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In case you missed it, the latest Intellectual Froglegs hit the stratosphere over the weekend, but before you get there a little insightful commentary on matters of freedom, which always seem to make an impact once every generation or so. History’s hardships and perils after all, are important to understand for the enlightenment and freedom of future generations. Sadly however, our educational system and the distractions of modern life keep people from learning such important perspectives.

It takes some kind of intestinal fortitude to post self-evident truths during a time where freedom and Truth itself is an outrage, despised by so many, and cherished by so few. Sometimes civilizations really do fall. Rome. Byzantium. Imperial China. The “sun never sets” on the British Empire. Is it too much of a drift to imagine that it is now the freedom of the Constitutional Republic of the United States to stand or fall? The pending fight to save our civilization is not so much for “the kids”, but more for “our kids.”

Robert Arvay and ‘In our darkest hour, we find our brightest hope’ from American Thinker…

There are times when I cannot read or listen to, the news. It’s too depressing. High government officials are defying the law. Judges are making absurd rulings. Major tech companies are becoming de facto governments of their own, violating the rights of citizens. In some respects, the nation seems like a madhouse. When will sanity be restored?

Whenever I begin to get overwhelmed by the seeming hopelessness of it all, I can always crack open a book that I came across some years ago in a used-book store. The author is Harold Rugg, the copyright is 1937.[1]  The opening and closing chapters concern current events of the era. The perspective is that of historians living then, who are engulfed in world events that will eventually lead to the Second World War—but for those living in the times, there is no end in sight. Mighty dictatorships are swarming the globe, not only Hitler, Hirohito and Mussolini, but also Stalin, Chiang-Kai Shek, and Franco. The questions loomed large:  is democracy doomed? Is the future dark?

While reading the book, you can imagine, with just a little effort, that you are there and then, caught up in the overwhelming crises of the day, with wave after wave of bad news coming at you. A devastating Great War (World War I) has recently ended. The memories of gas attacks are fresh. Widows, orphans, and veterans with ghastly wounds populate sidewalks and alleyways. The fear is that as nations enter into an arms race, another massive war might erupt. Movies of the time depict (and predict) that armadas of enemy bombers will crush major American cities.

We know now that a Second World War did erupt, although not exactly as feared. Two of the terrible dictators mentioned in the book (Stalin and Chiang) came in on our side, decisively, and yes, democracy was made safe for yet another generation. We know that now, but in the 1930s, the situation seemed desperate and chaotic.

Much the same can be said of today’s crises. How far will Putin go in his quest to reestablish Russia as a world power? Will Xi expand China’s aggressive posture? Will Kim Jong Un launch a Second Korean War? What about Iran’s nuclear ambitions? Can the US border with Mexico be controlled? How desperate are President Trump’s enemies, not only Democrats, but Republicans and deep state conspirators, to overthrow him?

Rugg writes, on page 678, “What will be the outcome? No one can guess how far Hitler and Mussolini will go . . . .”

History has always been fraught with seeming uncertainty, beginning in the Garden of Eden. It will always continue to be so until the day of final judgment. But we do know how it all resolves.  Psalm 23 tells us.  We can take comfort in that.

[1] Harold Rugg; Changing Governments and Changing Cultures—Democracy Versus Dictatorship: The World Struggle; Ginn and Company; The Athenaeum Press; Boston; Copyright 1937

I personally have always been of a mind that there is a constant beacon of hope to be found in the writings of the ancient prophets. We would all be in a much better state of mind, body, soul and spirit if we read, prayerfully pondered, and implemented these teachings into our lives on a daily basis. As many of you likely remember, one of my personal favorites rendered up to heaven daily is 2 Chronicles 7:14 and on to the end.

These are indeed very desperate times, where we need to be praying daily for the safety of our President, and this Nation. This IS a battle between good and evil. Right and wrong. God and Satan: ‘And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.’ ~ Joshua 24:15

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