. It may be a slow incremental undertaking, but as the noose tightens around the treasonous cabal the entertainment value will be worth the wait. Fusion-GPS dossier death by the equivalent of a thousand cuts.

The ripping to shreds of what is turning out to be the Obama Administration Collusion, is indeed, Trump Magic. No other man or woman on this planet, having been elected President, would have ever had the courage, fearlessness or devotion to country to go one on one, exterminating policies that infringe, impede and punish Americans.

One man was truly called, one man unselfishly answered. And now the Fusion-GPS dossier plot fully uncovered.



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