The Embarrassment Of Barack Hussein : Barry Soetoro Obama-Soros

In an effort to rid ourselves of embarrassment, WE THE PEOPLE of the United States, being of sound mind and body, here assign said Barack Hussein Barry Soetoro Obama-Soros as the Lifetime Community Organizer of the Sovereign Kingdom of Scotland – Oh wait, there is no king of Scotland – HEY!! Y’all make him King or Emperor, or Sultan – YEAH!! – How about The Suave Sultan of Scotland?Thank GOD we got rid of him (I can’t be dreaming in the middle of the afternoon … can I??)

Unfortunately, it was a lingering day-dream as I was pondering the comings-and-goings of editorial deadlines. In order to rid myself of the embarrassment of Barack Hussein, I have this urge sometimes, to be his designated “slap-him-around-his-head-a-few-times-until-he-gets-it” instructor, so he goes out in whatever character he’s been “shaped” into for the particular event. Problem is, it needs to be done the old-fashioned way with this guy, ‘cos he’s so dumb he misreads his Manchurian Candidate activation code every time it comes up on his teleprompter …

Mind you, Scotland better be careful towards the embarrassment of Barack Hussein, ‘cos he might pull one of those sharpies like he did when he took his “limo-brigade” over to Ireland, claimed Irish citizenship, got drunk on one pint of Guinness and got his fifty-footer stuck on that teeter-totter exit from parliament and the Secret Service had to send the SWAT-team over the hill to rescue him ..

And let’s not forget the Jerusalem “gas-into-the-diesel-tank” fiasco shall we?? (All red-faced..)

Obama’s limo BREAKS DOWN in Israel: President’s $1.5m ‘Beast’ is towed away as he arrives for historic first visit – after his driver puts GAS in the tank instead of DIESEL ….

President Barack Obama’s historic visit to Israel this morning had an embarrassing setback when his armored limo broke down on the way to the airport. The custom General Motors Cadillac limo was relegated to a pick up truck after the driver accidentally put gas in the tank instead of diesel.

Mr Obama arrived in Tel Aviv Wednesday afternoon local time, and earlier that morning, the limo that was designated to his hotel was unable to move after the driver made the silly mistake. Local news reports allege that it was the President’s limo that was shipped over specially from Washington that broke down so he was forced to use the second vehicle that they brought over from the U.S.

Whaddya want for a $1 million-dollar-plus limousine??

Whaddya want for a $1 million-dollar-plus limousine??

Then there’s the droning, and droning, and droning “toast” to Her Majesty the Queen when the Military Band rose up with “God Save The Queen” and THE LOOK from her Majesty shut him UP .. The idiot Emperor indeed living up to the embarrassment of Barack Hussein. And by the way, doesn’t his administration have anybody on board who is familiar with the Rules of Protocol that dignitaries of countries foreign to each other must abide by whenever they meet with each other?

And then we come to the “piece` de resistance”, the multitude of lies relating to Barack Hussein and his so-called “signature legislation,” the ill-fated “Obamacare”, sometimes euphemistically referred to as the “Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act” which has nothing whatsoever to do with affording anything – let alone “patient protection and healthcare.” Two of the most enduring statements of the past 20 years or so would be “At this point what difference does it make?” and “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan. Period.” (or multiple versions to that effect, like for instance – “PERIOD” as a stand-alone rubber-stamp directive following anything you want people to believe in – PERIOD!) – See??


Unfortunately, the underlying problem (strewth, I’m putting “lying” into nearly every sentence now) is that we have an uncouth, slovenly, ungracious, malcontent who was raised in a variety of situations as unconventional to a normal familial upbringing as you can get. A man without country, without family, without moorings, without principle, without character, without history, without “belonging.” Without achievement. As “maleable” a man as ever walked the earth. As loose of a canon as Muhammad. As pliable in the hands of a master puppeteer as the fictional Wizard of Oz behind the fabric curtain.

The question is – Who IS the master puppeteer pulling the strings on this most fragile of Manchurian Candidates??

Character assassination on the furniture..

Character assassination on the furniture..

The Choom Boom Gang .. Danger to the United States...

The Choom Boom Gang .. Danger to the United States…

Who is this Manchurian Candidate?

Who is this Manchurian Candidate?