FJBid’n time before deepstate drop

Go ahead, make my..

Seems to yours truly that the demoMarxocrat machine wants their FJBiden problem out of the way before 2024. When the NYT acknowledged the Hunter Biden laptop and its contents while reporting on a related investigation in March of 2022, it was a sign that the wind had begun to shift. One suspects they hope Ol’Joe – nothing but a useful idiot just about used up – will go voluntarily and quietly. Obviously, the Machine has a near inexhaustible store of munitions if FJBiden insists on running in 2024, and they’ll leak and drop what they have to until he has to drop out of the race. It’ll definitely be an education to watch how they get rid of him.

As demented a liar as he is however, chances are that his plan is to have a Valentine’s Day theme and talk about when he and his brother Jim Bob, the Attorney General were dating Marilyn Monroe but she was killed by a drunk MAGA supporter when she and Old Joe were driving to Selma to join Dr. King in the protest against apartheid. How’s that for a good rattling lie forya?!

FJBid’n time before deepstate drop – stare vacantly while picking your teeth…

But wait – Why would the Machine need to use their inexhaustible supply of munitions against FJBiden leading up to 2024? He’s a frail old man with publicly displayed health issues. If the CIA was involved with Kennedy, a healthy vibrant man, would it be difficult for the deep state to end FJBiden? Nobody would even be surprised.

Then again, surveying the comments-thread, pretty much everybody agrees this would be a hatchet job to make sure FJBiden doesn’t run in 2024. And, we mostly agree that it’s probably the Deep State / Intelligence Community that’s behind this putsch. However, the question everybody is guessing at is, cui bono? Although OBO#44 originally supported “Kama Sutra“, her clearly-incompetent performance as VP makes her promotion to the Oval Office questionable. Sure, she’d be as much an empty suit as FJBiden and easily managed by those behind the scene, but her rank stupidity would equal FJBiden’s “non compos mentis“.

So the obvious question is, if she isn’t the preferred successor to the installed occupant of the White House, who is? People suggest “Big Mike” is the heir apparent, but she / he / xe appears to be too lazy for the job. Besides, Moochelle hated the White House, so money switches to Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, Governor Hairspray (aka Gavin Newsom). The Deep State is terrified of Ron DeSantis, so much so they will take down Senility-Joe in order to jump start Governor Hairspray’s run for the White House. That should do it!

Christopher Roach, American Greatness: ‘Did The Deep State Turn on Biden?’ …

If the exposure of Biden’s apparent mishandling of classified documents arose from an intelligence community operation, it shows that the un-elected deep state is beholden to neither party.

Lately political analysis in the United States seems closer to Cold War-era Kremlinology. Small hints of what is really happening must be divined from the unintentional slips and innocuous gestures of officials. The reality of governance is concealed by a cloak of normality, procedural regularity, and legality.

This is to be expected within party politics, where things are resolved with deals among party insiders, i.e., the proverbial “smoke filled rooms.” This is why Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, and Amy Klobuchar rather suddenly dropped out to make way for Joe Biden in 2020, after it appeared the divided field could end up with Bernie Sanders as the nominee.

But this approach—secret groups secretly deciding how to control events—is not supposed to dominate ordinary governance.

Donald Trump faced harassment from the Intelligence Community and other unelected parts of government throughout his term as president. Delaying the provision of funds Congress appropriated for Ukraine—something well within his authority as president—formed the basis of the first impeachment. A crew of insiders and bureaucrats waxed eloquent about their sacred “interagency consensus,” but the Congress and the American people were not buying it. Americans still think elections are supposed to matter. [-]

[+] … Lately, it seems there’s a disturbance in force. Biden and his allies have continued their vendetta against Trump, exposing his tax returns and raiding his home for possessing documents he supposedly owed the National Archives. This did not go over as well as Attorney General (and all-around hack) Merrick Garland anticipated, and it seems Garland and the January 6 Committee have each decided to scale back their demands.

This is why the recent exposure of top secret documents in Biden’s old office, his garage, and a mysterious third location suggests something is afoot. We went from a Monday disclosure to a special counsel being appointed on Thursday. Nothing like this happens this quickly unless it is by design. [-]

[+] … If the exposure of Biden’s apparent mishandling of classified documents arose from an intelligence community operation, it shows that the unelected deep state is beholden to neither Democrats nor Republicans. In other words, it will have revealed itself as a completely unaccountable branch of government, subject neither to Congress, the president, the judiciary, or any ideological faction.

This would be a profoundly un-American development, but it would not be a huge surprise. Instead of accepting the small fry of defeating an already unpopular, not-quite-elected president, Republicans should instead join forces with everyone of good will and focus on exposing and defanging the unelected portions of government, which mean to place themselves above every branch of government, as well as the American people themselves. [end]

FJBid’n time before deepstate drop … Rachel Maddow Consequences have consequences…

Schumer’s long-ago and far-away boast to Rachel Maddow regarding President Donald John Trump that he should not cross the mighty organs of U.S. State Security lest “they hit him with one of their Six Ways from Sunday” tricks…well that boast is now boomeranging back on the demoMarxocrats and rightly-so. It’s going to dawn on more and more people in the months and years ahead that the Administrative State, including their State Security arm, answers to no party and will have to be brought to heel. Containing the growth of the swamp is becoming a bi-partisan matter. Period!

It does appear that there’s been a disturbance in the Force – er, um, in the Uni-party. It looks like the skids are being greased for the early departure of the Conqueror of Corn Pop. Most of us will be more than happy to see FJBiden forced-out in disgrace. Yours truly would’ve preferred he be tried for treason, being after all, that it should be against the rules to sell your country out to its main rival, the communist Chinese, but – they did get Capone on “tax evasion,” so why not FJBiden for feloniously-dumping classified documents in places they could easily be copied by his Chinese patrons?

All of them have nothing but a string of failures in their pasts and at some point, one has to believe that even demoMarxocrat voters get tired of failure – No holds barred!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!