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With all the dystopian flights of fancy and actions floating around lately from the antics of the far, far liberal progressive leftists, imagine if you will, if you and I were forced to cope with only one over-arching principal: That our lives must be lived in accordance with those values rigidly enforced upon people 150 years into the future. Who could possibly hazard a guess at what may be the most important ethical consideration 150 years from now?

George Orwell take a heavenly bow. Back in 1948 he wrote and had published what has become arguably the greatest prophetic dystopian novel of all time – 1984 – and he would surely be amazed at his accuracy in foretelling the future, which in his case was far less than 150 years; to be exact, closer to 70 years. To those of you who haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading 1984, here’s a free PDF version.

The fact is that in this year of 2017, We the People are being forcefully-led into an Orwellian dystopian novel by a mindless radical DemoMarxist party, along with a compliant and absurdly-biased Big Fake News Media. We haven’t seen anything like this since the great Russian struggles between Trotskyites and Stalinists, both groups of whom were murderous dystopian totalitarians brought forth from the mind of Carl Marx, whose ‘Communist Manifesto’ literally condemned hundreds of millions to their deaths.

George Orwell and his dystopian “1984”…

If they actually taught ‘History’ in schools anymore, one wouldn’t be encumbered with having to cast one’s mind 150 years into the future to determine whether you could accept it or not. Let’s set the record straight and bring some edification into play:

Slavery has been the norm since the beginning of time throughout history, and even into today. The biggest slave traders today are Islamic Muslims and Mexico/South Americans. All of us have ancestors that were held in bondage at some point in time. Mine for instance (Britain) were probably slaves of the Vikings, the Angles and Saxons at some point, and definitely of the Romans. How do I know this? Because we were taught ‘History’ in school. This was just the way the world was, always has been, and ever will be until the coming of Christ.

It might also surprise some that not all slaves in history were black. White slaves abounded everywhere throughout history, even as I say, to this day.

So what are the Barbarians at the Gate expected to do next, go after the Roman Ruins everywhere they exist, and the Pyramids? BLM and the uneducated indoctrinated college grads these days, actually believe that America was the first and only country that had the institution of slavery, and that black Africans were the only peoples that were ever held in bondage.

It seems to me the problem is that no one knows history, especially dystopian history, nor do I believe they teach it anymore. Besides which the education standards are such that nobody even knows how to read anyway. Which is quite the indictment on today’s educational generation.

Let’s segue` to Historian Ned Barnett and his piece in American Thinker – “21st Century sensibilities: 18th and 19th Century Actions”…

Perhaps the most beloved hymn of the past two centuries is Amazing Grace – and if Star Trek, The Wrath of Khan is any indication, it will continue to be a beloved hymn well into the 23rd Century.  As a measure of its popularity, this song is performed 10 million times each year, and it has been recorded in more than 11,000 albums.

Judy Collins’ stunning version spent 67 weeks on the Billboard charts in the early 1970s, and other musical greats – including Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, Aretha Franklin, Elvis Presley and Celtic Woman – all recorded popular versions of this song.  At the funeral service for Reverend Clementa Pinckney – who was murdered in that heinous massacre in Charleston, South Carolina’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church two years ago – President Barack Obama sang this hymn from the church’s pulpit. He proved himself to be a better politician than singer, but he also proved beyond question the popularity of this song among black Americans.

Yet if one-issue social pressure continues to mount, Amazing Grace may disappear from politically-sensitive YouTube, Facebook, Google, and more broadly from popular culture.

Why?  Because the man who wrote this hymn, English sailor John Newton, had been a slave trader before experiencing a Jonah-like miraculous salvation of his own.  Newton’s experience with slavery was varied – a slave trader and blackbirder, at one point in that career he was held as a slave by a black African Princess, the wife of an English slave-trader. This occurred after the crew of Newton’s own slaving ship abandoned him in West Africa.

Freed from bondage and heading home, Newton’s ship was caught in a gale off the Irish coast.  Newton – not then a believer – nonetheless prayed to God for salvation.  Almost at once, the ship’s cargo shifted, plugging a hole in the hull and allowing the foundering ship to reach safety.  Newton took this miracle as a sign, converted to Christianity then – years later, and with a fuller understanding of the bible, Newton, now an Anglican priest – not only renounced slavery and became its vocal opponent, but also penned Amazing Grace to describe his miraculous conversion, and what it meant to him.

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Caliphate Emperor kow-tows to his leader… biggest dystopian slave trader in the ME..

Historical events must NEVER be judged out of their historical context. Which therefore means that ‘History’ needs to be put back into school curricula. How can anyone understand the building of the pyramids, for example, if one is denying the Pharaohs’ strong belief in an afterlife? How can anyone understand the ancient Greek or the Roman Empire if judging them with the Procustes’ bed of modern era? (In Greek mythology the Procustes was employed for stretching men or cutting off their legs, to force them to fit the size of an iron bed).

Why do the so-called anti-racists never blame the Black tribal chiefs, who sold their dystopian ancestors into slavery?

Or why don’t they ever hold to account the Arab slave merchants (down to this very day) who bought/buy them, put them in chains and resold/sell them to this day on the slave markets? Slavery still exists in the Arab Gulf countries (even if it is not ‘official’), but American politicians and weapon merchants ignore it and call those slave owners “US friends and allies”.

Remember that Obama bowed almost to the ground in front of the biggest dystopian slave owner of all in Saudi Arabia. Which makes all of this hypocrisy highly revolting.

Only God’s Amazing Grace can heal the wounds… “Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, That saved a wretch like me; I once was lost, but now am found, Was blind but now I see..”

A priceless song of redemption, and one worth spreading around….