Dems screen dirty deeds for control

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The Not So Gentle Muse wondering what happened on our way to glory.

Partly because the US of A was the biggest world-wide proponent of freedom, it became not surprisingly, the focused target of those who would oppose that very freedom, simply because it interferes with what they want to do – which is nothing more than an in-your-face Coup d’etat of the highest order. Were the Dems to succeed, that is.

For some 245 years since the Declaration of Independence – August 2, 1776 – the US constitutional system has foiled the plans of wannabe shoguns, socialist idiots, tin pot dictators, demented village idiot bed-wetters, and any and all sundry Dems despots looking for evil fame and fortune, internally and externally time and time, and time again. For just such an illusionist mentality to succeed in taking down the US became, and still is, the Dems’ greatest attempt.

Dems screen dirty deeds for control. Two rabid proponents right here…

They have worked at it for decades, gradually perverting US institutions into the primary engine of world-wide repression while claiming to advance “democracy”. Much like the Catholic church’s celibate priesthood “suddenly” becoming the protected sanctuary of pedophiles.

It starts with the evil ones wanting the power and moral authority of the good to cloak themselves in. They mimic the good as a hollowed-out shell while people aren’t paying enough attention to recognize the conversion going on underneath the familiar rhetoric of the Pelosi’s, and Schumers, and shifty-Schiffs, and Comeys and Brennans, and Clappers, and Waters, and Feinsteins and the rest of the ugly conglomerate hellbent on the destruction of the greatest experiment of human governance in the entire history of the world.

Fear is the currency of the netherworld, of Lucifer’s realm, whose myriad devilish munchkins operate in fear for a reason. Never ever overlook the spiritual dimension of just what we are dealing with. In the weeks before his death for instance, the revered Rush said that the Dems mistake would be in over-reaching. He said that they always do, since they continually can’t ever seem to help themselves.

The overreach by the Dems is happening as we speak, and people are finally waking up.

Sundance, Conservative Treehouse: ‘Controlled Reaction to Fear – Dems work Big Tech to shut down Dissent’ …

An interesting article within Reuters points out how the Democrats in congress are working with the White House to craft legislation to make “social media companies accountable for the spread of disinformation.” Or put another way….The Democrats are attempting to eliminate any ability of those who disagree with them; or worse yet, would outline their corrupt endeavors.

Ultimately this level of control is a reaction to fear. So the logical question is: what exactly are they fearful of? Perhaps the answer is in alignment with the reason Democrats have surrounded the capital with military guards, fence and barbed-wire.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Congressional Democrats have begun discussions with the White House on ways to crack down on Big Tech including making social media companies accountable for the spread of disinformation on matters such as the U.S. Capitol riot and addressing the abuse of market power to harm corporate rivals.

The conversations, described by a lawmaker and congressional aides, have included the contentious topic of what to do with a measure called Section 230, part of a 1996 law called the Communications Decency Act, that shields social media platforms from lawsuits over much of the content posted by users. (read more)

Remember, with Democrats there’s always an aspect to their schemes that is never covered by media. To quote Jonathan Gruber: “we rely upon the stupidity of the American voter.”

Full link below…

Dems screen dirty deeds for control. Pelosi sure hates America, DJT, you, me…

The demoMarxocrat side are largely driven by fear. Fear of the flu, fear of guns, fear of the atmosphere boiling and the oceans rising. For minority members, fear of white people(!) especially white cops and the KKK. Fear of being jobless and destitute without a “safety net.” Fear of being old and sick. Fear of men. Fear of Confederate statues. The fears are endless, and government is the only solution. Fear! Fear! Fear!

The latest fear, of white supremacist militias that are going to rise up and attempt to overthrow the government, is so ridiculous as to be laughable. But they have to convince their people that it is an imminent threat, and their people are so conditioned to responding to the fears that millions believe it.

Fear is simply a tool the demoMarxocrats have become used to, using the basic fight or flight instinct as the reaction to fear. So far, half the nation has chosen “flight” by retreating into their homes and other “safe places.”

“So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself – nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt 1932 Inaugural Address

The demoMarxocrats have certainly fallen quite far since the heady days of 1932!

And on that note, time for today’s MAGA Pill – Donald John Trump still our president and fighting accordingly for MAGA! KAG!


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