Forever never-ending enemy within

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We have many serious issues confronting us today, and Republicans have been absent in action and substance on every single one of them. Out of all these issues, this is their hill to die on – a demoMarxocrat raid on we taxpayers which largely funds their priorities, not infrastructure. Yours truly surely isn’t the only one who can think of few things more infuriating to Republican voters. Yet, once again the Republican Senate Judas Caucus found a way to fall in lockstep with the enemy.

To say that Congress thinks the American people are an ATM is news from 15 years ago. They’ve been doing that since the 1930s, at least, and in reality, since the institution of the income tax. This is not funding pet projects. This is deliberate and overt destruction, grinding the middle class between the two millstones of inflation and taxation. This is ruination of the currency on purpose, bringing down the entire kit ‘n kaboogle.

Forever never-ending enemy within. Republicon-demoMarxocrat cabal. The enemies at the gate…

This, combined with the unrestricted importation of third world pathology, disease, primitivism, culture, and hostility, puts this administration not more than two steps away from open warfare on We the (80 million+) People aka the American public.

To cut to the chase, we have very serious existential issues confronting the nation, but this group is definitely NOT the one to resolve them. They are after all, obsequious cowards, wards of Washington DC and demoMarxocrat lap dogs. They don’t have the good sense or temerity to roll back any of the egregious, unconstitutional and destructive excesses of the Socialist demoMarxocrats and thereby assuring that we will never restore or save our nation with them in charge.

Every single last one of them needs a concerted effort to be replaced, and there is a nexus of common sense, sagacious policy and righteous anger ready to do it. Yours truly for one, hasn’t seen this kind of groundswell in years, and it will be rightly directed not just at demoMarxocrats, but at a Vichy GOP who has lost touch with everything that is right and just.

Forever never-ending enemy within…

Ned Ryun, American Greatness: ‘Republican Betrayal on Fake Infrastructure Bill’…

Establishment Democrats and Republicans and their corporate media mouthpieces view the American taxpayer as an ATM to fund their priorities.

The so-called infrastructure bill that 19 miserable, loathsome Republican senators just helped to pass shows the utter worthlessness of a corporatist Republican Party out of touch with its constituents. Most of these senators are from red states, and many of them are people Trump bailed out in 2016 and 2020 (including McTurtle) and helped to get reelected. They just gave their voters, and the American people, the middle finger. One can’t help but think they’re either incredibly stupid or incredibly corrupt; probably both if we’re being honest.

Not only does this bill add anywhere from $256 to $400 billion to our roughly $30 trillion national debt, it has very little to do with anything accurately labeled “infrastructure.” Only $110 billion of the $1.2 trillion is for highways, roads, bridges and major projects. If you throw in the monies for airports, ports, and assorted other items, you might get to 23 percent of this monstrosity designated for actual infrastructure.

The other 77 percent of the bill’s funding reads like a far left wish list that paves the way for the Green New Deal. That’s why this bill should be dubbed the Gateway to the Green New Deal Bill and not infrastructure. Take for example that nearly 20 percent of the entire bill, $213 billion, is allocated for retrofitting two million homes and buildings to make them more sustainable, whatever that means. Or the $20 billion for racial equity and environmental justice. Or the mileage tax, as in yes, they want to explore taxing you for every mile you drive in your car. [-]

[+] … So not only have these Republicans shown complete and utter contempt for their constituents and all American taxpayers, should this bill become law, they will have helped pave the way for the Green New Deal.

It can’t be overstated: the Green New Deal is an utter and wholesale restructuring of the American economy based on the hoax of so-called man-made global warming. The far-left, socialist wing of the Democratic Party knows the only way the Green New Deal could be implemented, and our free market, capitalist economy destroyed, is through coercion. These 19 Republicans will be among those to thank if this becomes our reality. Every single one of them should be ostracized from polite company in their home states, even though you know they’ll be embraced by the D.C. establishment and the RNC. Above all, however, they must be primaried the next time their names are on the ballot. [end]

Full link below…

Forever never-ending enemy within. Alphabets all over Jan 6 insurgents…

The 19 craven idiots are responsible for the open borders that are saturating working class communities with Covid19-infected immigrants. They’re also responsible for the indoctrination of innocent American schoolchildren with the woke ideologies of sexual and racial hatred. Let the sissies preen on MSNBCNN all they like for that will be their only reward. They’re despised by the American people now and for all time like few others have ever been.

I hate to almost express this, but here goes … We could learn a lesson from the demoMarxocrats – they don’t win every battle but they generally do tend to win the war. Why? Because they commit to the long term battle. We are 15 months away from a mid term election that could provide the GOP a majority in both houses of Congress. Let’s not screw that up. Fight the big battles and don’t support primary challengers who simply won’t win. Let’s let the demoMarxocrats choose their own circular firing squad. They’re already started, so hop to it.

Forever never-ending enemy within…

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!


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