The Evils Of Islam And The Shame Of Brandeis. Period.

En Garde In The Bunker

En Garde In The Bunker

The evils of Islam brings to mind: One of the ironies of human nature is that it often has a way of rejecting the best and accepting the worst. ~ Billy Graham

Which leads me to an important question regarding the Culture Wars and the evils of Islam: Does anybody in their right mind think that WE THE PEOPLE will ever see a homosexual couple suing a Muslim bakery for refusing to bake them a cake?

America has become a nation of intimidation and fear. The Left, promising noble ends like “equality” and “tolerance,” has morphed into a collective of hit men. The Constitution was designed to prevent this, but it too has been targeted and ignored by an activist court system already on board with the Pro(Re)gressive agenda. Sadly, we have lost America and ourselves to the evils of Islam.

A veritable fountain of intellectual dishonesty is revealed in the decision of Brandeis University to “de-invite” a brave and courageous woman from receiving an honorary degree during the commencement ceremony of the 2014 graduating class, simply because she refuses to back down from her battle against the evils of Islam. Here’s a college having previously boasted of their integrity in bestowing honorary degrees, justifying themselves further by claiming “Brandeis does not inquire into the political opinions and beliefs of faculty and staff before appointing them”. In itself, this claim is sheer nonsense. It is well known that those seeking a teaching position in academia had better conceal any conservative inclination they might have, and this goes for Brandeis as well as almost any other institution.

What makes Brandeis betray this noble posture (besides hatred of conservatism) is fear of the evils of Islam. When conservatives complain of unfair standards, those in academia can expect conservatives to attack them in the pages of an op-ed column, but not in an attempt on their lives. Islamic Jihadist Muslim Terrorists will kill you as per the instructions from their war manual known as the Qur’an … and there it is, plain and simple. Islam gets a pass because our intellectual class are cowards.

And another thing while I’m still riled up: The Peanut Prez and the Clintonista’s are very much in the frame regarding this degradation of our cultural, moral, and intellectual integrity. Forget the peanut farmer wrecking the 3000-year-old dynasty of Persia, and turning it over to Islamic Jihadist Muslim Terrorists, let’s consider instead, back in the day (the “swingin’ Clinton 90s”) and “where is N.O.W.? Where’s the female OUTCRY?” Oh yes, woman’s rights have only to do with Democrats and liberal-progressives … N.O.W. and their liberal-progressive Democrats should go to the middle east and do a little community outreach on the evils of Islam. Remember .. Do not let Ms. Lewinsky feign offense as if she did not know that Mr. Clinton was married and had a child.

N.O.W. and the Democrats are constantly preaching that women are fully capable of taking responsibility; the responsibility of high positions in the government and business world. That is a two-edged sword for them for it cuts both ways. Ms. Lewinsky was no six-year old, she was responsible for her actions: she knew what she was doing was wrong. If she thought it was correct and that there was no shame then why didn’t she proclaim it to the world? It was done in secrecy but it was shameful and had consequences that neither she nor Mr. Clinton wished to face.

Yes, no doubt it was flattering to be sought after by the President of the United States. No doubt she was traveling with power, thinking perhaps, that some of that power might even rub off. She was not raped, she and Mr. Clinton had what liberals like to refer to as “consensual sex.”

Ms. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, on the other hand, is risking life, loss of limbs, and torture to stand firm and strong against the evil of Islamic Jihadist Muslim Terrorist attacks on the very nature of feminism. And she should be rewarded – not demeaned …

Charles C. W. Cooke outlines the hypocrisy …

Ayaan Hirsi Ali..The progression is becoming miserably familiar: first, an invitation is proffered to someone of heterodox views; next, the forces of conformity congeal and solidify, circulating petitions, banging drums, and rambling about justice and what you will; then the would-be host begins to worry, announcing meekly that it is reviewing its options; and finally, the invitation is shamefully revoked, usually under the paradoxical auspices of broadmindedness and inclusion. “We’re sorry,” the typical explanation runs, “but we’re too permissive to allow your sort.”

This week’s target was the atheist and women’s-rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, whose invitation to Brandeis University’s commencement ceremony was rescinded after pressure from an array of bleeding hearts threatened to turn the event into a learning experience. “Following a discussion today between President Frederick Lawrence and Ayaan Hirsi Ali,” Brandeis confirmed yesterday afternoon, “Ms.Hirsi Ali’s name has been withdrawn as an honorary degree recipient at this year’s commencement.” And that, as they say, was that.

Those who have remarked reflexively that they could not imagine a university giving in to pressure leveled against a staunch critic of Christianity or Judaism presumably do not know just how right they are. Responding to criticism after it elected to confer an honorary degree on Tony Kushner — a playwright who has admitted to having “a problem with the idea of a Jewish state” and to believing that “the biggest supporters of Israel are the most repulsive members of the Jewish community” — Brandeis clarified its policy toward the controversial, explaining that the college bestows honorary degrees as a means of acknowledging the outstanding accomplishments or contributions of individual men and women in any of a number of fields of human endeavor. Just as Brandeis does not inquire into the political opinions and beliefs of faculty or staff before appointing them, or students before offering admission, so too the University does not select honorary degree recipients on the basis of their political beliefs or opinions.