Fully half the nation gone missing…

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Commenter ‘Schmutzli‘ from the thread: “All that is necessary to accurately assess the true nature of the Republican Party establishment, their media mouthpieces (especially Hannity), and their “elect more Republicans” mantra is to revisit 2010 and 2016.

In 2010 Republicans took the House and gave us Cryin’ Johnny Boehner, he of the “We only control ½ of ⅓ of the government”. When Cryin’ Johnny went on to lobbying, in came the Wisconsin Weasel, Paul Ryan.

The Weasel stuck around long enough to keep control of the House until 2016 when, for the first time in a long time, electing more Republicans got the House, the Senate, and the Presidency. Except the President was Donald Trump, and neither the Weasel or the Turtle could stand him. So in 2018, Ryan handed the gavel to Nancy and the Turtle stayed in his shell.

Now we are being told a Red Wave is coming! The problem is the Turtle claims to be surfing the crest if we take back the Senate, and California Kevin claims to be there with him if we take back the House.

Until the Republicans get some Conservative leadership, preferably with spines, meet the new Republicans, same as the old Republicans.”


Fully half the nation gone missing

To which Hugh Everett responds articulately: Compare and contrast the Biden Years 2021-2022 with the Trump Years 2017-2018.

During the Biden Years, we’ve all been miserable. Democrats currently control the House, Senate, White House. They came very close to eliminating the filibuster and passing vote-by-mail laws that make it impossible for Republicans to ever win another election. They passed $6 trillion in federal spending that increases the national debt, while accomplishing nothing. As a result, we have runaway inflation that will lead to a deep recession, high unemployment, and a crashing stock market. We have a wide-open border that has allowed 5 million illegal aliens to walk into the country since Biden was inaugurated.

During the Trump Years, we were all very happy. Republicans controlled the House, Senate, White House. We created a 6-3 conservative Supreme Court than acts as a bulwark against liberal extremism. We enjoyed a roaring economy that was better than anything in recent history. We stood up against China and told them if they don’t start engaging in fair trade, they will pay very high tariffs. We closed the border and started deporting criminal aliens.

If it’s OK with Jack Kerwick, how’s about We the (90 million+) People vote Republican in November. Bigly?!

Jack Kerwick, American Greatness: ‘Conservative Voters, the GOP and the Conservative Media’ …

The plight of conservative voters is the same whether Republicans lose or win.

As the midterm elections approach, conservative media figures are laboring indefatigably to convince their constituents previous elections these same figures swore were the most important of their lifetime are as nothing compared to the most important election of their lifetime that will transpire in November, i.e. The Most Important of All of the Most Important Elections of Our Lifetime(s).

Or something like this.

In other words, unless and until their audience votes Republican, the country promises to spiral that much further into the abyss that, to judge from the words of the scribblers and talking heads, is already engulfing them.

That the Democrats, to say nothing of the overall Left, are guilty of visiting immeasurable suffering of all kinds among countless numbers of human beings both here and abroad is axiomatic to anyone who has but eyes to see. Yet this is hardly a recent turn of events. For several decades, tens of millions of Americans have been following the prescription—the categorical imperative—of conservative media personalities to always vote Republican.

Yet here we are.

Can anyone seriously doubt that the very disease to which the Right presents itself as an antidote, far from retreating, has actually metastasized? At the very least, this is the only conclusion we can draw from the incessant pearl-clutching of precisely those people who have been promising us for years that to save the country, we must vote Republican. To keep the sense of urgency always alive, conservative media personalities as well as GOP politicians constantly inundate their constituents with horror stories of outrages regarding those whom they’ve been telling us since forever we must defeat by . . . voting Republican.

The fear porn, though undoubtedly designed to usher in a red tsunami, would actually reveal the impotence of the Republican Party and the conservative movement if only their constituents would employ the same reasoning that they regularly use in sorting out the nit and grit of their daily lives, i.e. when they aren’t indulging the luxury of getting swept up in the sportive spirit of American politics. [-]

[+] … Second, conservative media stars will see their already massive fortunes soar as they exacerbate the very anxieties of their constituents that lead voters to turn to conservative media in the first place. With Democrats at the helm, business will never be better.

There is, however, a third certitude: Conservative voters will have invested their resources, their emotional and psychological energy worrying and arguing for their candidates, as well as their money in donating to them. But they will receive no return on their investment. Moreover, they can almost certainly rely upon at least some of these candidates, at some juncture in the future, allying with Democrats and spitting in the collective face of the very people with whom they once sought to curry favor.

Then again, the plight of conservative voters is the same whether Republicans lose or win.

This too they would realize if only they were as rational in political life as they are in other aspects of their lives. [end]

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Fully half the nation gone missing

As yours truly described in yesterday’s piece, the two McC’s, aka McConnell and McCarthy (throw Chuck Schumer into the mix) are taking Republican campaign money from Republican MAGA candidates. The current fiasco isn’t a primary. These GOP leaders are denying GOP candidates campaign money, paid out by Republican voters, to help win elections against evil demoMarxocrats. Every dime any of you who paid into the Winred PAC, while getting chewed out by Republicans lying to you about your money going out to MAGA candidates, is the exact opposite of what actually is being perpetrated!

These particular RINOS don’t like the very people they represent, because warrior-president Donald John Trump exposed the grift, from which these elected criminals are, and have been, getting rich stealing your tax money with insider trading, no-bid contracts with bribe money, etc., etc., etc. They’re personally responsible for stealing your vote and breaking laws that you, yours truly and others, would get serious jail time for. This isn’t our Constitutional Republic. These miscreants are thieves, who deservedly need to be put away for a long, long time. And NOW!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! – KAG!