DeSantis playing dimensional chess

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Sundance it is, hitting the nail on the head yet again with regards to PDJT and how he’s very unique in politics for telling what he sincerely believes is the truth, most times, even with warts and all. As we’re all aware, sometimes the truth is unpleasant, but so be it. Fortunately, he’s not alone, but those that will speak the truth to this evil power infecting our nation and the world are much too rare in politics.

Ronald Wilson Reagan also came across as genuine and forthright in his beliefs and couldn’t ever be bought off to change them. Honesty doesn’t mean you are right about a particular position 100% of the time, but it shows an innate desire to seek the Truth and thus also be open to changing your original position to align with it, not to bend it to your own interests.

Continuing on from yesterday’s DeSantis / O’Dea / Trump expose’, it appears plausibly real that DeSantis is choosing his friends and he is choosing the Uniparty to move him forward. Deniers can deny the bloom is off the rose and yours truly  for one will never support these backstabbing, MAGA-hating people for President.

DeSantis playing dimensional chess. Monitoring inside threats a full job…

Continuuing to mock Trump and We the (90 million+) People – the very base of America-loving Trump supporters – they’re now attempting to use DeSantis to rub our faces in their hatred for our fearless president and to use him to achieve what some 7 years of the demoMarxocrat and MSM couldn’t achieve. Never!

Furthermore, one gets tired of making excuses for the Tricky Dicky Republicans and their GOP / RNC Trump-hating groupies. Should president Trump decide not to run because these evil people keep spewing the lies (Cheney and her spurious J6 menagerie), our faith in God won’t wane, ever. Nor will any of us be holding our noses and dancing with the devil. Never!

Now that question of the “nail in the coffin”. DeSantis will be running in the presidential primary, which is really unfortunate as Florida needs him as Governor for a full four years, while America needs him to lead Florida as the “control group” in America. DeSantis will be chasing false hope in DC, as America needs Trump in office to serve as a lightning rod long enough for each freedom-loving state to be able to reorganize toward the goal of a New America. There is no compromising with America’s authoritarians, unfortunately. Never!

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Gov Ron DeSantis Easily Won His Debate Yet Flubbed Most Predictable Question’..

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the lying liar who lies, Charlie Crist, held their one and only debate last night. Of all the gubernatorial debates so far, this one was probably the best. Thankfully, DeSantis won the debate on substance because Crist just sucks. However, DeSantis flubbed the most predictable question that was asked.

Every Floridian should vote for DeSantis, because Crist is just an unbearable alternative. That said, the insufferable Charlie Crist asked Governor DeSantis to commit to a four-year term in office and promise the Florida voters he would not abandon his state to run for the GOP nomination in 2024; effectively making DeSantis only a six-month reelected governor because national campaigning will start in June 2023.

It is true, the question should have come from the moderator, because it’s a transparently obvious and predictable question. However, regardless of who actually asked it, the non-response from Governor DeSantis was telling.

A few things about that non-response are remarkable. First, even a middle school debate coach would have known that question was likely in the debate. The fact that DeSantis did not have a well-rehearsed and prepared canned answer to the question is a reflection of stunningly poor debate prep.

Second, the evasive and non-truthful answer he did give, totally avoiding the question, shows the incredible weakness within a candidate that is a specific outcome of a lack of honesty. That response is also reflective of why Donald Trump wins every debate. Trump wields truth as an effective weapon.

HONESTY – Ron DeSantis could have said, “Charlie, because of my successful leadership in the state of Florida, there are a lot of people who want me to run for the GOP nomination in 2024. There are also a lot of people offering money as an incentive for me to make that decision because the current state of our nation under Joe Biden is in such a mess. Whether I will or not is an open question that voters should consider; but I can assure everyone my work on behalf of Florida -a state I love- will never change.”

That type of an answer would be honest and respected. Florida voters deserve to know where Governor DeSantis stands on a 2024 presidential campaign. After all, it will consume most of the focus and time of the governor for 18 months before November 2024. [-]

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DeSantis playing dimensional chess. Monitoring inside threats a full job…

Turns out that DeSantis has been endorsed by so many terrible Rhinos that most of us wouldn’t be surprised if his failure of being honest seems to have sunk him. On the other hand no one has ever been much in doubt about voting for President Trump. Forgetting a great deal of bother from the Government press and the lying progressives casting doubts of regret, DeSantis as the other choice, even given his failures of the recent 6 months, will simply be allowed to forget his foibles and let him stay governor. He is after all, doing a great job there.

Politics in general is a very corrupt and compromising environment by its very nature.

And no man who has ever walked this Earth is even close to the perfection of God, it’s just that some are far less perfect than others. For the many times that PDJT ‘let us down’ it’s hard to tell whether it was politics, bad advice, bad judgment, personal self-interest, or some combination. In politics, it can often be a decision to take one step back in order to take two steps forward. The very nature of the separation of powers can also create compromises.

With PDJT though, one has to think we can almost categorically rule out personal self-interest because he doesn’t need this top job and it’s clear that if he didn’t feel a spiritual calling that he can’t ignore, he simply wouldn’t be doing this. He reminds us in some ways of George Washington who also didn’t want the job and would rather be back home. But he knew he was the only one that could hold the new country together. DeSantis playing dimensional chess.

So on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Warrior-President Donald John Trump doing his absolute darnedest to MAGA! – KAG!