Flynn target of Mueller Trump hate

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Flynn target of Mueller Trump hate. I cannot express my own thoughts on the topic coming up any better than from one of the best commenters on any of the comments threads doing the rounds on any given website, on any given day. This gem from the handle ‘truebearing’ in response to yet another brilliant piece from Daniel Greenfield in FrontPageMagazine on the profligacy of these fake “investigations” from Mueller and his Deep State cohorts on all things aimed at simply bringing down the Trump administration…

Absolutely brilliant analysis. This distills the intentionally complicated persecution of a non-leftist president down to the simple truth. This is a masterpiece of clarity. Add this piece to the long list of Greenfield’s Best.

General Flynn is cracking under the pressure of seeing his son persecuted or losing his home due to huge legal bills. He has to fight with limited resources. Mueller can spend our tax dollars endlessly until the attrition takes its toll on anyone he decides to publicly humiliate or terrorize. Mueller’s power is unlimited. In fact, he shouldn’t be demeaned with such a lowly title as “Special Counsel” or “Special Prosecutor”. He should have a fitting title, like The Grand Inquisitor.

Mueller is a thug. He is a bully. Notorious for ruthlessness, he was chosen for this job before Trump was done celebrating his victory and the survival of the Republic.

Turns out to be dossier-related scandal all along, just as President Trump asserted…

Any prosecutor is required to uphold the law, therefore the Constitution, but special prosecutors aren’t even mentioned in the constitution. And the regulations concerning special prosecutors have changed over the years to now, where there aren’t any clear rules. It isn’t even clear whether the AG or president can fire these people. And what about the jurisdiction of Mueller? Was his mandate to catch someone “lying” about things that have nothing to do with imaginary crimes committed in collusion with Russians? And why would the Russians want Hillary to lose? She already sold them 20% of our uranium, so they knew she could be easily bribed. Motive is usually important for prosecutors, but not this one.

Mueller and Comey have played this game for the left their entire careers. They are both dirty and they both have a personal interest is seeing Trump go down and if necessary they’ll use General Flynn to do it. Neither of them would survive an investigation of their own crimes. Mueller knows he can’t prove criminality, since the crime never happened, but he doesn’t have to. He only needs to frame Flynn as part of the appearance of a crime.

Trump needs to bring down the drawbridge. He can’t put up with incompetence and he can’t allow an insurrection by puppets.[end]

Then there’s this equally brilliant analysis from Alan Dershowitz, who is hardly a paragon of Republican virtue, being as far left as he is. But give him his due as an astute student and legal scholar of the Constitution, in this concise and much-to-the-point response to Brian Kilmeade this morning on Fox & Friends, talking of what is going on with respect to the greatest Witch Hunt in U.S. political history. Of which, of course, Mueller has targeted General Flynn as agitator.

How about appointing a Special Counsel to investigate one, or more, or all of the following?

  • those involved in the Seth Rich murder;
  • Fast and Furious;
  • those involved in Benghazi;
  • the IRS Targeting Scandal;
  • the Clinton E-Mails Scandal;
  • the Clinton Pay for Play Foundation;
  • Hillary Campaign’s Collusion with Ukrainian Officials;
  • the Obama Surveillance of the Trump Campaign;
  • the Obama-Inspired Leaks, and the Unmasking of Trump Officials;
  • Comey for his intentionally leaking memos to the press to prompt a special counsel:
  • Loretta Lynch who prevented Comey from launching a full blown investigation into the Clinton E -Mails.
  • Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the Awan clan actions during the last campaign and primary season:
  • AND THE BIGGIES – those involved in the Clinton-RUSSIAN Uranium Deal AND those involved in the entire GPS Fusion matter.

Those needing to be investigated are mainly DemoMarxists, and these are actual crimes committed, not supposition, nor hearsay, nor consistently pushed along by the Big Fake News media-meisters against everything to do with the success of President Trump. Lindsey Graham has now shown how ugly and decrepit the Swamp is. He thought it was a really good idea to say that Donald Trump could be wading into “peril” by commenting on the probe.

Robert Mueller’s investigation is the biggest freaking fishing expedition that America has ever seen and Mr. Graham is advising Donald Trump on what to say and what not to say? Really?

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