Evil is as evil gets:liberal-ish that is!

En Garde in the bunker…

Rather than expressing mere empty gestures, tearing down statues and other like-vandalism of America’s heritage and legacy actually has diabolical purpose. History itself has witnessed this many many times before – the French Revolution, for one. The leftist paranoid demoMarxocrat cabal avers that any historical traditional past must be erased, so the Revolutionary future can be built; or so the radical idealogues believe.

The American fanatical “Red Guard” has been mobilized, and the truth of history must be demolished and buried, before the re-engineered new social order can be built. Then the American version of the Maoist-like Cultural Revolution can be unleashed and played-out in the United States. Which, as with Mao and the rest of the like-demonic tyrants, will more than likely end in mass-graves. Ouch!

In case you haven’t noticed over the centuries, a society needs at least some degree of cohesion and trust to be a country – to which presently we Americans have none. No society so devoid of trust and so full of hate can survive as a nation. Our “experts-in-the-know” for instance, expect civilizational collapse which will then force the reaction that will break apart the country externally. If you don’t believe me simply sit back and watch Chicago if you want to see what civilizational collapse looks like. This is not civil war. This is the social disintegration of a failed state.

Evil is as evil gets:liberal-ish that is!

Civil war generally comes later on, but in our particular situation we’ve been in a civil war since at least 2016 after Trump won the election and the demoMarxocrats began the “Foul Play Resistance” operation, not once, but TWICE failing a foul impeachment fiasco that had “them” totally committed to destroying Trump and punishing his We the (90 million+) People supporters for voting for someone they so intensely hated.

Today’s liberals comparable to yesterday’s? Perhaps in some fundamental inner-sense, but descended to a totally extreme decadence (therefore no longer “liberal” – merely “hateful”), hopeful they can still willingly enable the anti-Western totally corrupt and corrupting radical demoMarxocrat Leftist Civilization. And good luck on that!

Then we’ve got the rest of the demoMarxocrats supposedly “Woke” which really means “quite insane” and perfect for Woke white leftists. No doubt born and raised here yet so profoundly different that we lack a common reality, have become incomprehensible to each other, and thereby can no longer communicate. So just where is the common ground in such an infinitely wide divide? There obviously isn’t one; none!

Dennis Prager, American Greatness: ‘The Left is Evil and Liberals Keep Voting for Them’ …

Should the American experiment fail, and it may, that profile in lack of courage, the liberal, will have made it possible.

As I have noted repeatedly, liberalism and leftism have virtually nothing in common. In fact, leftism is the enemy of liberalism—as a handful of liberals such as former New York Times writer Bari Weiss, former Young Turk Dave Rubin and others have come to recognize.

The Left has never believed in free speech and has suppressed dissent wherever it has assumed power. Free speech is a pillar of liberalism, and it has always embraced dissent.

The Left rejects the anti-racist ideal of colorblindness. Colorblind is the liberal racial ideal.

The Left supports racial segregation—such as all-black dorms and separate black graduations. Liberals have always advocated racial integration.

The Left has always loathed capitalism. Liberals were always major advocates of capitalism—recognizing that only capitalism has lifted billions of people out of poverty.

The Left has always been anti-Israel. Liberals have always been fervent supporters of Israel.

The Left has always held America in contempt. Liberals loved this country. A liberal wrote “God Bless America.” No leftist would write such a song. [-]

[+] … America and the West are being destroyed by the Left. But this destruction of the universities, the high schools, art and music, journalism and freedom itself could not take place were it not for liberals.

The fate of America and the West lies largely in the hands of liberals. There are simply not enough leftists to destroy our most revered institutions. They need liberals to serve as fellow travelers to accomplish their ends.

Should the American experiment fail, and it may, that profile in lack of courage, the liberal, will have made it possible. [end]

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Evil is as evil gets:liberal-ish that is! This evil charade of a faux election. Teeter tottering on brink of tyranny…

We the (90 million+) People must forever keep remembering that “Liberalism is a mental disorder; always has been, always will be”.

Therefore consider the same realization: our future is squarely in the hand of “traditional” DemoMarxocrats. These folks are caught in the past believing their “party” supports the little guy and is the same party of JFK or even Tip O’Neil. They are thoroughly caught up in the biased narratives and constant leftist messaging from media, tech, academia and now corporate America (who uses them to advance their globalist oligarchy).

The left’s stranglehold on the gatekeepers of our culture is the obvious problem. If liberals were exposed to factual information our national common ground would be apparent and the left thrown out on their ears. A few prominent voices are starting to speak out, led it would appear, by Senator Joe Manchin who appears to be more than apoplectic over the DemoMarxocrat shenanigans.

Will more join and will it start a groundswell? We can only hope and pray and continue to speak truth without rancor whenever possible. Yours truly wouldn’t put anything past Manchin the way things are going! Evil is as evil gets:liberal-ish that is!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump – MAGA! KAG!