Executive Tyranny : Progressivism Rules In Obamaland

Always Finger-Pointing...

Always Finger-Pointing…

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that “negotiating with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon. The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, craps on the board, and then struts around like it won the game.” The sad and pathetic part is that the foolish liberal democrats also think that Obama the pigeon won.

Progressivism is like asbestos fibers that have embedded themselves ever deeper into the government organs. The false morality of political correctness has infiltrated the subconcious strata of America – an insidious linguistic programming that must be expunged if there is to be any hope of freeing America from Progressivism. The confusion it creates for many people seems to make them more susceptible to the messianic messages of pathological liars like Obama the fraud.

Obama is different from other Leftists in that he adds to the totalitarian agenda, his Muslim bias against Christians and Jews, and his racial animus against whites. Obama’s primary objective in his “fundamental transformation of America” is forcing America into submission to a transnational governing body that he no doubt sees himself leading.

Never before in history has a Sovereign nation ever willingly surrendered their sovereignty. Never before in history has a free society willfully surrendered their freedoms as they have done under this Liar-in-Thief;  the “anointed one,” to deliver a fully transformed country into the hands of the United Nations.

Bruce Thornton elaborates:

But once again, the problem isn’t the ideology or personality flaws of Obama, as dangerous and extensive as those are. Obama is just a more extreme version of Progressive ideas permeating our politics for more than a century. The problem runs deep in our political order, and will require much more than just changing a few political personalities in order to restore the limited government and citizen self-government intended by the Founders. The “imperial presidency” that Obama himself decried when George W. Bush was in power, is a corollary of the expanded federal government that Progressives claimed was necessary to address the new economic and social circumstances brought about by an industrialized economy and social change. Only a big federal government could achieve the collectivist goals and utopian programs Progressives wanted to pursue, for as Progressive theorist Herbert Croly wrote in 1919: “Only by faith in an efficient national organization, and by an exclusive and aggressive devotion to the national welfare, can the American democratic ideal be made good,” and “under existing conditions and simply as a matter of expediency, the national advance of the American democracy does demand an increasing amount of centralized action and responsibility.”

Thornton’s essay continues ..