FBI probe stirs Obama Clinton Fear

Go Ahead, Make ...

Go Ahead, Make …

“The Clintons have weathered countless scandals over the years. Whatever they are protecting this time around is bigger than the usual corruption, bribery, sexual assaults and abuses of power that have followed them around throughout the years. This is bigger and more damaging than any of the allegations that have already come out. And they don’t want FBI investigators anywhere near it.”

“The campaign against Comey is pure intimidation. It’s also a warning. Any senior FBI people who value their careers are being warned to stay away. The Democrats are closing ranks around their nominee against the FBI. It’s an ugly and unprecedented scene. It may also be their last stand.” [end]

The quote above from Daniel Greenfield is straight out of his piece in today’s FrontPageMagazine titled “You Can Smell Hillary’s Fear.” As “truebearing” expresses it in one of the threads:

The left is has been attacking law enforcement in this country for many months without fear. In fact, it has been happening ever since Obama got elected. Both Obama and Hillary have openly supported advocates for killing cops in BlackLivesMatter. The left wants to destroy the power structure of this country, with the people who defend or enforce our laws increasingly being targeted. The left doesn’t want people enforcing laws that are independent of them and who answer to an impartial code. No criminal does. They want their evil will to be the law. [end]

Just too close for comfort .. Each hiding secrets from one another.

Just too close for comfort .. Each hiding secrets from one another.

Now Hillary’s lifelong crime spree is being exposed, crime by crime, and her opportunity for unlimited power is slipping away. She is lashing out at truth like a scared, angry, wounded scorpion, her minions in the media caterwauling like a troop of hysterical monkeys that just spotted a leopard. Meanwhile, her enemies are pumping fuel to the fire as fast as they can, voters are abandoning her in droves, and an incipient civil war is beginning to get traction.

You can sense that Hillary is in fear of what’s in those emails. She knows she has very little time to prevent all of the leaks, that the FBI knows what a crook and traitor she is, and that if strong rumors are correct, the FBI also knows she is a sexual predator of children, among other despicable things. The FBI also knows that if they cave, the agency is finished and so is America. This has become a battle between the rule of law and the rule of sociopaths. The FBI has to remain unshakably resolute because, as We the People witness every day, Hillary’s grim stubborness is the intransigency of evil with much to fear.

You also sense that even Obama is edgy and irritable. Assange claims to have more emails so devastating, they’ll take both of them down for the count; rumor being, he’s planning a Saturday/Monday dump for the latest revelations. Check this clip of Joe Scarborough and Mika from yesterday, finally telling it like it is, pulling Obama apart for his interference into the work of the FBI and the fact that both he and Hillary have been complicit in fraudulent crimes against the American people, right along with their political kleptocrats. Obama has much to fear, as memories of his brash and foolish statement of “the Cambridge police acted stupidly” comes to mind, when he was barely a month into his fraudulent presidency.

Obama is running scared of the FBI revolt because he’s involved with the Clinton Foundation also. He’s as guilty of the crimes of Hillary during her tenure as Sec. of State as she is. The entire top echelon of the U.S. government is as crooked as can be and everyone is now realizing the depths of that fear and criminality.

Obama has been Hillary’s accomplice, using his Attorney General to cover up for her. They (Obama, AG Lynch) are both accessories after the fact. The FBI and DOJ have come under tremendous pressure not to do the right thing – convene a grand jury for a credible, unhindered investigation. One can expect more of such abuse of power to undermine the rule of law if Hillary is elected president.

Democrats are generally averse to law enforcement, whether it’s at the State Department, at the border, against illegals, drug dealers and other assorted criminals; hence their nonsensical campaign against “mass incarceration” and support for racist cop killers – BLM.

This evil house of cards was destined to fall  at some point. James Comey is in a perfect position to redeem himself, regain respect and friends, and move forward without fear with an event that will elevate the course of history.

Now on to Daniel Greenfield and his piece…


Daniel Greenfield...

Daniel Greenfield…

In the final stretch of the election, Hillary Rodham Clinton has gone to war with the FBI.

The word “unprecedented” has been thrown around so often this election that it ought to be retired. But it’s still unprecedented for the nominee of a major political party to go war with the FBI.

But that’s exactly what Hillary and her people have done. Coma patients just waking up now and watching an hour of CNN from their hospital beds would assume that FBI Director James Comey is Hillary’s opponent in this election.

The FBI is under attack by everyone from Obama to CNN. Hillary’s people have circulated a letter attacking Comey. There are currently more media hit pieces lambasting him than targeting Trump. It wouldn’t be too surprising if the Clintons or their allies were to start running attack ads against the FBI.

The FBI’s leadership is being warned that the entire left-wing establishment will form a lynch mob if they continue going after Hillary. And the FBI’s credibility is being attacked by the media and the Democrats to preemptively head off the results of the investigation of the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton.

The covert struggle between FBI agents and Obama’s DOJ people has gone explosively public.

Continues in FrontPageMagazine…

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