FBI’s million-dollar men up close

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Some of us have thought often – at least since the “reporting” began on the seemingly-forever Clinton smear campaign – just how lucky we’ve been that the Steele-Dossier fable was botched so badly, the entire tale so unbelievable, that only people operating in a “dream team” like those assembled by Robert Mueller and readers of the New York Times could actually believe it. You may recall for instance, Mueller perjured himself and claimed to be unaware of the Steele “dossier” when he testified to Congress!

The irony of the whole miserable affair began when it all got started because a DNC insider leaked E-mails proving the Clintons rigged the 2016 primaries against Bernie Sanders, and the best that Team Clinton could come up with was the go-to default excuse – “the Russians hacked our server” – dodge, which in retrospect is about as credible as a child claiming his dog ate his homework!

The lingering surprise is that Steele didn’t produce at least something, anything, to try and “earn” that million-dollar bribe offered by the FBI to help keep the whole scam afloat. The possibility of course is that Steele was worried he may ultimately be prosecuted for his efforts by the “Trump Justice Department” and thereby began to act accordingly.

FBI’s million-dollar men up close. Secrets of tyranny & getting busted … Brennan, Clapper and Mueller swamp dwellers…

Talking about which, his past profession was all that was needed. A retired ex MI-6 agent lending credence to the story. Most people think all British MI-6 agents are like Bond – “James Bond” – everything for God, Queen and Country (“King” now!) and an agent principled to the core. That was his calling card, exactly what Hillary-Rob’em and the FBI needed, a person who was deemed above reproach by many people. Sort of like how we used to think of our FBI and CIA agents, whom these days we’ve come to know better.

Steele put the “foreign services” gloss on the con, with Danchenko adding the Russian dressing. The FBI and CIA were already in on the gag, thus now we await the “reportage” of whoever the modern-day Woodward & Bernstein are, albeit perhaps that Woodward if pressured, could write another book, explaining to us if the members of the “mainstream media” who peddled the entire fable, were also in on the gag from the get-go, a re-assumption if anything that they became simply willing dupes.

As it has turned out, Steele was the last person MI-6 needed to make them all look bad, although riddle-the-timbers that MI-6 was in on the Coup attempt anyway, as were Australian and Italian spook agencies, with the Coup Attempt having gone totally International. OUCH!

Julie Kelly, American Greatness: ‘The FBI’s Million-Dollar Men’ …

Three high-profile trials are shining much-needed light on how the bureau uses highly paid informants as political hit men.

Proceedings underway in three U.S. courtrooms are providing a coordinated view into the abuse of the FBI’s confidential human source (CHS) program, a cash-flush operation now primarily used to bolster Democratic Party narratives instead of detecting and preventing crime.

As I’ve reported, the FBI spends an average of $42 million per year to pay informants and does so with absolutely no financial or legal accountability. Confidential human sources are paid in cash; they can offer their services for a variety of reasons including financial need or to obtain a change in immigration status. FBI agents are required to keep at least one informant on the books, an FBI whistleblower told me; successfully using a CHS to bust up a crime is one way to get promoted.

But ongoing trials related to the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, January 6, and the Whitmer fednapping case are once again shining a light on the way the bureau hires snitches to advance political goals.[-]

[+} … Seditious Conspiracy—Or Entrapment?

The bureau’s crusade against Trump continued, climaxing with the events of January 6, 2021. Down the interstate from Dancheko’s trial in Virginia is the seditious conspiracy trial of five members of the Oath Keepers. Prosecutors working under U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Matthew Graves, a Biden campaign advisor, are trying to convince a D.C. jury that the Oath Keepers tried to overthrow the government that day.

The case rests largely on inflammatory posts in group chats and social media; none is accused of committing violence that day, in fact, those who legally brought firearms from various states kept their weapons behind in a Virginia hotel on January 6. Evidence suggests they tried to help police calm the crowd inside—two never even entered the building. [-]

[+] … A History of Entrapment

About 800 miles away, three Michigan men are on trial for a very similar conspiracy case. In 2020, state prosecutors charged Joe Morrison, Pete Musico, and Paul Bellar for “providing material support for a terrorist act” related to the plot to kidnap and kill Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. But two separate federal trials exposed how the scheme was engineered by multiple FBI agents and informants. (Two men were acquitted by a federal jury in April amid an FBI entrapment defense. That jury hung on two other defendants but they were convicted at a second trial in August.)

At least a dozen informants worked the fednapping hoax; the total cost to taxpayers has not yet been disclosed. The lead FBI informant, Dan Chappel, took the stand last week in the state trial to explain his role. As I’ve reported, the FBI compensated Chappel at least $60,000 in cash and personal items to stitch the random targets together. An FBI agent handed Chappel an envelope with $23,500 in cash in December 2020, two months after the arrests were made in the case. [-]

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FBI’s million-dollar men up close. Alphabets Comey, Warner, Clapper and Brennan… Deep state operatives

Task, from the thread: The FBI is the foulest of all Federal Intel bureaucracies. It has been infiltrated and packed with Clintonoids and Obamacites during four presidencies. A Republican Administration cannot sanitize such a foul amount of pollution. There is no recidivism for hard core ideologues who put politics above country and duty. They should be outstanding examples for every other American who take oaths to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Instead they bring the worst kind of political fascist history to the present where they operate with the same immunity as foreign diplomats.

There has been absolutely no accountability because the DOJ is just as corrupt. They deserve the deepest disrespect of American voters. They know that without fixing another election or eliminating their adversaries, as they did to Colonel Michael Flynn and President Trump, they will be taken down and justify the continued maintenance of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility where they will wait for trial just like the J6 Defendants and the Oath Keepers have waited. If the American people had their way most of the top tier would be sent to Federal prisons and do their time among the general prison population, many of which they were responsible for incarcerating.

The FBI is currently very desperate and therefore extremely dangerous. Patriotic Americans should consider them the way they have often defined other criminals… armed and dangerous. FBI’s million-dollar men up close. OUCH!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!